dry skin The long and cold winter is over, and together withShe was left behind by the time of hibernation and laziness. The warm spring days have come, now it is necessary to make up for lost time - to bring yourself beloved in tone. We go to beauty salons, where we try on a new image; we begin to work hard on the figure, adhering to diets and attending fitness classes; hurry for new things and so on. And often in this pleasant spring vanity we do not pay attention to that "clothes" that Mother Nature has given us. Yes, yes, it will be about our skin. After all, it is she who is the protective cover for our body and therefore her condition should disturb us in the first place. A dull and lifeless skin makes us, women, older by several years, and radiant and healthy, on the contrary, hides the true age. It must be said that the type of epidermis is what nature has rewarded a person from the moment of conception. Some people have normal skin fat, some suffer from excessive shine and acne, someone has a mixed type and so on. On the one hand, it can be said that the owners of dry skin are very fortunate. After all, at a young age they do not know what adolescent acne is, the complexion often has a gentle pink tint, and the enlarged pores, black dots and unaesthetic fatty gloss are completely absent. But over time, when your age crosses a twenty-five year boundary, dry skin makes itself felt by the first early wrinkles, flaking, redness and irritation of varying intensity. Why is this happening? The process is caused by a lack of natural moisturizing and fat. It is likely that you have noticed such an unpleasant sensation after washing and showering procedures, like the tightening of the skin of the face and body. It is possible to get rid of it only after using special creams and lotions. dry skin

Causes of Dry Skin: Genetics and the Environment

What are the main causes of dry skin? As is known, the sebaceous glands are responsible for the natural moistening of the human epidermis. It is their insufficient functioning that leads to the fact that our skin lacks protection in the form of a natural film, which includes sweat, fat and a number of substances responsible for its elasticity. This is what serves as a barrier between the upper layer of the epidermis and the negative impact of various negative environmental factors on it. The human body, and in particular women, is designed in such a way that it is after twenty years that the production of a natural moisturizer is reduced: for girls with excessively oily skin, acne goes to this age, and those of us who do not have such problems face others, even more unpleasant. As the protective properties weaken, the epidermal cells begin to rapidly lose moisture. From the environment inside the sensitive skin get irritants, which contribute to its rapid withering. Since the features of the epidermis are laid at the genetic level, it is impossible to affect the work of the sebaceous glands even through the most modern cosmetic and other procedures. But this does not mean that it is impossible to avoid the first obvious signs of aging at the age of twenty-five or thirty years due to the fact that you have dry skin. It is not a verdict at all, if you try to fill the lack of natural hydration with an outside. But do not forget that the winter cold or the hot summer sun can adversely affect the condition of any type of epidermis. Frost, ruthless wind and too aggressive sunburn also can cause dry skin, even if earlier you had no idea of ​​a similar problem. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the points that the care measures bring the most pronounced result and go for good. After all, often the problem skin is the result of negligent attitude towards it. If you did not care about her, do not be surprised if after a while you suddenly find the first wrinkles. And to begin with, those of you who still have a dry type skin from nature, you should understand which factors can exacerbate this problem even more. In addition to natural weather conditions, the air in the room can also worsen the condition of the epidermis if it is too hot due to the operation of central heating systems in winter or coolness due to air conditioning in the summer, because in both cases the necessary humidity is removed. Dry skin loses the rest of fat, if you are too hot baths and paint a lot, not allowing the person to relax. Lovers of long sunbathing under the southern sun are also threatened by a similar problem. The answer to the question of why their skin grows older quickly is quite simple. Ultraviolet has the ability not only to destroy the upper layer of the epidermis, but also to destroy the natural collagen inside it, which is responsible for the accumulation of moisture and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, the first wrinkles will not take long to wait and cause grief at a young age. If dryness is accompanied by itching and redness, it can be a manifestation of some diseases, for example, allergies, diabetes, psoriasis or eczema. But here only the dermatologist will help. Alcoholic drinks also do not go for the benefit of the epidermis, since alcohol has the ability to draw useful substances from tissues, thereby reducing their ability to retain moisture. Very dry skin is familiar to female representatives who often sit on diets and limit their body in vitamins and nutrients.

Recommendations for the care of dry skin of the face and body

Any skin, whether it is problematic or not, is requireddaily care, then for a long time it will preserve a healthy, attractive and youthful appearance. But it is important not to overload it with excessive means and medical formulations. If you notice that the skin of your body lost its softness over the last winter, began to peel off and suddenly became very dry, which means that it does not have enough moisture. This state of the epidermis is considered one of the main problems in the cold season. Some simple and accessible procedures, consisting of three stages, with regular application will return to it the former smoothness, elasticity, and make you shine again with health. Care for dry skin of the body after the winter is simple. First, you need to take a shower every other day with a gel that contains cream and glycerin. Secondly, with the help of a soft scrub you need to exfoliate all dead cells for the winter. Thirdly, take the rule after the shower, always apply moisturizer. It is better to use one that includes ceramides, because they not only retain moisture, but also protect the skin. If the problem of dryness bothers you only in the winter, use a special protective cream when you go outside, and install a humidifier with a hygrometer at home. An outdoor aquarium and indoor plants will also help in combating dryness in the apartment. As for women and girls who have very dry skin always, the speech is most likely just about a genetic predisposition. Mostly, the person suffers, but often there are problems with the epidermis on other parts of the body, for example, on the hands, elbows, knees, head. Therefore, in addition to the above measures, it is necessary to take into account a number of others and take care of the skin more thoroughly. Remember that your type of epidermis is very gentle and moody. From the lack of external moisturizing, it will become drier, but excess cream, lotions and other products will affect its condition not in the best way. Therefore, in everything you need to stick to the sense of proportion. Try to choose creams, which include mucopolysaccharides, oils and saturated fatty acids. They are responsible for active hydration and prevent evaporation of moisture. Such ingredients as liposomes also perform these functions. They are well absorbed by the skin, penetrating deeply into it and saturating the cells with moisture, vitamins and beneficial microelements. Already mentioned ceramides should also be part of creams, as they cause the skin to produce its own natural analogues of these substances, which contributes to additional protection from negative environmental factors and moisture retention. The basic algorithm for care of the face, neck and décolletage zone looks like this.

  • Before going to sleep, dry skin needs to be cleaned with a speciala tool that is suitable for this type. It can be milk with nutrients, cream or lotion. Excellent cope with the cleansing and cosmetic oil, which is half diluted with water and therefore very well washed away, removing all the dirt. Take into account that hard water from the tap is best not to use. It contains salts that cause extra dryness. To avoid this, buy special thermal water, it is neutral and hypoallergenic. Remove the detergent from the skin with a cotton swab dipped in it. Then apply a night moisturizer, which is rich in essential fats. He will imbue them with the epidermis, and the next day you will have a fresh look. If you have a severe dry skin, then use hydrogel as the base for the cream.
  • In the morning it is necessary to wash with the help of thermalwater and apply a day cream that has a lighter consistency and good absorbency. Additional purification does not need to be done. Do not rush to immediately start makeup. Wait for about five minutes and take a look: maybe some of the skin has absorbed the cream too quickly. Repeat the application only for them.
  • Do not forget that the composition of the day cream is alsomust include moisturizers and special oils that will provide the skin with the necessary nutrition throughout the day. Well, if the chosen tool will contain and special filters that can protect the cells of the epidermis from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. There are days when the problem skin has a special need for moisturizing, while it looks painful, much flaky, and you feel as if in a mask. To reanimate such epidermis can be using two simple and affordable means: a therapeutic ointment based on panthenol and almond oil. They can be used both as emergency measures to help the damaged skin, and for normal care. Ointment replace the night cream, if the problem skin is dry. And make warm compresses from the oil by heating two or three tablespoons of it on a water bath. Pre-cut out of gauze something like a mask with slits for the eyes, mouth and nose, dip it into butter and put on your face for fifteen or twenty minutes. After the specified time, remove the cheesecloth, and remove the excess oil with a cotton swab. care for dry skin

    What if you have dry skin of hands and heads?

    Care for dry hands is also necessary, because hewill help to prevent the appearance of cracks and relieve the peeling. As a detergent, it is better to use baby soap or a soft gel with a cream base. Do not forget about the need to wipe your hands well. After each washing, apply a cream with herbal extracts to the skin, and before bedtime use a greasy product with filters to avoid the appearance of pigmented spots (the recommendation applies to those who are already 30 years old). Do not wash the dishes without rubber gloves, and before you put them on, moisten your hands with ordinary vegetable oil. In the cold season, use a special cream that provides protection from bad weather, and do not forget about gloves. In summer, it is necessary to apply to the skin a composition with UV protection. Pamper your hands with warm compresses based on olive oil. To do this, it should be heated to 40 degrees, dipped gauze, folded in several layers, wrap it with brushes, and top cover with cellophane and a piece of natural cloth. After 15 minutes, the compress can be removed. This procedure is recommended as a prophylaxis once a week. If the skin is dry on the head, then this too is an unpleasant fact. Encourage its occurrence using a hair dryer, frequent washing and excess funds for styling. It must be said that dandruff often appears with excessively dry and damaged skin, the cells of which at some point fail and begin to actively update. The dead form the same white flakes, which are ugly strewn collar of your dress or blouse. Fighting such an unpleasant feature can and should be done. First of all, try to avoid frequent washing of the head, and dry your hair with a cool flow of air. Choose special shampoos, balms and masks that have a neutral pH level. Also use moisturizing serum for scalp. Help with the choice of suitable in your case means can either a good hairdresser, or a trichologist, or an ordinary dermatologist.

    Frequent mistakes associated with caring for dry skin

    Excessive love for light in consistency creams. Dry skin needs a special attitude, so you need to take care of it, first of all, moisturizing with saturated fat creams. Why? Very simply: skimmed cosmetic compounds are instantly absorbed, but also evaporate from the surface of the skin so quickly that they do not have time to sufficiently moisten it. At the same time, leaving a thin film of emulsifier. This substance is necessary for binding water and fat. As soon as the last droplet of moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin, the emulsifier will begin to pull it from the inside, thereby promoting greater dryness. Remember that your skin type will suit that cream, the drop of which is completely insoluble in water. Visiting the pool with chlorinated water. Of course, swimming is good for the body. But the epidermis, prone to dryness, especially suffers from this means for disinfection, as it destroys the protective properties of the skin. If you repeatedly noticed that after bathing covered with red spots, then either find another pool with less aggressive cleansing, or reduce the frequency of visits. Try to visit it no more than once or twice a week and swim for no more than half an hour. Rinse off the chlorinated water in the shower and moisten the body with a nutritious lotion. Excessive love for water procedures. Of course, to monitor the purity of your body is very important. But you need to do it right. Do not forget that shower gels and soap destroys not only dirt, but also skin fat, which forms protection on the surface of the epidermis. Therefore, get a synthetic detergent, called syndet. His PH level is close to that of the human skin. Therefore, its influence on the epidermis is sparing. And yet, try to reduce the time spent in the shower, that is, wash faster. Pilling of keratinized particles. Problem skin, prone to dryness, does not need to be cleansed, even with mild exfoliating agents, if you do not want to get the result in the form of eczema and red spots. You can remove keratinized scales by massage with a regular napkin moistened in thermal water. You can use one more recipe, popular in Japan. Mix a small amount of rice bran with water and cover the resulting face with a mass. After seven to ten minutes, massage the skin in a circle and wash with warm water. In conclusion, I would like to add something else. To your skin shined with health, and its tendency to dryness did not cause the appearance of the first wrinkles at a young age, the use of cosmetics alone is not enough. First of all, do not forget about the full rest. After all, during the sleep, regenerative processes occur in the skin cells. Physical exercise and light massage of the whole body with the use of moisturizing oils help improve blood circulation, so that the epidermis receives oxygen and nutrients. Try to saturate the body with moisture, drinking at least two liters of fluid a day, and pay attention to what you eat. The use of sugar, coffee, chocolate and fried foods in excess is not the best way to affect the skin. Take care that in your diet always there are porridges, nuts, vegetables and fruits in raw form. Do not forget about the courses of taking multivitamins, such as E, A, C and others. Avoid smoking and do not abuse alcohol. In addition, try to be as much as possible in the fresh air. Do not avoid walking in the rain and fog, because the smallest particles of water perfectly moisturize the surface layer of the epidermis naturally and stimulate its blood supply. If the implementation of all the recommendations described does not help, and the problem skin continues to upset you with your condition, then do not delay the visit to the doctor. After a long and inconclusively engaged in cosmetic procedures, you can miss a serious illness.