how to remove a wen in your home Most people who find on their faceor body benign tumor - lipoma, immediately panic. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. The main thing is to find the problem in time and solve it, and as soon as possible.

What is a lipoma: all about this ailment

People call a lipoma simply - zhirovik. From its appearance, no one is immune. Lipomas can occur in places where there is adipose tissue, ie virtually anywhere on the body. First, you find a small seal on the skin, soft to the touch, which can be slightly displaced when pressed. If over time this education has increased, then there is no doubt that this is really a wen. This tumor in itself is not dangerous and does not cause pain, but it has a rather unattractive appearance, especially if it is in a place where it can not be hidden under clothes. It is not so easy to remove a wen-dick, even if one resorts to the help of specialists. To be engaged in a selftreatment it is possible only in extreme cases when there is no opportunity to address to the doctor. how to remove wen

Why Wen originated

Until now, all the reasons for the formation of a fatty body have not been determined. According to doctors, their occurrence can be explained:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • blockage of sebaceous glands due to malnutrition;
  • multiplying the number of fat cells in a specific area of ​​the face or body;
  • liver disease, gall bladder;
  • hormonal failure;
  • long-term use of medications.

The popular explanation is extremely simple: The grease comes from excessive accumulation of slags in the body. Therefore, alternative medicine always first of all recommends cleaning the intestines, and only then to fight with the manifestations on the body.

Do I need to remove the adipose if they are not dangerous?

Indeed, in themselves, the adolescents do not carry threats, they simply have an unaesthetic appearance. But even if the neoplasm does not bother, it is better to get rid of it for two reasons:

  • Lipomas are able to change. In some cases, under the influence of pathogenic microflora, they can mutate into a malignant tumor.
  • Wen should not grow more than 1.5 cm. If it grows rapidly in diameter, then there is a danger that this abnormally large neoplasm will begin to press on the nerve endings and affect adjacent tissues. In this case, there will be pain.
  • removal of wen in the home

    Treatment of adipose folk by folk methods

    Attention: even if you are a fan of home medicine, consult a doctor beforehand. The doctor using a radio wave technique and under local anesthesia will remove the lipoma and send it for examination. The study of adipocytes is necessary in order to exclude the risks of malignant tumors. But this option is possible only when the wen is in a prominent place and has a small diameter. If the huge lipoma is located in a hard-to-reach place, general anesthesia, surgery and, possibly, hospitalization will be required. Traditional healers for many centuries have developed enough ways to get rid of zhirovik at home. It is important only to remember that under no circumstances can it be pierced, cut or peeled independently. Such removal can lead to infection, an increase in the volume of the lipoma, the emergence of a group of formations. We offer several home recipes that are time-tested, easy to use, effective and safe.

    • Bulb

    Bake in the oven until cooked 1 onion. Another warm grind it with a grater or a blender. Add a tablespoon of crushed soap (household) to the gruel. This mixture should be applied to the wen under the food film and bandage. Change the compress every couple of days.

    • Ointment and Celiac

    Buy a pharmacy extract of celandine and ointmentVishnevsky. Three times a day to drip on zhirovik on a drop of extract of celandine. When it forms a small hole, apply Vishnevsky ointment on the lipoma, attach a piece of cotton wool and wrap it with a bandage. Such a compress should be refreshed thrice a day. Over time, education will begin to decrease, and then disappear altogether.

    • Garlic

    Make one glass of beet, garlic,carrots and black radishes. Mix them in glassware, add a glass of red wine (preferably take "Cahors"). After three meals a day, drink a spoon (table) of the mixture. Keep it in the refrigerator.

    • Bodyguard

    Twice a day (in the morning and evening) to steam grass herbs. Clean a piece of cloth soak the solution, put on a wen and wrap the film. Leave the compress for at least two hours.

    • Carrot and flour

    Take in equal parts finely grated fresh carrots and bean flour, add a little cumin to the mixture. Apply the gruel three times a day to the lipoma and leave it to dry.

    • Ledum

    Help to fight with zhirovik compresses from fresh crushed leaves of Ledum and carrots. They do it three times a day until the resorption is complete.

    • Ivy

    Pour half a cup of finely chopped stems andIvy leaves with a glass of vodka or alcohol. Stir the mixture for at least three weeks in the refrigerator in a glass dark jar with a tight-fitting lid. Then drain the liquid, and apply the remaining cake to the cloth and apply three times a day as a compress to the wen.

    • Vodka

    Mix two tablespoons of honey (table) and one - vodka. The received mass to grease a lipoma under a bandage up to its full disappearance.

    • Mother and stepmother

    Rinse fresh leaves of mother-and-stepmother and three times a day to apply compresses to the wen.

    • Walnut

    Finely chop 1 cup walnut leaves (walnuts),add two glasses of vegetable oil. Three weeks insist the mixture in a glass jar (it is better that it does not fall light). Once in a few days, stir with a wooden spoon. After the oil is filtered and placed in the refrigerator. For a month, apply a cloth moistened with infusions to the wen, replacing compresses once a day. Good at home help with lipomas compresses from crushed garlic, leaves of plantain, aloe, calanchoe and melted lamb fat. Any home treatment is a slow way to get rid of zhirovikov. It takes at least three weeks for the problem to disappear. Remove completely lipoma can be faster, but it's much more dangerous. The advantage of such recipes is that you do not need to go to the clinic and undergo anesthesia. In addition, all the ingredients can be purchased inexpensively in a pharmacy or collected independently. The main thing in this case is sterility. To prevent getting into the adipose infection, be sure to wash your hands with soap and process the place of education with medical alcohol before the procedure. If the removal leads to a deterioration, urgently seek help.