Beach shoes Former long and thoroughly jokingThe stereotype says that all women are waiting for the prince on a white horse. It's hard to say how about the expectation of a heroic handsome man with a lush bouquet of many virtues, but the fact that in summer we are most waiting for the opening of the beach season and vacation is a fact! However, as the girls in this issue are well-savvy, so as not to spoil such a coveted, almost magical moment, we will take care of the beach equipment in advance. Today we will talk about the fashion trends of women's beach shoes in the summer of 2011 and how to choose for oneself an ideal one from this incredible variety.

Comfort and sophistication of real beach shoes

At the very beginning, we suggest to arrange a littlepriorities in the choice of shoes for the beach - which is worth paying special attention to, what are the concepts to be guided, what exactly should be real beach shoes, so that the rest of the "blue sea" and other water bodies is not a burden: women's beach shoes

  • The primary factor is that ouryou shoes for the beach will be more or less open. The degree of openness is a deeply personal choice, but we simply have to get rid of the heel.
  • An important aspect is how muchFashionable beach shoes of 2011 can easily be removed or worn. As we perfectly understand, the "golden mean" finding will be optimal: dropping shoes in real life are unlikely to be found by the royal heir, and the lady unable to disrobe without side cutters is a find only for KVN workers.
  • Bringing so much joy to us active rest,hot sun and brackish sea water female beach shoes sometimes suffer very badly, so when choosing a pair for this summer season, we will also look at the quality of materials and try to take into account all their features.
  • The next important point is the moisture resistance of real beach shoes: the beach slippers drying on the foot are not the most adequate way to combat the exhausting heat.
  • And, finally, the most pleasant aspect of motivation. Beach shoes 2011 - photos presented to our attention do not allow even for a moment to doubt this - must certainly be fashionable and perfectly combined with the entire beach ensemble.

Shoes for the beach - 2011: what do they offer and what to choose?

It's hard to make a mistake, saying that all of us, women,someday they sacrificed their comfort for the sake of beauty and fashion. Fortunately for us this summer, leading designers of the planet have taken care of the convenience of 100% and at least shoes for the beach in 2011 will not require abandoning the most pleasant models in wearing. And now let's take a closer look at the fashion trends of this summer: beach shoes for women

  • The most practical beach shoes are slates for morerigid sole made of artificial materials, in particular polyvinyl chloride, with soft nylon stolechki - klogs. This footwear is good in the first place for its functionality: with small holes providing excellent ventilation and, if necessary, draining the water, and thanks to its strength it is perfect for outdoor activities even on stony beaches. As for color solutions, in this fashionable season one should give preference to the unconditional leader - white color, various prints and brighter monochrome models of rubber beach shoes.
  • This season, the fashion world is trying hardto focus our attention on the charming pantaloons - flip-flops, which are very effectively able to emphasize the grace of our feet and ankles. Fashionable pantalets of 2011 are offered not only in classic design, like beach shoes with a square-shaped heel, with a closed lift and open fingers, but also on a wide platform. A huge plus is that this kind of beach shoes perfectly matches with any subject of summer clothes for the beach.
  • Flip-flops and dianetics next in the list will bestriking us with the sophistication of minimalism for 2011 beach shoes. For reference: dianetics are just those slippers with a thumb ring and, usually, a wider fixing strip. Flip-flops in this fashionable season have become a little easier. The lushness of the elements is replaced more often by a more dynamic flower pattern on the sole (especially if it is rubber beach shoes), wide and narrow additional stripes, decorative straps or a large medallion-button. Dianetics, on the contrary, acquired an extra charm due to rhinestones, stones, or even bows and ryushechkam. I would also like to note that such a beach shoes - a woman's soul will appreciate it with dignity - looks unequaled with a bracelet on the leg, provided that our slippers are not satiated with ornaments.
  • Girls, for whom walks in heels for a long timealready become a matter of habit and life "on the rise" - the only possible form of existence, another fashion trend of this summer - beach shoes on a wedge will perfectly suit. In this season, the imagination of designers was on top - they presented a lot of amazing ideas in the creation of models on the wedge. Let's start with the fact that at the peak of popularity were the beach shoe options - photos of 2011 show it - most like the most open clogs with a small decor, floral and abstract print on the whole surface. Further interest is caused by leather and cork, models of beach shoes on a wedge that do not need special decorative ornaments and accessories, tailored in the manner of already mentioned Vietnamese and dianetics. Arguing about the fashion trends in the coloring of shoes on a wedge, it is difficult to decide, but we will try. In honor, all the pastel colors, not to mention the white, bright and catchy colors, sophisticated eastern and vector prints, as well as models of this women's beach shoes, abounding with various decor elements right up to the pendants.

The most fashionable beach shoes 2011: extravaganza of colors and materials

The most fashionable models of beach shoes - women'spride number 1 after the swimsuit, we have in general discussed. Now let's discuss in detail the most relevant trends in the elements of decor, the structure and materials of the 2011 fashionable beach shoes from the point of view of the most famous couturiers and leading masters of the world: beach shoes 2011

  • Articles of clothing in stripes in this season of steelthe leader of sales on almost all continents of the planet. Did not pass this trendy trend and various models of beach shoes 2011 - the photos provided to us, perfectly illustrate this. The most common is a wide strip and in combination with a shallow one. The talent of the experimenter of many designers also brought shoes to the world podium in a small cage: fussy colorful bats perfectly reflect all the fads of summer mood.
  • The next fashion trend seems to follow fromthe first - the combination of different colors, sharply contrasting with each other. Just do not think anything bad, such beach shoes - summer 2011 will prove it - does not at all look like a cap of the royal jester, on the contrary, the two-color models are surprisingly elegant and refined.

Beach shoes

  • Previously mentioned the relevanceuse of floral print in various models of beach shoes: shale, pantalets and dianets of various modifications. I just want to add that along with this trendy trend are also floral decor elements and animal prints.
  • If we are talking about beach shoes with heels, it's worthnote the incredible sophistication of models that are created using leather and ordinary shoes, ribbons of different materials and different widths, as well as laces with tassels. The last element in general is able to build a pair of shoes in the rank of works of art.
  • And in the final I want to mention a fashion trend,pleasing us for a year now. Beach shoes - a photo of 2011 tell us about it as well as possible - simply could not exist without the use of different width straps of all kinds of textiles, natural and artificial leather.

Here, perhaps, and all, lovely young ladies. Think, choose carefully and wear a smile of pleasure on your face.