exercises for the side press Today at every step you can see posters andcommercials, from which we are watched by girls with beautiful, slender bellies with a press. This is due to the requirements of the present time with their beauty frames - a slim, sexy and attractive body with tightened muscles and a flat belly, now become the dream of every woman. And this desire is fully justified. An inflated press and a narrow waist are the basis of a tightened figure. From the TV screens, a lot of advertisements for correction of figures are broadcast, which in the end prove their helplessness in the fight against folds in the abdomen, even if they are small. Walking easy paths in this case is not suitable. Therefore, you have to go more complicated, but effective way, the name of which - the physical load. Those who set foot on the path of correcting their figure and fighting for a beautiful press with the help of sports, try to maximize the upper and lower abdomen. But, often this does not give the desired result, since for the formation of the waist you need to involve a much larger number of muscles. The lateral muscles occupy a very important place in the formation of the muscular corset and the correction of the waist. Therefore, a common set of exercises for pumping the press, should contain those that are focused on the development of lateral muscles. It should be noted that the muscles of the side press are difficult to train. Before embarking on such exercises, one should learn the rule of controlling the amount of load on this group of muscles in order to avoid excessive increase in their mass and not increase the volume of their waist. In such a case, you should find for yourself an optimal balance of workload and focus only on your own needs. Naturally, for women who attend gyms and fitness clubs, with the help of a trainer it is much easier to develop a correct and complete set of exercises for the press. But what about those who, for a variety of reasons, do not have the opportunity to visit such establishments. In this case, our advice will come to the aid of how best to pump up the abdominal muscles even at home, what exercises for the press are the easiest to perform, right and safe.

What is a side press?

If the lateral and lower abdominal muscles developcorrectly and harmoniously, the result is a resilient, beautiful press, the so-called "Adonis belt", to which everyone aspires - both women and men. That's just "conquer" it is not so easy. For beginners who have begun to work on their side press, side twists and turns with the ball will do. More serious exercises should be started only after you have mastered the "easy" version. exercises for the lateral muscles of the press

Pumping the side press

Let's remember the old, good exercises in the classroomphysical education to school. It began with leaning backwards and forwards and sideways. It would seem that the usual exercise, but in fact this was the first move on the way to pumping the side press. So, we are in the main rack. We lay hands behind the head (to enhance the effect, you can use 1 kilogram dumbbells) and make the slopes to the right and left. During the series of inclinations to the right, shift the dumbbell to the right hand. The same maneuver should be repeated for the left side as well. Such training should consist of at least three approaches with the number of repetitions, determined individually for each. Next, taking the main rack, do the slopes forward and try with the right hand to reach the fingers of the left foot as far as possible, and then vice versa - with the left hand to the fingers of the right foot. With this exercise, the oblique muscles of the press are pumped. Equally effective are the legs and the legs sideways. To perform this exercise, you should choose the main support, most often it is the Swedish wall or back of the chair, and stand to it sideways. During the stop with your right hand, do a swing to the left with your left foot. Similar movements need to be done with the right foot. Such an exercise helps to load the lower part of the lateral muscles. To strengthen the oblique muscles of the press, you should perform the exercise under the conventional name "diagonal twisting". To do this, lie on your back, bend your knees, place your hands behind your head, and spread your elbows to the sides. Next follows immediately twisting, but the left elbow should touch the right knee, and vice versa - the right elbow touching the left knee. The exercise is performed in three sets of thirty repetitions on each side. For deep pumping of the muscles of the side press, stand straight, the legs should be on the width of the shoulders. Arms bend in the elbows and lay behind the head, while trying to pull the stomach. Then make a twist, during which the left elbow should connect to the right knee as a result of pulling them towards each other. A little hold in this position and return to the starting position. Do the same on the other side. The exercise is done in three sets of twenty repetitions per side. Also, the following exercise for the side press proved its effectiveness. Perform it should lie in the supine position directly on the back, while the hands should be bent at the elbows, and the palms touch the floor. Bending the right leg in the knee, try turning the knee to touch the floor with a strong turn of the right hip. Do the same for the left side. The exercise is done in three sets of twenty repetitions per side. Exercise to twist the body will pump the lateral muscles of the press. To do this, from the position of lying on the floor, raise your shoulders and stretch your arms forward, while trying to reach the heels, first on the right side of the knees, and then on the left. Also, the following exercise proved to be well established. Lie on your right side and lean on the right elbow. For deep muscle pumping, try to raise both legs at once, keeping them closed. Do the same for the left side. The lateral press can actually be pumped even in the sitting position. So, sit on the edge of the chair, securely fix the lower part of the body, and put your feet on the floor. Bring your hands behind your head, turn to the right, and then to the left. At the same time, try to feel your muscles - those that are in the waist region should be involved. This exercise allows you to work not only over the lateral muscles, but also over the oblique muscles. Although it seems very simple, but the effect is simply colossal. If your house has a kind of horizontal bar, try performing the following exercise on it for pumping the side press. So, the trunk should be securely held in an upright position. Then follow the slow circular motion to the right. After stopping and breathing, proceed to the left side of the rotation, while trying to feel the tension in the muscles. Exercise is performed in 3-4 approaches with a gradual increase in the number of repetitions in them. Remember that for the appearance of a visible result of the pumping of the side press, these exercises should be included in the training constantly, and they need to be strengthened with patience and perseverance. In addition, do not expect that these exercises will help remove fat from the waist - to fight it better to use a diet. And the exercises will help to create a muscular corset, therefore, the figure will look slimmer.


Before undertaking anymovements for the press, without fail make a small workout. It can include jumping rope or dancing with musical accompaniment until the muscles are warmed up completely. Do not exercise to strengthen the press after eating or before you go to sleep. Do not pump muscles and do not use heavy dumbbells. If your goal is to lose extra pounds, then perform these exercises at an accelerated pace with a large number of repetitions. To get a steel and elastic press, exercise should be done very slowly with maximum load on the muscles, the main thing is not to overdo it. If, as a result of training, muscle strength is observed, it should not be abandoned - regular exercises will relieve you of the sensation of pain. Proper breathing has an important role in the performance of exercises for the press. Exhalation should be during the most stressed state of the muscles. At the same time, try to pull the front part of the abdomen, and relax the ribs and lower them down. On inhalation - in any case, do not relax the abdominal muscles, but on the contrary - draw in the abdominal wall. The best way to train a press is a giant set, during which you should perform the most effective exercises one after another, without interruption. You can rest only between sets. After a full training the press should "burn". This rule does not apply to those who are just beginning to engage in their tummy. For them, you just need to gradually increase the number of exercises and approaches. Remember that the press should be kept in a state of tonus constantly and monitor the correctness of the exercises. In addition, the training of the press without the use of effort will not give absolutely no result - you should fully work out, choosing the most effective exercises. If your goal is a beautiful shape of the belly and a slender figure, then adjust yourself to the daily execution of the entire set of exercises for at least 15 minutes. side press exercises

How useful is a strong press?

Strong, pumped and strong press is notonly beauty and sexual appearance. From the point of view of anatomy, the abdominal muscles perform a very serious function - the protection of the internal organs of a person who are in the abdominal region and are subjected to severe shocks during movement. To avoid injury and to fix their position, you should constantly maintain a ton of corset, which consists of the abdominal muscles. A beautiful press is not only an aesthetic look. Training of these muscles helps to regulate normal blood supply, keep internal organs in the right place, support the normal operation of many physiological processes occurring in the human body. Therefore, a trained press is very useful for every person. In addition, children's pediatricians strongly recommend that parents bring up in children a craving for training the muscles of the abdomen, as this allows you to get rid of even bloating and colic. The same effect is observed in adults. Conclusion - Regular training of the abdominal muscles is useful not only for beauty, but also for health. Therefore, dear women, do exercises for the muscles of the press and stay beautiful, slim and healthy.