fashion trousers 2016 Fashionable trousers of 2016 carry the trend of the 70'syears of the last century, which is very noticeable even with the naked eye. In recent years, many girls have grown fond of narrow tight pants. And although in the coming spring season, a long forgotten trend comes back to fashion - jeans and pants klesh, narrow tight models are still relevant. What pants are in fashion for 2016? Stylists say that the popularity of this spring is gaining the trend of flared flops and wide trousers of 2016, which, undoubtedly, will please fans of such models.

All about trousers: history, styles and trends

Now it's almost impossible to believe that pantscomparatively recently appeared in the women's wardrobe. It happened just a hundred years ago, during the First World War, which made a significant contribution to the development of trouser fashion. The fashion of those times was strict and not at all romantic: after all, almost all the male population of the country went to the front and women in the rear had to learn new professions. It was then that women's trousers and overalls came to replace lush skirts and corsets. However, the French couturier Yves Saint Laurent played a key role in the "trouser revolution". After all, it was he who offered the ladies things from the men's wardrobe: classic trousers, tuxedo and shortened Bermuda trousers. Since then, fashion for pants has undergone many changes. In the 40s of the last century, a real hit was a wide women's trousers with an arrow and a high waist. A decade later they were replaced by trousers-capri pants to the knee and shortened narrow trousers-puffs, which fashionables wore with short jackets and tops. In the 1960s and 1970s, with the arrival of the hippy style, wide trousers began to wear not with short tops, but with long tunics and even dresses. Broad variegated trousers and trousers of bananas - the main symbols of the 80s - today again turned into fashion. Pants have long ceased to be only part of the business ladies' wardrobe. Today, women have the opportunity to choose any style of trousers for all occasions: from time-tested and never out of fashion classic and incredibly stylish tight-fitting hippy trousers to wide styles in a military style.

Fashionable pants spring summer 2016

Not far off the long-awaited summer - the time of the lungsdresses, sarafans, shorts and all kinds of trousers. Now is the time to reflect on your summer wardrobe and replenish it with fashionable little things that are relevant for summer weather. To look fashionable and stylish, every woman needs to buy a pair of fashionable trousers for the spring of summer 2016. After all, it is the pants that are today the basis of a fashionable women's wardrobe. Pants for a warm season should be very comfortable and comfortable, so for the implementation of summer models mainly use light materials: linen, shchelk, cotton and chiffon. However, most fashion designers included in their spring-summer collections pants women's 2016 of suede and leather. This summer, in trouser fashion, you can observe two completely opposite trends - trousers from a very narrow cut to styles with a flare from the hip. What women's trousers of 2016 give their preference depends only on your taste. Some of the rules that today's fashion dictates for pants 2016:

Wide pants

trousers for women 2016Wide trousers Fashion on trousers 2016 is a hugea variety of styles and colors that are offered today by fashion designers and fashion designers for ladies of all ages. This year, the actual pants are both bright saturated colors, and monochrome variants, which are characterized by a laconic cut. So women will have plenty to choose from. Undoubtedly, the leading positions in the spring-summer season belong to the wide pants 2016. Favorites of the season you can choose any style and completely different height of planting and length. Especially fashionable this summer will be the length of trousers on the ankle. Wide trousers will not only help to hide some disadvantages of the figure, but also concentrate on its merits. In addition, they will not be hot in the summer hot day and cool in cloudy weather. Beautiful fashionable pants fit for all occasions. They can be worn not only for work, going to a party and reception, they are perfect for city and country walks and trips to nature.

Pants with a narrow cut

fashion pants 2016Narrow trousers Narrow-fitting pants - choicegirls with beautiful legs. Sophistication and comfort harmoniously combine the stylish, stylish and spectacular trousers of a narrow cut. As for the fitting of tight trousers, it can be either high - at the waist, or returning to fashion this season, landing "on the hips." Their length can also be any, both traditional and ankle.

Classic Straight Trousers

what pants are in fashion 2016Classic pants If the classic optionsperfectly suitable for business everyday, then for weekends and travels, the modern fashion pants 2016 offers a variety of different styles. The choice in this season is as always huge: from the incredibly popular in the last season of wide trousers-bananas to trousers-chinos or trousers-breeches.

Short pants

Fashionable short trousers - the so-called breeches,will not leave indifferent any fashionable woman this summer. To look fashionable and stylish, you can shorten any pants. To do this, it is enough just to tuck the legs up to the ankle or slightly higher. It can be banana trousers - an extremely fashionable style in the 60's and 80's of the twentieth century today again in vogue. The pants of the oval silhouette widening in the field of the hip and tapering downward with unvaried folds near the waist visually shorten the legs, so banana trousers are ideally suited to slender tall girls with narrow hips. Fashionable pants spring summer 2016Trousers - bananas And as trousers-riding breeches. Narrow calves in the area and wide breeches, visually attach the figure to the figure and in the same way as the banana trousers visually shorten the legs. Therefore, girls of short stature should combine such pants with high-heeled shoes and tight top. It can be a short jacket or a tight top. In addition, stylists recommend choosing trousers-riding breeches and trousers-bananas necessarily with an overstated waist. wide pants 2016Pants - riding breeches Pants-chinos - short pantscotton pipes with podvorotami, perhaps, this is the most replicable fashion trousers spring summer 2016. Such pants look equally good with both wide and narrow top. The trousers of chinos rush about 5 centimeters above the ankles. fashion trousers 2016 imagesPants - chinos Especially fashionable in this seasonShortened trousers made of silk in their appearance are very similar to pajama pants. Such a trendy trend this season, like meek, wide panties, unfortunately, few people fit. Therefore, if you are not sure about them, it is better to refuse such a style, choosing tight trousers or jeans. What pants in fashion 2016 give their preference - you can choose from the photos of the most fashionable trousers of the season. Stylists advise to choose for this season any of the most popular models of women's pants: breeches, bananas, chinos or cargo. After reviewing the most fashionable trousers of 2016 - the photo can already be found on the net - you can find out what they fit better, and which trouser style is best for your figure.

With what to wear fashionable pants spring summer 2016

How correctly to wear trousers and with what to combine them? Designers offer this season a classic combination of straight trousers and a fitted jacket. Firstly, it's stylish and fashionable, and secondly, it always looks elegant. With anything else besides a jacket, you can wear classic pants? From the world podium came another idea - to wear a short skirt or tunic on top of fashionable pants 2016, photos of girls can be seen in fashion magazines and catalogs. Fashion house designers recommend choosing top and bottom from different fabrics, but in the same color scheme. For example, trousers made of dense woolen fabric look great with a light chiffon top of contrasting color. fashion trousers of 2016 How and with what to wear wide trousers? With the advent of spring, this question interests many women. So, with which items of women's wardrobe is best to combine them? Despite the fact that this season skirts are at the peak of popularity, most women prefer to wear pants. And many of the fairer sex choose it is broad. A huge variety of styles allows each lady, depending on her taste and preferences to choose the most suitable model for herself. Wide women's pants have one undeniable advantage - they are suitable for almost any figure. They not only profitably hide all the shortcomings, but also in terms of volumes make the lean figure more attractive. In addition, they add a female figure of elegance and harmony. How to wear trousers of wide models? The most important rule is a tight top. With wide women's trousers, a simple white top is perfectly combined - a classic shirt of a man's style or a fashionable cardigan. how to wear trousers correctly Also with these pants is very nice and stylishlooks like a vest over his shirt, a tight jacket or jacket. But from loose blouses and sweaters and other clothes with bright decor in the form of frills, flounces and bows it is better to refuse, as they attach excessive volume and untidy appearance. As for the color range of wide trousers, this season they can be of a variety of colors. And the wider the pants, the more vivid and saturated can be their color. When choosing fashionable trousers in 2016, remember that the broad models are most likely to go to high ladies, while for miniature girls, stylists are advised to combine them with a wide belt at the waist and high-heeled shoes. As a rule, this simple technique can visually increase the growth by several centimeters. It is also necessary that the pants match the shoes with which you are going to wear them. For example, with flat-soled shoes, the length of the trousers should reach a level just below the ankle, if the shoes are on the heel, then the trousers should end in its middle. We advise you to read: