removal of bruises under the eyes Every woman at least once in her life came acrossa rather unpleasant morning surprise - dark circles under the eyes that can arise due to no rash, fatigue, a stormy evening, nervous working day and many other similar reasons. The bruises themselves, if it is not a manifestation of any serious illnesses, can pass by the evening, but you hardly have the time and the desire to wait at least twelve hours. Do not immediately rush to the cosmetic bag to apply a foundation, powder, shadows to hide a defect, it is enough to use several folk methods that will help you put a face in order. Ingredients for most recipes you can easily find in your refrigerator.

Seven Beauty Tips

  • Rescue potato mask

One raw potato of medium sizeit is necessary to grate on a fine grater or to grind on a meat grinder, in the received gruel to add a teaspoon of an olive oil. Before the procedure, you should gently lubricate the area around the eyes with oil, then pat dry with a tissue. The prepared preparation is applied to the problem site for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then washed off with an abundant amount of decoction of chamomile. Medicinal herbs in this case can be replaced by tea brewing (one tea bag per half-liter of water). These compresses will help quickly remove bruises, bags under the eyes, relieve fatigue, inflamed skin without causing an allergic reaction.

  • Invigorating Cucumber Mask

To prepare a mask you will need a freshcucumber, parsley and cilantro. Grind all the ingredients on the blender until smooth, then add a spoonful of fatty sour cream (preferably home-made) to the blender. Apply a mask to the area under the eyes for about ten to fifteen minutes. This time is enough for the skin to quickly moisturize and absorb all the useful substances contained in the plants. If you have free half an hour, cut a large cucumber with rings, lie comfortably on the sofa, close your eyes and put the pieces of this vegetable on your eyelids. It is advisable to repeat this procedure in the evening, so that the next morning look cheerful, attractive and bored.

  • A refreshing bread mask

Quickly to get rid of bruises the crumb will help youordinary white bread soaked in cold milk. Kashitsu should be wrapped in gauze, so that the crumbs do not hit the eyes, and put on the problem zone for twenty minutes. However, be careful, from time to time, take off the compress so as not to catch a cold on the facial nerve or eyeball. After the procedure, wipe the face with a soft terry towel or blot with a tissue to remove the remnants of milk. Do not forget to apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream to the treated area.

  • Healing lotion from chamomile

If you do not first encounter bruises undereyes, stock in the nearest pharmacy with several packages of chamomile. This medicinal plant will not only quickly save you from dark spots and bags under the eyes, but also will remove swelling, help cure conjunctivitis, barley and other diseases. On preparing the infusion, you will need to spend about fifteen minutes, but you can use the decoction for the next few days. So, pour a tablespoon of chamomile flowers with a glass of hot boiled water, leave in a cool place so that the water cools down to an acceptable temperature for contact with skin. Blot the cotton swabs in the tincture, then put them on your eyelids. It is enough to do such manipulations once or twice to forget about the problems with the face.

  • Cured mask for bruising

The easiest and quickest way to get rid ofdark circles around the eyes - ten-minute compresses of cottage cheese, which must first be rolled in gauze or bandage. A more complex prescription will eliminate the effects on the face after a stormy night in just a few minutes, but for it you will need a couple drops of essential oil of neroli. It is extracted from orange flowers and differs bactericidal, tonic, soothing properties. Neroli is not cheap, but if you want to quickly get rid of problems, then this tool will be very useful. The mask itself is applied to the skin in the same way as the previous one.

  • Potatoes in a uniform

If the day before you prepared this dish orare going to make a salad, put aside one potato for a mask that will quickly save you from such a problem. It is enough to cut this vegetable into two parts, put on eyelids for half an hour, then rinse face with copious amounts of cool water. If after the procedure you feel dry, apply the cream, make a nourishing mask. This recipe is suitable for owners of delicate and delicate skin, which should not be affected by too hot lotions.

  • Nut nut mask

The fact that the fruits of this tree have curative,and sometimes even magical properties, even a small child knows. Removing bruises under the eyes is a very serious and responsible matter, as many folk and medicines can only exacerbate the situation, cause allergies, rash, irritation. Nuts, in turn, are completely harmless. To make a mask, you need to grind them in a coffee grinder or grind in a meat grinder, so that not a single large piece is left. In the flour obtained, add a spoon of butter melted in the microwave, and a couple drops of fresh lemon juice, then quickly apply the mixture to the problem area of ​​the skin with gentle and gentle movements. Keep the mask on your face for about twenty minutes (until it dries). how to remove a black eye

Why do bruises appear?

If the dark circles appear systematically,it is necessary to seek and treat the cause, and not to eliminate the consequences. Think, perhaps, lately you are too nervous, smoke, spend more than five hours at the computer. Another reason that bruises may appear is a lack of vitamin C. Use as much citrus as possible: lemons, grapefruits, lime, oranges and tangerines. In winter, be sure to drink the course of vitamins, after consulting with your doctor. Also, dark spots can appear if you have eaten food the day you are allergic to, or talked with long-haired and fluffy animals, and took a walk in nature. Note the additional symptoms: itching, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. To understand, because of what it all happened, try to pass the tests. In this case, you can not do without special drugs, but do not self-medicate, hoping that everything will be resolved, because the bruise can also testify to a more serious disease. However, you do not need to panic immediately, perhaps you just need less contact with allergy sources (flowers, dogs, cats). Do not forget about the age changes. If at twenty years your skin was clean, soft, smooth, without flaws, and even after stormy student nights there were no traces left, then after forty an extra hour spent with a glass of wine with girlfriends in the kitchen could lead to swelling, bruising , bags under the eyes. Therefore, after twenty-five or thirty, it is recommended to start using special moisturizing and nourishing night creams. Especially it concerns ladies, to whom this problem was inherited. Unfortunately, through the thin, tender and light skin blood vessels are seen more strongly than other women. Metabolism, passion for acute, salty, fatty food also adversely affects the skin, kidneys, liver, thyroid gland and the whole body. Try not to drink a lot of fluids at night, exclude harmful foods from the diet, and you will notice how your face will change. Also, do not get carried away by various tonic, sweet and carbonated drinks, strong coffee and tea. Take care of your health, watch yourself, get enough sleep, do not get nervous over trifles, do a special facial massage in the morning and in the evening, in order not to look older in the future than you really are. We advise you to read: