what are the hobbies Tales of Mary the Master and Vasilisa the Wise,which the magic thread itself embroidered wonderful pictures, and the cook without the help prevented the delicious food in the bowler hat, at one time inspired many little girls. But only after a while, the world puts matured dreamers in harsh conditions. And among the regular office everyday life, primordially women's work suddenly seems to be something attractive and inviting, making it feel like a real sorceress. So, if you make a little effort, you can find a path to your ideal hobby. How to know if this oasis of a domestic desert will not once turn into a means of earning? Then life will blossom with new colors. What are the hobbies of modern women? Let's look at the most popular ones.


The oldest hobbies of noble ladies. Tear the mother's beads girls can watch. A simple contemplation of bright embroidered flowers on a napkin, or a sparkling beaded bracelet, automatically ignites the creative spark in our eyes. What can I say, about the pleasure of creating a small miracle with my own hand? In addition, it is quite affordable. Schemes and drawings are not a state secret, sewing shops are full of necessary materials. You can start with something simple, and ideally - it is better to find a senior in the handicraft hierarchy, so that he showed the basics (if they are forgotten from school times). Embroidery with threads, ribbons or beads, as well as weaving from it - is not an idle hobby. Very original and stylish things are obtained, decorated with such creations. hobbies what are


It is practical and useful in all respectsThe occupation can long remain on the far shelf of our dreams - untouched and unclaimed in real life. The reason is that many people seem overwhelmed by the challenge of overcoming complex knitting patterns. And continue to beautiful ladies sadly glance at the pages of magazines with photos knitted with knitting needles or crochet (and this is aerobatics) masterpieces. But at some point, most often associated with waiting for a stork to visit, everything will change. As soon as there is a small heir, hands are themselves drawn to knitting - and you want to give the little things to the warmth of my mother's heart. Knitting for a baby is a pleasure. In fact, while it is the size of a large doll, the clothes knit quickly and leave beautiful. And there, perhaps, and a gift for a warm scarf warmth.


Such hobbies can also appear in thethe result of family replenishment. And it's not that there is a deficit in stores or, conversely, - in the wallet is empty. It's just that nothing can be compared with a toy that was made with your own hand. As a material, be sure to choose the right fabric - for example, linen. And to fill up the resulting Hare (Petrushka, Princess) is not synthetic, but useful herbs from the grandmother's dacha. By the way, speaking about herbs and flowers, it is impossible not to remember another lady's hobby ... what hobbies are


In order for the fragrant dream to come alive, we needa plot of land or, at least, a balcony and a couple of kadushkah with soil. Some manage to harvest a tomato from a flower pot. Gardening is an interesting science in which it is possible to improve endlessly. Where the thought of the gardener visited the muse, landscape design begins - a long process, but allowing one to feel like a goddess creating a new world.


If during a banal repair, in an apartmentsuddenly peep Pegasus, it is likely that on his winged back he will bring the hostess new hobbies. Then the wallpaper in the nursery will blossom with exquisite painting, and on the furniture will appear carved in the technique of "decoupage" elements. Many interior items, for example, lamps, picks for curtains, boxes, albums, can be decorated with your own hands. Then they will become individual and become the soul of your home. The house is, of course, good. But the main house that we have to take care of all our lives is our own body. Many find true pleasure in the morning jogging, cycling or roller skating. Another idea, which may well turn into a hobby - collecting all sorts of cosmetic recipes. Learning useful masks and grandmother's decoctions, can help you one day, open your own recipe for youth. A hobby is the same rest, only soulful. Why spend time on needlework or flower breeding, if you can just relax in silence under a soft blanket? - you ask. The answer is simple - look around you. A person, keen on something, stands out from the gray mass of a tired people. It can be seen right away. By walking, by sparkles in the eyes. In addition, having a hobby, you will learn to appreciate your time, your life will become more interesting and richer! We advise you to read: