exercises with dumbbells for legs Every woman strives for a perfect body anddoes everything possible for this. However, many of us, hearing that you can put a figure in order, doing exercises with dumbbells, incredulously shake their heads. After all, lifting weights is a man's occupation, it can give a refined female figure a "masculine" look. In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems. The correct set of exercises will help to strengthen the muscles, giving them a beautiful relief, resulting in the body will acquire sexual, seductive forms. Exercises with dumbbells are suitable for any muscle of the body, a program designed for a particular group of muscles, contains special exercises that are fairly simple to perform at home without spending money on gym payment and time to travel around the city. Today we will talk about leg exercises, but first let's go back to the dumbbells themselves, what is this sports equipment, what miracles is it capable of and how to choose the right load?

Why do we need dumbbells?

Women who are only trying to throw offextra pounds, and quickly, dumbbells will not help. Exercises with them are accompanied not so much by weight loss as by the buildup of muscle mass. Therefore, the weight, oddly enough, will increase, but the figure, on the contrary, will lose in volume and will become smart. In addition, strength exercises benefit the body as a whole. Complex training strengthens muscle tissue, thereby supporting all internal organs, forcing them to work in the correct mode. A strengthening of the joints helps reduce their fragility.

Choosing the right load

If we compare dumbbells with other sportsshells, you can see that the exercises with them are ideal for any loads of constraints is practically nonexistent. Training for legs with dumbbells does not heavily burden the body, since this shell has a small weight. A woman who decided to study at home can choose for herself dumbbells of any weight. In addition, now on sale there are shells of various shapes and colors that look exactly "like a woman." It is best to choose a dumbbell that will fit comfortably in your hand, and their weight will not cause discomfort during the exercises. In the event that your figure suits you, but I would like to slightly adjust a separate part of it, in our case, the muscles of the legs, choose a dumbbell with a light weight, up to one kilogram. But for increasing the relief muscles, get more heavy shells - not less than three kilograms. Knowledgeable people do not recommend doing more than two or three times a week, training should last about 45 minutes. This is necessary in order to enable the body and the mice to recover from their feet after a load. If desired, you can combine exercises with dumbbells with other sports activities, such as swimming. leg exercises with dumbbells

Effective complex containing exercises for the legs

So, we came to the main thing - to the complex,strengthening the muscles of the legs. These exercises require preheating. Do a little workout or dance to your favorite music. Doing exercises, be sure to follow the breath - this is one of the main factors contributing to a successful training. Falls This exercise will help develop the stamina of the legs and tidies the front thigh muscles. Stand straight by joining your legs together, your arms and dumbbells are lowered along the body. Then take a step forward with one foot and bend the knee in such a way that it does not go forward, but is at the level with the ankle. We take a breath and repulse from the floor, returning to the original rack. The same exercise is done with the other leg. We repeat exercises 10-20 times for each of legs, thus it is necessary to make not less than two approaches. Back exercises This exercise with dumbbells allows you to tighten the back of the hips. The starting position, as in the first exercise. We exhale and set our foot back, bend the knee in such a way that it touches the floor. Making an entry, we return to the starting position. As with the first exercise, it is recommended to do two approaches 10-20 times. Squatting This exercise perfectly lifts the tone of the legs, namely the gluteal muscles, and strengthens the front surface of the thigh. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells drop along the body. Exhale, crouch, do not forget to keep your back exactly! You do not have to squat strongly, just drop it as if you sit on a chair. Inhale, return to the starting position. You can supplement these exercises by lifting hands with dumbbells up to the level of the chest. This will help not only tighten the buttocks, but also strengthen the muscles of the chest and back. The number of approaches is equal to the first and second exercises. Squatting in the pose "swallow" Do this exercise regularly, you will pull up the muscles of the calves, thighs and learn to keep the balance. We stand straight, legs together, hands with dumbbells drop down. Exhale and, lifting one leg above the floor, lean forward. In this case, the leg and trunk must be parallel to the floor. Surely, many have learned the well-known "swallow" pose. On inhaling, bend the knee of the leg resting on the surface, and crouch, trying to make the hands with dumbbells touch the floor. Here it is necessary to try to keep your back as flat as possible, so you reduce the load on it. Well, that's all, the training for the legs is over! Do not forget to stretch the muscles of the legs, so that in the morning they do not hurt so much.

A few words about nutrition

Question about nutrition in any sportis particularly important. Of course, the diet of a man engaged in dumbbells does not imply a constant starvation or eating some unfamiliar dishes. Wishing to pump up the muscles of the legs and other parts of the body, you must make sure that the food was directed specifically at raising energy in the body. In your diet must prevail dishes rich in protein and vitamins, as well as vegetables and fruits. Animal fat and carbohydrates try to avoid. And do not torment yourself with hunger strikes, it can lead to the opposite result - the skin will become flabby and will be "decorated" with a lot of stretch marks. And you do not want that, do you? We really hope that these tips will help you, and your legs will become the object of envy for all women around you, and men will not be able to pass such an ideal beauty! We advise you to read: