overweight in pregnancy Waiting for the baby to come into the world isthe most pleasant time in the life of any woman. But pregnancy is associated not only with pleasant emotions and impressions, but also with various worries and anxieties. And one of the reasons for them often becomes overweight during pregnancy. After all, such an indicator as the mass of the body of a future mother is very important for the health of both women and children. Ideally, a woman gains the right amount of weight during pregnancy, eating healthy food - this is a good sign that your child is getting all the nutrients and grows at a normal pace. However, to great regret, this is not always the case. Excess weight during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. Moreover - many future mothers do not see anything terrible in this phenomenon, believing that getting rid of extra pounds after the birth of the baby will be easy. However, they overlook the fact that excess weight during pregnancy has a very negative effect on the course of pregnancy:

  • Development of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very unpleasant disease,Able to deliver the future mother a lot of unpleasant emotions. Yes, and during labor, hemorrhoids - not the best assistant. And in the event that the mother is overweight, the chances of developing hemorrhoids are significantly increased.

  • Hypertonic disease

In some cases, the presence of excess body weightduring pregnancy leads to a systematic increase in blood pressure. A hypertensive disease during pregnancy, in turn, can lead to the development of very serious complications, which are a serious threat to health, and sometimes the lives of both mother and baby.

  • Phlebeurysm

The next problem that is often facedfuture mothers are varicose veins. This problem is by no means a simple cosmetic defect, but rather a serious self-contained disease. And in the event that the mother during pregnancy has gained more than a kilogram, than it is necessary, the varicose veins are practically guaranteed to her.

  • Pain in the back

Excess weight is a serious load on the muscleback corset. But he is already experiencing a tremendous strain due to the growing tummy of the future mother. As a result, a pregnant woman experiences painful pains in the lumbar region.

  • Dyspnea

Excess weight in almost all cases leads tothe development of severe shortness of breath. And shortness of breath is the right way to develop hypoxia. And both the mother and the child. And hypoxia is the right way to develop various complications.

  • Metabolic disease

One of the most formidable complications of normalThe course of pregnancy is the development of diabetes mellitus. And the excessive weight of the future mummy at times increases the risk of this complication. In addition, extra pounds directly affect the condition of all tissues of the body. They largely lose their elasticity and ability to stretch. It is easy to guess that in the process of childbirth this feature can significantly complicate the normal course of childbirth. Moreover - one can not overlook the fact that mothers, who have an excessive body weight, are much more often born larger children. And their process of birth is difficult to call easy. pregnancy and overweight

How much can I gain during pregnancy?

Let's try to figure out where the borders arenorm or rate and why so often the future mummies leave for them? Firstly, in no case can "eat for two" during pregnancy. But it is this advice that the future mother hears most often from numerous well-wishers-girlfriends, acquaintances, relatives. Everyone and strives to put on the plate the woman the most tasty morsel. It's a familiar picture, is not it? No, no, we do not call for offending our relatives with a sharp refusal. But still try to convey to them adequate information, correspond to reality. Of course, the future mother really needs a little more calories than everyone else. After all, energy costs have become many times higher - the baby's body also needs calories. But this is not an excuse to eat everything that is not nailed. In general, you should consume only 100 - 300 calories more than you did before, to fully meet the needs of your growing baby. Those kilograms that a woman should dial during pregnancy are composed of various parameters:

  • The weight of the baby in the uterus.
  • Ambulatory water, placenta.
  • Weight of the uterus itself and enlarged mammary glands.
  • Increased volume of circulating blood and other fluids.

It is these kilograms that make up the veryan increase in weight, without which there is not a single pregnancy. As a rule, it is normal from 8 to 12 kilograms for the entire period of pregnancy. In the same case, if the figures are larger, doctors say about the excess weight. But in any case, do not forget that weight gain during pregnancy is a complex process that proceeds unevenly. So, for example, the weight of the baby in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy varies very little, but in the second half it starts to noticeably and rapidly increase. But the uterus, on the contrary, is most heavily weighted in the first half of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that during this period there is an intensive buildup of the muscular tissues of the uterus. But the increase in blood volume occurs throughout the period of pregnancy evenly. In addition, we must not forget that fat tissue also increases in volume. But it directly depends on what the future woman uses for food.

How to control weight?

Often, the future mother wonders if,how to control body weight. Often it is for these purposes that the most expensive scales are purchased. However, this is far from the best way out - it's beyond the power of a future mother to determine what part of the fat tissue is needed, and what part is for swelling. Unfortunately, swelling is a very common problem that many future mothers face. That is why it is so important to visit a gynecologist on time, especially in the second half of pregnancy. Compulsory examination includes the determination of body weight, on the basis of which the doctor makes conclusions about the weight gain. There is a special tablet on which the doctor and determines whether the future mother has problems with excessive body weight. Although, of course, all these data are very average. Therefore, the doctor necessarily makes corrections for the individual characteristics of the organism of each particular woman. In particular, the initial weight that the woman had before pregnancy. The principle is simple - the greater the weight initially, the less you can type. There are three main groups of women:

  • Lack of body weight

In the event that a woman initially possessed insufficient body weight, during pregnancy, she can gain up to 15 kilograms.

  • Normal body weight

In the event that the body weight of a woman before pregnancy was normal, then the weight gain should be an average - from 8 to 12 kilograms.

  • Excess body weight

Well, if the woman was plump, then during pregnancy, she can not get more than 5 - 6 pounds. Otherwise, the risk of developing various complications is high. excess weight during pregnancy

How to get rid of excess weight during pregnancy?

Of course, to insure against excess weightbody is very difficult. But the problem can not be neglected in any way. Fighting excess weight can and should be done. Although, of course, you can do this only under the supervision of a medical professional. There are certain universal recommendations that will help keep your weight under control. They are absolutely safe for all women without exception:

  • Food should be divided - 6-7 meals a day, at short intervals.
  • Always keep light snacks on hand, such aslike nuts, raisins, cheese and biscuits, dried fruit and yogurt. As soon as you feel hungry, do not rush to the fridge - try to snack something light. However, make sure that snacks are not a habit - they also contribute to the emergence of excess body weight.
  • Avoid hiking in a cafe. Often it is during such trips that a woman eats those very extra calories that lead to a set of excess weight.

In addition, pay attention to your dietpower supply. Make sure the menu is correct. Firstly, it is necessary to avoid whole-milk products if possible. Of course, dairy products must be present, because they contain a large amount of calcium that is so necessary. You need at least 400 grams of dairy products every day. However, try to eat only fat-free foods - this will significantly reduce the number of calories and, accordingly, consumed fat. In addition, do not forget about the restriction of sweet drinks. Sweetened drinks such as lemonades, fruit punch, fruit drinks, iced tea, lemonade supply the body with many calories and very few nutrients. Therefore, try to drink pure non-carbonated water or home-made fruit drinks and compotes from dried fruits. As much as possible restrict the use of salt. After all, salt very strongly delays water in the body. Simply put, overly salty foods provoke the development of strong edema. And they are the cause of excessive weight. Of course, excess fluid is not fat tissue. But also a very unpleasant and dangerous phenomenon. Also note which fats and sauces you use when preparing food. Try to limit as much as possible the consumption of such products as: margarine, butter, gravies, sauces, mayonnaise, sauces, methane, cream and cheese. They are very, very caloric - just a couple of days of such nutrition can lead to a couple of extra pounds. It is much wiser to replace them with olive oil. Of course, it will not be so delicious, but definitely much more useful.

Physical activity

In order to keep the weight under control,be sure to remember the physical load. Of course, there can not be any serious training of speech. However, minimal motor activity for a future mother is simply necessary. Otherwise, not only the extra pounds can stick, but the muscles will be greatly weakened. But the appearance of crumbs in the light is a very serious work of the mother's body. And that is why it is so important how to prepare for this important event. How? Doctors say that the safest ways are swimming and walking on foot. As a rule, the future mother tries to move less, believing that in this way she will save her strength. However, this is not so - the lack of movement is the right way to various kinds of complications, including such as excess weight during pregnancy. That's why it's so important to move. A future mother should walk at least two kilometers a day. And if the forces allow, then more. This is not so difficult as it seems at first glance - it is enough to take the rule of daily walking for at least an hour. In addition, do not ignore the special gymnastics for expectant mothers. And for this it is not necessary to sign up for expensive courses. As a rule, there are classes at almost any polyclinic. Moreover - surely your doctor will help you to choose the most suitable set of exercises, with which you can easily manage at home on your own. And such problem, as excess weight at pregnancy, simply will cease to be for you actual. As you can see, pregnancy and overweight are not the best allies. Therefore, be sure to keep this issue under strict control. This will help to avoid a lot of problems and complications both from the mother's and the baby's side. Be healthy. Easy for you childbirth and happy motherhood! We advise you to read: