Foil fingernails or nails what to do Broken nails are one of the most frequentproblems of natural nails. Problem nails bring a lot of inconvenience to women: they quickly break down, look unaesthetic and sometimes even horrible, despite all the efforts to put them in order, cling to hair and clothes, they are not well maintained lacquer. What could be the cause of the problem? What to do if the nails are loose? How to overcome this trouble? Will the master help? When the nails are cracked - their treatment can be a very long and time-consuming process. Participate in it must be two: a master who advises and prescribes treatment, and a client who strictly follows the recommendations. Everyone should do their utmost to the maximum. Before the master there is a task to tell, in what the reason of that at you fingernails or nails disappear, to process nail plates, to give advice or councils on treatment and leaving or care. The client is left to listen, remember (or write down) and clearly follow the recommendations. Why is the bundle of nails? There are several important reasons. Let's consider each of them.

Possible causes, due to which the nails

Health problems In order to respond tothe question of why nails are cracked, it is enough to pay attention to the state of their health. Often the origins of the problem lie within our body. Therefore, doctors recommend any treatment to start with a diagnosis. It's right. Check the kidneys, liver, stomach, pancreas, endocrine glands, reproductive organs. Nails react acutely to the level of toxins in the blood, to medications taken (especially antibiotics), to changes in the hormonal background. Health can shake the lack of vitamins, trace elements. In this case, it will be useful to visit a dietitian and determine if your body has enough of the foods that make up your regular diet. You will be helped: vitamins E, A, D, B5, calcium, silicon. Try to eat balanced, do not get carried away by diets. Exposure to water and detergents If your nails are cracked, the cause may be covered as water that we wash our hands. Everybody knows that the water in our taps does not differ from the spring cleanliness and transparency. The fact is that substances added to the tap water, negatively affect the nail plate, greatly overdry it. Therefore, after taking a bath or shower, we advise you to apply a nourishing cream with chitosan on your hands and nails. To protect yourself from the aggressive effects of detergents and cleaning agents, always wear rubber gloves. If the nails are very tight, then it is possible to carry out a procedure called sealing. Its essence lies in the fact that the nail plate and under it apply a strengthening agent and lacquer. Of course, the coverage is gradually coming down - it lasts about a week, - so this option is not the final solution to the problem. Mechanical Damage Have you ever wondered how big the burden on our long-suffering marigolds is? We use them everywhere: to pick something up, scrape off, pick it off. During our wakefulness nails are under constant stress. The more the load, the stronger the nails on the hands. The structure of the nail is the application of keratin layers. At strong mechanical influences the density of pressing of layers to each other decreases. Then the situation is only aggravated: cracks appear, microsections. They increase until separation begins. Of course, you can not save a manicure from everything that traumatizes it. But enough to stick to a few tips that are right for your case. For example, if you work a lot on a computer, do not grow long nails, as they are uncomfortable in work and are damaged by attacks on the keyboard. If you have thin layered nails, and you love to grow flowers, then work exclusively in protective gloves and more often visit the manicurist. Improper grinding of the edge of the nail. Remember: when handling the free edge of the nail, you should not use a blunt instrument! He does not cut the nail plate, but presses, because of this, the keratin layers are shifted, and the nail is stratified. To maintain the integrity of the nail, it is necessary to hold the tool correctly. The working surface should be located strictly perpendicular to the nail. A good option - to carry out maceration (moisturizing) the free edge of the nail before it is shortened. Then the deformation is significantly reduced. If your nails are very loose, do not use a metal nail file. It leaves in the nail a lot of microparticles, leading to further stratification. Better get a ceramic or glass nail file for manicure. Choose the optimum abrasiveness of the file: the thinner the nail, the smaller the spraying. Do not sand the puffing nails, it is better to apply a strengthening composition to them. One more important advice - do not tear off the detached parts, this will bring even more harm to your nails. It is not enough just to find out why nails are cracked. This is just the beginning in the fight for your perfect manicure. Now it's time to take drastic measures. nails puff what to do

Strengthening of nails

Remember, everything is in our power, the main thing is to getpatience. If the nails break and break, take care of their strengthening. Here are a few necessary steps to make your nails again a model of health and beauty.

  • Vitamin and micronutrient intakeration products with a high content of calcium and vitamin D: milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, dates, figs. In addition, often eat meat and fish, drink carrot juice containing vitamin A. It used to be that gelatin is useful for strengthening the nails. But so far there is no sufficiently convincing data on its effectiveness. So decide for yourself whether to accept it or not. Why do fingernails hang more often in winter or early spring? The fact is that it is during this period that the defenses of the body are failing, the immunity is weakening. Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Take immunomodulating drugs, drink alcohol infusion of echinacea. If you watch your diet, eat balanced, and give your body everything that it requires, you will soon forget what avitaminosis or influenza is. Your hair and nails will become an example of pride, and overall well-being will greatly improve.
  • Nourishment of nails with oil and medical cream.nails do not separate, use a regular cuticle cream and special oil. Apply the manicure oil over the contour of the nail, and treat the base of the nail with cuticle. Means for strengthening of nails set. Some of them contain panthenol and allatonin, which promote healing of the cuticle. As part of others - liposomes and nutrients that accelerate the formation of new cells in the growth zone of the nail plate. There are creams with keratin, protein and vitamin C, helping to increase resistance to negative environmental influences.
  • Massage How to strengthen the layered nails? In addition to the above funds, you can help your nails with a massage. Agree, this procedure is just as useful as it is pleasant. Cuticle area is massaged with a very soft brush, on which glycerin or baby soap is applied. This can be called a light peel, because cuticles are released from dead scales. It is best to carry out this procedure in conjunction with the baths of sea salt. Salt is an excellent strengthening of the layered nails, because it contains the ideal proportion of iodine and minerals. Do the bathtubs three times a week. Suitable as oceanic and sea salt without aromatobavok. In warm water one teaspoon of salt dissolves. Lower the fingers into this solution and hold for about twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure should be for one and a half weeks.
  • Paraffinotherapy and compresses If the nails are loose,we can advise one more effective procedure - paraffinotherapy. It can be carried out in the beauty salon and at home. The result will not be long in coming. Blood circulation of your fingers will improve, nails will be saturated with oxygen and nutrients. At home, you can do compresses. Ingredients: 70 grams of water, 25 grams of glycerin and 5 grams of alum. Once or twice a week before going to bed it is recommended to apply olive oil on your nails, put on cotton gloves and go to sleep. This procedure is especially useful in winter, when the skin on the hands becomes dry, and the nails are especially lacking in moisture and vitamins.
  • Manicure Fingering nail care includesa regular manicure: at least twice a month, visit the master. To remove varnish, use only sparing liquids, forget about acetone. Do not forget that the nails are periodically required to rest and "breathe". For some time, discard the colored varnish in favor of the therapeutic. There is a special varnish for the layered nails, which is called "nail strengthener". It protects the nail plates from harmful effects and makes them stronger. It looks like a colorless varnish. Later you can use it in decorative manicure as a foundation. Try to choose varnishes with fruit bases.
  • Sealing "Ambulance" for puffing nails- Sealing. This procedure involves layered application of drugs, which include vitamins, nutrients, trace elements. After grinding the nail plate is applied cream and oil, which give the nail a healthy shine. All useful substances have their healing effects for two weeks, stimulating the growth of nails and strengthening them.
  • There is an effective way how to curelayered nails without much effort and effort. Baths do easily and quickly, and the effect of them is almost the same as from medical devices. To improve the effect, you can add to the warm water essential oils of sandalwood, cedar, pine, bergamot, ylang-ylang. And, of course, do not forget about the medicinal properties of lemon juice. Vannochki for nascent layers using iodine are the most popular. Method of preparing a bath with iodine and celandine: in the infusion of celandine add a few drops of iodine and two tablespoons of sea salt. Water must be warm. The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minutes. A tub with red wine helps the weak nails. You will need the following ingredients: 200 grams of red wine, one tablespoon of sea salt. Wine is heated to a temperature of 40-50 degrees and mixed with salt. In the resulting mixture for ten to twenty minutes, fingers fall. At the end of the procedure, the hands are rinsed in warm water, dried with a towel and lubricated with cream. For such trays, both red and white wine is suitable. If your nails are very strong, try the following recipe. Take 100 grams of white wine, four tablespoons of olive oil and five tablespoons of vinegar. First mix the vinegar and oil, then, while stirring, pour in the wine. Put the finger tips in the resulting substance for a quarter of an hour. Then wash your hands, pat them with a towel and apply the cream. How to treat puffed nails with wine and chamomile? Very simple! You need to brew a bag of dried chamomile flowers, which is sold in each pharmacy, in a hundred grams of water, and let it brew for an hour and a half. Then again heat the infusion and mix it with fifty grams of white semi-dry wine. Put your hands in this liquid. Rinse time is the same as in the previous recipe. After the completion of the treatment, rinse your hands in warm water. The nails are broken: what if you have only the simplest ingredients at hand? Do not despair, because there is a medical bath, for which you need only 200 milliliters of water, two tablespoons of strong tea brewing and 100 milliliters of fresh cabbage juice.
  • the nails are cracked

    Layered toenails

    There is one more pressing question: why do your toenails crack? The reasons can be the same as in the case of fingernails. But there are some more nuances. Problems with nails on the legs may be associated with wearing too tight shoes. Especially it concerns lovers of narrow shoes with heels. In this case, the pressure on the nails is constantly exposed, so that they deform. Not only that the nail will begin to separate, there is also the threat of ingrowning. Nails on legs are broken due to a violation of the circulation of the legs, varicose veins, sedentary lifestyles and so on. As a preventive measure, we propose an exercise for the feet. Pull the toes of your feet away from you, hold them in this position for twenty seconds, unfold the socks to the sides of each other and again lock in this position for a few seconds. Repeat exercise at least fifteen times. So, now you are forewarned, and so you are armed. Knowing why nails break and break, how to properly care for them and how to treat them, you can easily take care of your manicure. Beautiful and healthy nails will enhance your mood and self-confidence. We advise you to read: