date of delivery by conception date Each of the fair sex,who is going to become a mother, is experiencing a natural excitement. She thinks a lot about the health of the future child, about his upcoming birth, about possible complications, and so on. In general, there are lots of reasons for concern. However, do not focus on the negative - it is much more useful and more important at this time to think about yourself and tune in to a positive mood. So, for example, you can answer yourself on one of the frequently asked questions that are interesting to any parents: when will our baby appear? To find out the exact time, there are several methods, namely:

  • Determination of the possible date of delivery on the day of ovulation and the date of conception
  • when examined by a gynecologist
  • focusing on the last monthly
  • on the basis of ultrasound

In some cases, for example, at a later date,the definition of the future date of birth has its own nuances. We want to dwell more on how to calculate the date of birth of a child by the date of conception.

What is the lunar cycle

Before using the method of determiningthe date (note, approximate) of the birth by conception, it is necessary to know exactly what day you became pregnant. For this, there is a lunar calendar developed in the middle of the 19th century by a Hungarian professor in tandem with a psychologist from the Czech Republic. Having examined 30 thousand women and based on the statistics, the scientists derived their own theory, which reveals the secret of how the date of fertilization, that is, conception, can be calculated. Find out this day is not easy, but nothing is impossible, as you know. According to their observations, in addition to the usual menstrual cycle in women, there is one more, the name of which is lunar. It directly depends on the phase of the moon. Decisive is the stage of the Month, which was at the appearance of the lady to the light. From this moment the lunar cycle is directly counted. It turns out that the most suitable moment for conception of a child is just this Moon phase, which does not depend on the menstrual cycle and the time when the egg was fertilized. For example, if you were born on a full moon, then during the whole life, the full moon periods will be the most favorable for conception, and also two days before them. However, the cycle of menstruation does not play any role. Followers of this method recommend that when planning a child, not only take into account the day of ovulation, but also focus on your lunar phase. However, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that the official medicine for this method is very skeptical. It is unlikely that your district gynecologist will take such a serious calculation seriously. But if you really do not want to take this method into service, why not take the lunar cycle into service? As they say, whatever the child did not teshilos ... date of conception by date of conception

We learn the term by the day of fertilization

Determine what the expected date ischildbirth, based on the day of conception - is not such a difficult process, as some may seem at first glance. Everyone knows that the body of a woman is capable of fertilization only at the time of ovulation, that is, when the mature "ready" egg leaves the ovary. Menstrual cycle on average lasts from 28 to 35 calendar days, just in the middle of this period and ovulation occurs. Therefore, if you know its exact date, then you can easily predict the approximate date of birth. Many of the fair sex feel the onset of ovulation. This period is characterized by painful, "pricking" sensations in the lower abdomen, there may be abundant discharge from the vagina, some even bloody, raises sexual desire. Most women complain of increased (37-37.5 degrees) body temperature and sweating. Determine the day of ovulation is also possible with the help of ultrasound. But how do you know the time when the baby will appear in this world, if you do not have an accurate idea of ​​when was ovulation? To do this, you should calculate the middle of the menstrual cycle and add 280 days to it. In this case, you can calculate the possible date of birth, starting from the day of conception. For example, in the representatives of the fair half of humanity cycle of monthly lasts 28 calendar days, hence, ovulation occurs in the second week, that is, on the twelfth to the fourteenth day. It is from this point that the calculation should begin. Now add ten lunar months to the date of the proposed fertilization - you will get an approximate date of delivery. Definition of the latter is possible by the date of sexual intercourse. This option is much more reliable, especially if sexual relations were single in the last cycle of menstruation. However, do not forget that the fertilization of the egg can not occur at the time of sexual union - otherwise, the calculation will be unreliable. Spermatozoa "live" in the body of a woman for several days, so if, for example, on the tenth day of the cycle there were unprotected relationships, then ovulation and, consequently, conception could happen on the twelfth or thirteenth day. The estimated date of future delivery is calculated based on the date of conception, starting from the moment of the release of the "ready" egg from its "shelter". Only such a calculation will help to know more precisely when the expected date of appearance of crumbs is expected. However, this common method of calculating the expected date of birth has its drawbacks. More precisely - one, but very significant minus - it is absolutely not suitable for those women whose menstrual cycle is unstable. And the stronger this instability, the greater the error in the date of delivery. Keep in mind that a lot can affect a child's date of birth. Everything depends on the health of the mother, the physical data, the condition of the fetus and other individual factors. Do you know that doctors identify a number of reasons that affect the date of birth? For example:

  • Increased tone of the uterus
  • Maternal hypertension
  • Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy
  • Defective nutrition of the expectant mother

In the end, even a common cold canaffect the day the baby appears. As they say, a person assumes, but the Lord disposes. Therefore, whatever methods you use, be aware that the baby's appearance in our world, which you calculated, is approximate. So is it worthwhile to carry out such a careful calculation, worry, trying in vain to determine the day, wasting time? All the same, no one except the baby will fix the exact time. Even for doctors, exact definition of the day of birth is not yet possible. Just prepare for this event in advance and adjust only to positive emotions. We advise you to read: