New Year's image On the eve of New Year's holidays, the female partof humanity actively devastates the shelves of fashion shops, looking for an ideal festive ensemble. Accessories, as its integral part, will help make the chic image complete and turn the usual dress into a spectacular outfit in which you will become the star of the party. To find the right accessories for you, our tips will help. In the choice of always adhere to the 2 main rules:

  • The main component of the image must be one particular detail. Others should either successfully complement it, or generally be invisible.
  • The last time looking at yourself in the mirror, evaluate the result: perhaps you will find an extra detail, and maybe you want to try on one more addition.
  • Luxury necklace

    New Year's image Make an image expressive with beadsor a necklace. Natural stones and precious metals are not at all obligatory. Good costume jewelry successfully replaces expensive jewelry, and also follows the latest fashion trends. Relevant will be beads of several threads, a chain with a large, prominent pendant. An elegant image will be completed by a laconic string of pearls. Fashion is considered to be an outfit, consisting of an expressive necklace and a low-key cocktail dress of calm shades. Stopping your choice on this option, give up other ornaments - they will be superfluous.

    Stylish bracelet

    New Year's image If you like a nice wide bracelet, thenAll other additions (including the dress itself) will go to the background: the attention of others will be riveted to your pens. A small black dress will perfectly match with such an ornament, but bright and colorful outfits with a large bracelet are incompatible.

    Large Earrings

    New Year's image Earrings attract attention, becauseshade oval face. They can also play a major role in the chosen ensemble. The main condition is an accurate choice with regard to the shape of the face and eye color. For a solemn evening, large, long earrings are appropriate. These models do not require a pair in the form of a brooch or a bead.

    Ornate brooch

    New Year's image Brooch - it would seem, only one of the additions andnothing more. However, it will help to identify the basic component of the outfit. Feel free to experiment with the size of the brooch, as well as the place of attachment. One of the latest trends is the location of several brooches on a dress in a row or by a group. The brooch can be pinned to the belt, fastened to the rim or supplemented with a small handbag.

    We decorate handles

    New Year's image Happy owners of graceful pens,take a closer look at the large rings with stones that emphasize the color of the dress. Stylishly look on one finger thin rings, combined in color and style. However, when choosing rings, the main thing is a sense of proportion. Embroidered hands lose their charm and indicate a bad taste.


    New Year's image Smart handbag for ladies is not onlya useful place to store the necessary things, but also a decorative element creating a unique style. When choosing a handbag, it is not necessary to orientate on shoes: it can become a bright spot of the entire outfit. Experiment with materials. With a velvet dress look perfect lacquer additions.

    Fashion belt

    New Year's image Successfully matched belt will emphasizedignity of the figure and add to its possessor of sensuality. If you want to look stunning - safely use a beautiful belt with any dress. Unusual shape, interesting belt hardware can successfully replace other decorations and create a desired holiday effect.

    New-year shoes

    New Year's image When choosing a holiday version of footwear is notFeel free to try on models of unusual shape and design with high heels. Nevertheless, if your New Year attire is a luxurious evening dress, then the shoes should not "scream" about their presence. Give preference to low-key models of shoes or golden-colored sandals with a thin interlacing of straps. We advise you to read: