shorts skirt The summer season is getting closer, in which everyonegirls hurry to expose their beautiful legs and substitute them to the sun. Shorts-skirt always attracted each of us with its practicality and originality. Many designers advise us to wear such a thing even as a business dress, but, nevertheless, the best place for such shorts is a walk or a holiday in nature. The designers are well prepared for the upcoming season, and offer us the most fashionable and interesting models of this clothing, so you only need to choose a skirt-shorts for the figure.

Fashion Trends

An unusual form of such a thing visually looks likemini-skirt, but you just have to look closely, and before you appears the original image with shortened shorts. Such "deceptions" are best for girls with slender legs and narrow hips, in another case this thing will either fill up or look extremely ridiculous. If you want to look irresistible and be in the limelight, then just enough to buy a skirt-shorts in 2016. Your attention is represented by a variety of options: starting with simple office fabrics of classic colors, frivolous lace, short, which more closely resemble pajamas, as well as variants with an inflated waist, which was incredibly popular in the 70's. skirt shorts 2012

  • Actual will be skirts-shorts of monochromatic calm colors with arrows. They can be combined with a waistcoat, jacket or t-shirt of the same color.
  • Playfully, but feminine look tricolor skirtswith folds. It can be a combination of white, coral and brown, as well as blue, white and green colors. All this is complemented by a thin strap of black or blue. The top should be as simple and concise as possible, for example, a chiffon blouse or a top with sleeves of dark tones.
  • Very nice look shorts, whichmade of several materials. For example, it can be suede and jeans or cotton with satin. Colors will also surprise you with their diversity, so this model will be able to pick up personally for each girl. To complement the skirt-shorts of this style can be a translucent T-shirt with floral or ethnic prints, blazer and blouse in color.
  • Light and pleasant knitted and linen skirts forpeak of popularity. Fashion designers suggest putting on them blue turtlenecks with white stripes or a white T-shirt and a blue jacket with an unusual collar. All this can be supplemented with a small purse of yellow or green color, as well as various bright costume jewelry.
  • No less relevant are shorts with effectmultilayeredness. Also they differ from everyone else in that their fasteners can be asymmetric. Low landing and an artsy belt in the form of rings, chains or rope - trend additions to such a thing.
  • At the peak of popularity skirt-shorts of high fit withvarious prints. The most actual are geometric prints of gold or silver color. All this is perfectly complemented by a satiny monophonic blouse for a tone lighter than a short.

Fashionable skirt-shorts 2016 is presented inclassic and unusual styles, so every woman of fashion can choose to find this little thing to taste. Designers are advised to complement the skirt-shorts with high knitted or crocheted leggings, as well as unusual boots with a wide bootleg that can be decorated with fringe or patterns. Of course, you should not explain for a long time that such a thing is the most relevant for the spring-summer season. It's a good idea to choose stockings for a short skirt. They can be translucent or more saturated, bright colors, as well as with a variety of geometric prints. It is worth remembering that this skirt is for young girls. She does not shackle your movements, does not require a pair of elegant shoes to her and maximally opens her slender legs. Another positive feature of this gizmo is practicality in terms that it fits girls of any height (such a skirt visually lengthens their legs). You can sew fine skirt-shorts yourself, so if you like this idea, rather get down to business, it's quite simple, but your skirt will be the most original, it's only necessary to give vent to your imagination.