essential oils for hair growth Almost certainly when viewing the nextan advertising video that offers and persuades to buy a means to create a wonderful volume of hair, almost any woman with longing in her eyes looks at the silky, shiny fluttering locks of the model that is removed in the roller and goes to buy the advertised product. But alas, practice shows that very rarely the effect of it is so miraculous as it promises to us advertising. In addition, during the study of the composition of the shampoo or balm-conditioner purchased, hair can increase its volume unintentionally, literally standing on end from listing all those chemicals, fragrances and dyes that are contained in large quantities in such products. At such moments thoughts of natural cosmetics come to mind, for example, about washing your head with a raw egg yolk, feeding your hair with kefir and rinsing it with beer or a solution of chamomile. But there is one more option, which is rarely thought of in this context, are essential oils for hair growth, to give shine and volume to the locks. There are hundreds of kinds of essential oils, they are expensive and cheap, they are made from flowers, trees, grass and other plants. They not only perfectly smell, saturating our life with bright aromas, but also very useful both for the whole organism and for its separate parts. So, their use to improve the condition of hair is more than justified. useful essential oils for hair growth

Basic Information About Essential Oils

It is important to remember that before using etherealoils it is necessary to conduct a preliminary test for allergy. It is best to test the drug in two stages. First, apply a drop of test oil to a piece of cotton and inhale its fragrance with small intervals. If you do not like the smell or have any unpleasant sensations during the day, it is better not to use a remedy with this ingredient. If there are no problems, add a couple drops of the test essential oil to a small spoon of any vegetable, mix and apply on the elbow, then wait a few minutes. If there is at least a hint of irritation or redness, then this remedy does not suit you. To check if you bought undiluted oil, perform a simple test with a sheet of paper. Apply to it a drop of essential oil, and at some distance from it - a drop of normal vegetable. Wait a few minutes for the drops to drain; if both tracks are equally fat, you bought a dilute essential oil. The present must leave a slightly colored trail, or even leave no trace at all. Unfortunately, this test will not determine whether the test is natural or synthetic, reconstituted. This can be checked only if you have an absolutely natural remedy and you can compare their flavors. But in principle this information should be indicated in the certificate. There is an opinion that essential oil must necessarily be expensive and a low price supposedly indicates that the product is substandard. As a rule, citrus and pine essential oils are much cheaper than flower oils. In addition, prices for essential oils often depend more on the policies of the particular firm that produces them. Please note: Essential oils are strictly contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as adolescents before puberty, people with heart disease or with serious kidney disease (without consulting a doctor). correct essential oils for hair growth

Masks for better hair growth

The basic recipe for any hair mask is: In a teaspoon of vegetable oil you have chosen, you need to add three to five drops of essential oil. Depending on the length of hair, the base oil should be taken from two to five spoonfuls (for more details on the properties of vegetable and essential oils, we'll talk further). An oily mixture must be rubbed into the surface of the head and the roots of the hair. You need to massage the head for fifteen to thirty minutes, gradually distributing this mixture, not missing a centimeter, along the entire length of your hair. After a while (from half an hour to several hours) the mixture should be thoroughly washed off with shampoo. Please note that under no circumstances can any essential oils be used in undiluted, pure form, because you can get an extremely unpleasant burn of the skin or mucous membranes. Similar masks should be done in courses for one and a half to two months, with a frequency of two times a week. Basic vegetable oils:

  • Jojoba oil

A truly universal tool for an integratedcare for our hair, it is suitable for any, including very damaged hair. But it is believed that the best way it affects the fat hair. Due to the fact that this product helps purify the pores, it perfectly stimulates the growth of hair, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows.

  • Avocado oil

It, on the contrary, will approach or suit to dry hair. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for dandruff.

  • Coconut oil

Also suitable for dry hair. It protects the hair well from the harmful effects of the sun and insufficiently moist air. Its advantage is that it is always washed without any problems with any hair.

  • Burdock

Another universal tool, suitable for anyonehair, very well strengthens them and after a few uses returns elasticity and shine. However, it should be noted that if you have blonde hair, only a transparent burdock means: greenish, sold in tubes, alas, can paint them.

  • Almond

An excellent option for very greasy hair, as it cleans the pores of the skin and quickly repairs the function of the sebaceous glands.

  • Olive

A universal tool, it is not for nothing that it has been valued since the days of Ancient Greece. It greatly accelerates the growth of hair, also gives them shine, restores brittle tips, can stop their loss.

  • Linen

Almost as useful as olive. Suitable for every type of hair. Helps to cope with the brittle hair ends and with dandruff.

  • Oil of a walnut

Suitable for dark hair, if used in too large quantities, it can slightly color very light and thin hair. This means also contributes to better hair growth.

  • Sesame

More effective than others affects dry hair. However, keep in mind that the smell is very strong, getting rid of it will be very difficult. Although this tool is extremely useful.

  • Argan oil

Also suits even the driest hair. Excellent helps to cope with split ends.

  • Shea Butter

The best tool for curls. It is universally suitable for all types of hair, moisturizes, nourishes them, makes them shine, strengthens damaged tips. Before use, it must be melt in a water bath. This is by no means the entire list of base oils, but it includes the most popular, effective and affordable. In addition, most of them can be bought in a regular supermarket. It is desirable, of course, to choose 100% natural oils, in the extreme case, to acquire so-called cosmetic oils. When buying a product, be sure to pay close attention to indicating the expiration date. It is very important to use suitable base oils for your skin type when preparing hair masks. We want to list the most effective essential oils for hair growth, which also have a beneficial effect on the entire body:

  • Juniper oil. It is useful for oily hair, besides it promotes the accelerated regeneration of the skin and cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Melissa oil. Fits fatty hair, copes with dandruff, removes greasiness of hair.
  • Carnation oil. Improves heat transfer and eliminates fatigue.
  • Cinnamon oil. It has a warming effect.
  • Oil of nutmeg. Visibly improves blood circulation, tones up, flushes henna from hair. With this tool, which has a very strong effect, you need to be more careful: first, you should carefully check yourself for a possible allergy, and secondly, with the first use it makes sense to reduce the dose by half.
  • Oil of mint. Excellent removes anger, irritability and fatigue. It is very useful for oily hair, with regular use it makes hair easier, gives it volume. In addition, this tool strengthens the roots of hair.
  • Ylang-ylang oil. It quickly restores brittle and damaged hair, tones up the scalp.
  • Rosemary oil. Stimulates cell regeneration, tones up, prevents hair loss.
  • Oil beat. There is an opinion that this tool has simply wonderful properties. It strengthens the hair, like all the oils on this list, accelerates the growth of hair, besides thickens the hair shaft itself. If you get this oil on the scalp, there may be a slight tingling, do not panic, this is normal.
  • Sage oil. Tones the scalp. He treats dandruff and other possible skin diseases. It is recommended to combine the oils of sage and rosemary, as this mixture greatly accelerates the growth of hair.
  • To enhance the effect of oilmixture, you can warm it up, but before doing this you need to make sure that the selected base product does not deteriorate when heated. Especially this does not like linseed oil. Of course, the mixture of oils should not be overheated, it is recommended to bring it to body temperature. Heat treatment should only be subjected to a small amount of oil, which you are going to use. It is preferable to apply masks to dry hair, since the mixture will form a film on wet hair, and not be absorbed. Dry, damaged hair after using masks can additionally be processed at the ends with base oil, for example, olive or argan, and after such a procedure it does not need to be washed off. This helps to cope with split and weakened ends.

    How to apply oil masks

    Take a small container, pour in the right onethe amount of base oil, add in the proper proportion of the essential, as follows, mix. Carefully comb the hair, dip your fingers into the remedy and draw them through the hair, starting from the very roots. Massage the scalp, if necessary, dipping your fingers into the product. To distribute it along the entire length of the hair, just carefully disassemble the hair on the strands and comb them with your fingers, periodically adding a small amount of the remedy. Pouring it on the head does not make sense: most of the mask with this method will be lost. After processing all hair comb them with a rare comb and braid in a braid, if, of course, length allows. If desired, you can wrap the head with a food film or a normal package: the effect of the sauna enhances the effect of the mask. However, this method is suitable if you are not going to keep the mixture on your hair for more than a couple of hours; further cellophane on the head begins to irritate, and it is very inconvenient to sleep in it. Accordingly, if you are going to leave the mask for the night, lay a soft, absorbent towel on the pillow. It is necessary to wash off the product with shampoo, and it is important to distribute it along the entire length of the hair in order to wash off the mask. During washing, it is advisable to feel the degree of cleanliness of the strands by touch, if necessary adding shampoo. But do not overdo it so as not to dry your hair. Over time, accumulating experience, you calculate the right amount of shampoo and oils. If, for some reason, you do not want to use basic vegetable oils, for fear that they will weight your hair or will be difficult to rinse off, you can add a small amount of the selected essential product to the finished cosmetic hair mask or shampoo. However, the use of base oils with ethereal allows a complex effect on the hair. If you want to not only accelerate their growth, but also to cure, oil masks can be left on hair at night at least once a week. In this way, you will amplify the effect. If desired, you can combine various essential products: this will not only allow you to enjoy refined aromas, but also combine several effects, which are sometimes very much in demand in our world, where the ecological situation, alas, does not contribute much to the health of the hair.