fashionable color of clothes 2016 How many questions do we have as soon aswe begin to think about replenishing our wardrobe. What should be guided by the choice and who to listen to, what to look for, and what to buy is not necessary, what is the main trend, and why should it remain in the second roles, so that the charm of our main charm - our natural charm - does not fade inadvertently? What to wear this summer, to look both fashionable and attractive, so as to fit into the framework of fashion trends and stand out from the legion of worried about the same issue ladies - about all this we'll talk today, taking into account all the existing nuances! The beauty of this world, as claimed by the great, lies in the diversity of its colors, and nature itself unconditionally supports this with a visual demonstration, so should we, so to speak, break away from the collective, limited to the paucity of the standard palette ?! To begin with, let's try to decide which of the most fashionable colors of the clothes of 2016 were prepared for us by the leading fashion designers of Europe and representatives of fashion Olympics of the whole world.

Kipenny white - the most fashionable color of clothes in summer

what colors are fashionable in the summer of 2016 The undisputed leader of our grandiose race onpopularity is the color, deserved the most sparkling reviews of experts and critics. At the end of the World Fashion Week, last autumn, white color was recognized as the most juicy filling of a summer suit. Speaking about the fashion collections of the summer season of 2016, presented to our attention by the best couturiers of the world, it will not turn out to be forgotten, because sparkling white has become the most fashionable color of clothing in 2016, a pet, and in some cases a full ruler of the best podiums in the world capitals. Speaking about some of the greatest designers and world brands, confirming their commitment to white new clothes, it is impossible not to mention Julien MacDonald, who thanks to the innocence of white managed to weave from his, as before, frank and slightly outrageous novelties the most amazing image of Women 2016. Calvin Klein, famous for his love for laconism in the creation of elements of women's clothing, also could not abandon the predominance of white in his new collections, minimizing the possibility of the formation of duality in the interpretation of exquisite images. Ralph Lauren once again easily proved to us that luxury is simple and quite affordable - his refined combination of white with all sorts of shades of dark chocolate allows you to bring to your wardrobe models full of graceful grandeur. By the way, it is about this designer who is often spoken of as creating clothes not for the podium, but for real life and people who prefer classical elegance to extravagant novelty. Without a doubt, white, and in particular, women's garments of this color, can not help but hide some emotional symbolism, but we would like to emphasize its multi-functionality! The most fashionable color of clothes 2016 - the photo given to our attention, only strengthens the confidence in it - allows any element executed in white color to be unobtrusively bright, and at the same time, more importantly, to be perfectly combined with other "dwellers" of your wardrobe, if they are in a suitable style.

Soft sand and cream

fashionable colors of clothes summer 2016 Speaking of what colors are fashionable in the summer of 2016,It is impossible not to look back and do not try to compare the hits of this season with the past. I'm afraid to upset the beauties, who liked the style of military fashion so much, but this year militarism will be represented by a limited number of acceptable tones, secondly khaki and other natural, "ecological" colors slowly disappear. At our disposal were only the warmest and airy shades of light beige - soft cream, almost neutral sand, sunny champagne, melted milk, ivory, in a word, we are as close to the aristocratic community, whose name is the color of the ecru. Max Azria, whose collections have long been famous for their special graceful lines and the utmost laconicism of cuts, did not fail to take advantage of the elevation effect created by these shades, and created incredible models of women's clothing full of deep natural femininity. What to say about the design houses that Alberta Ferretti and Donna Karan founded - they, like true women, preaching the same principles as the aforementioned Tunisian fashion maestro, recognized the light beige as one of the most fashionable colors of clothes in the summer of 2016, bringing to the audience viewers the models , at the same time full of breathtaking freshness and slightly sweetishness.

Passionate orange

fashionable clothing color 2016 summer It's time to talk about an easy "madness" inour summer wardrobe, the models and accessories that can set the mood for a lady who wants to drink all the juiciest colors of this world to the bottom. The favorite color of courageous hearts, natures of impetuous and passionate, according to colorists, is an ideal color for people who want to learn how to develop their intuition and ability to easily recognize any hint of danger - orange. This fashionable color of clothing 2016 summer will show us in flaming products created by the brilliant masters of leading fashion houses. "Orange mood", as a natural stimulant, able to bring up the mechanisms of vivacity and fun even among the most prudish masters, will meet us in an endless series of models presented primarily by the designers of the great house of Prada, never tired of confirming that true works of art without notes of creativity are created can not. Needless to say about J.Crew - a brand that has long been chosen by the first lady of the United States of America - Michelle Obama, as the most democratic and responding to the generally accepted notions of fashion. Signal orange, pumpkin, red, orange, brightest amber, sweet carotene - a blazing impulsiveness of the triumph of these shades is simply obliged to break into your wardrobe this summer, at least in the guise of newfangled accessories.

Variety of pink

Fashionable colors of clothes of 2016 Pink color in this season is a specialinterest in terms of freedom of choice, because if, with respect to other fashionable colors of clothes in 2016, couturiers still dictated to us which shades are most acceptable and culminating, then this color is given, as they say, the green light! Collections of eminent masters of fashion are so striking in a variety of tones - from inspirational purity, in which the modest eroticism of corporal-pink "nude" languishes, continuing an unthinkably long list of coral, salmon-pink, Persian pink, fuchsia, Hollywood light cherry, its furious, saturated, acid-pink magenta, that, first of all, you are thinking about just the apotheosis of functionality. Just eyes run from such opportunities in the application: the priority for you is the office style - choose a more relaxed tone and now the diligence and seriousness of the business woman's intentions will not cause the surrounding people no doubt, going to the party - from the former conservatism there will be no trace if we choose decisive, shockingly bright pink. Freedom, and once again freedom! So we act immediately, the "glasses" of an incredibly sensual and fashionable color of clothes 2016 - photos from the shows of summer collections of high fashion houses such as Nina Ricci and Valentino demonstrate this to us as well as possible - this summer is bound to decorate us.

Light purple color

fashionable clothes color 2016 photos The tendency to triumph and the predominance of thisluxurious, energy-saturated creativity, flowing smoothly from impetuosity into the emerging wisdom - the most delicate violet color, originated in the past seasons. Slightly cool, mysterious color, symbolizing the maturity and balance of the energies of mind and body, as colorists claim, color inspiring, with which the most fashionable color of clothes of 2016 - white color is easily combined. Uniting with the favorite, the gentle lilac creates an all-time alliance, melting, it seems, the jubilation of the universe. A passionate devotee of flying, slightly windy silhouettes, drawing inspiration from the image of the eternal wanderer and pilgrim - Tracy Reese - this season chose a violet dress for his musi. Victoria Beckham in turn presented our understanding of this color, diluting it with elements of more intense, dark purple and black colors - it turned out very effectively, arrogant critics were pleasantly surprised by her new collection. However, such a festive purple color is somehow called this summer to play a second role, well, okay, the more so, according to psychologists, the predominance of this color acts overwhelmingly on the human psyche.

Light Gray

the most fashionable color of clothing in 2016 Mysteriously sexy, as if bornmodesty and uncomplicatedness, endowed with a sense of self-worth, cold, unshakable confidence of metal - a pearl-gray color. It should not be underestimated and considered boring, inexpressive - this is the most intelligent color, it is unique and excellent in itself. Gray can perfectly match with all other colors, emphasizing, depending on its depth, the lightness or saturation of any one-toned representative of the natural palette. He can especially highlight our fashionable colors of clothes - summer 2016, dressed in pearly, pearly light gray clothes, according to psychologists and colorists, will give you a sense of security and pacification. For a long time already devoting his work to the classic, purring image of a woman, Alberta Ferretti could not help but submit to the practicality, functionality and subtle refinement of light gray color, demonstrated the flowing, draping newest models of dresses. Roksanda Ilincic, on the contrary, demonstrated to our attention romanticism and some even windiness, able to free itself from the pearly gray color and fill the life with the playful theatricality of the image.

Electric and bright blue

the most fashionable color of clothing 2016 Oh, these colors have long been the favorites of allwomen, having moved from the beach to the urban jungle, and filled our everyday life with the waterfall of the summer festival. If we do not go to the "boundless blue sea", then it must arrive to us before the beginning of the bathing season. Arguing about what colors are more fashionable in the summer of 2011, we can not help but note the bright blue and turquoise colors as conquerors of the hearts of all the fashionable connoisseurs of the world. Fashionable color of clothes of 2016 Vivienne Tam, "techno-lady", a lover of harshinnovations, eccentrics and riot of fantasy, when creating their collections, they could not abandon their favorite shades and in the new season, many of its accessories are vested with a bright blue, heavenly soul. Blue - bright and muffled, which is to say, is a performance that is slightly inferior to the blue in flight height, but in no way in the charm and juiciness of the palette. So if we are not going to fly above the sky today, if we are so comfortable and good to walk, but with fluffy wings, definitely an electrician is our choice! But the unbeatable, virtuosic fashion designer of Great Britain, Paul Smith, this season laid a laurel wreath on the head of his champion - a deeper blue. It should be noted that mr. Smith became famous for his lightness of character, incredible sense of humor and fearless experimentation, and after such a characteristic to call the muffled blue mediocre and boring just the language will not turn.

Emerald green

what colors are fashionable in the summer of 2016 Not only the fashionable color of the clothes of the 2016 summer season,but also one of the most useful, the most "mildly", the antipode of stiffness and constriction, compensating for aggression and liberties of red color. He gives peace and universal bliss, better than any other harmonizes with other colors - really at the peak of popularity. The fabulous emerald in meaning corresponds to the planet Venus - so if we women, in the opinion of the talented writer John Gray, it is from there, whether it is worth resisting the offensive of the "green era" in our wardrobe? So judged and designers of the Australian brand Sass & Bide, and also pleased as always with an unusual intricacy of lines and pleasant, soft eccentricity of images. Models of clothing of all the above colors, fashionable stores with light hand of the genius couturier of the planet and will present to our strict but fair court. And we, in turn, will try to decorate them with their lives, filling it with the most incredibly thin, amazing and enthusiastic shades. We advise you to read: