cold appetizers for a festive table It has long been not fashionable and not at all interestingto serve cold dishes such as boiled eggs under mayonnaise, homemade pickles, ordinary sausage, cheese, and the like on the festive table. Agree, this is quite boring, especially since the 21st century is in the yard. If your fantasy refuses to work, if you do not know what to surprise the guests, then any source - whether it's a cookbook or an online publication - will prompt a wide variety of recipes. We, in turn, will also share with you the experience. Using these tips and preparing the snacks listed below, you will be the most hospitable and original mistress.

Sweet onions

Appetizers from onions are very different: marinated, fried, sweet. We propose to try the latter option. This garnish is ideal for eating meat or fish. It can be prepared for any occasion: for a New Year's holiday or a birthday, a romantic evening with a loved one or just for a friendly dinner. Of these products, you will get two small bowls, which you can put on the edges of the table. Please note that the preparation of this dish will take you about 25 minutes. Ingredients:

  • two large white bulbs
  • one and a half tablespoons of sugar
  • two pinches of salt
  • 75 milliliters of refined oil
  • dark vinegar (balsamic) - five small spoons

Cooking method: Recipes of snacks from onions often involve the use of a common vegetable. But we recommend buying a white variety - it is more juicy and delicate. So, peel two bulbs and cut them into thin rings, which you can separate from each other with your fingers. Then put them in a saucepan with the oil already poured and fry for six minutes. Turn the product regularly with a spatula so that it does not burn. When the vegetable turns slightly golden, pour the balsamic vinegar, sprinkle everything with salt and sugar-sand. Cook at constant stirring for about fifteen minutes, until the mass thickens and darkens. Cold onion snacks will decorate any festive table. Serve them homemade skewers or juicy steak, steamed or fried fish. And if you just decided to get together with friends and drink beer, then this dish is the best way to diversify the habitual "unhealthy" snacks, which often consist of chips and nuts. cold appetizers on a festive table

An unusual snack from beets

Selecting recipes that you planuse, in order to prepare snacks, be sure to consider not only the number of guests you invited, but also their age, gender and, of course, food preferences. Even religion plays an important role, because representatives of some religions do not eat meat. Consequently, if the company will consist only of opponents of this product, then, naturally, it should not be served on the table. Women love more simple and light foods: vegetable salads, cold cheese snacks, canapés and the like. The male population of the planet has always preferred a hearty dish, so to light up their appetite, a small sandwich with caviar is indispensable. So choose the recipes very carefully and plan the menu of the festive table in advance. We propose to make pickled beets, but keep in mind that it must be prepared in advance - for one day. Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of sweet beets
  • two Crimean bulbs

For marinade:

  • 30 grams of fresh ginger
  • some fragrant pepper
  • cloves - seven pieces
  • salt - two small spoons
  • 7 grams of peppercorns
  • two laurel leaves
  • 350 milliliters of boiled but not hot water
  • 150 milliliters of plain vinegar
  • 100 grams of fragrant honey

Cooking method: Remember that all recipes are different, that the same dish can be prepared in different ways. In addition, do not blindly follow these tips - rely on your experience and culinary intuition. So, for pickled beets pick spices at your discretion, because it will depend on them the taste of the future dish. We used two kinds of pepper (fragrant and peas), cloves, ginger, as well as bay leaves. You can add your own ingredients. So, pre-washed beets put in a pan and pour with plain water. Put on a very quiet fire and cook until done - it should be soft. Then, to make the vegetable well cleaned, pour it with iced water and peel with a knife. Cut the beets, as well as the bulbs, with thin semirings. To make a marinade, boil water and throw in it all the above spices, do not forget about honey and ginger. As for the last product, just cut it into thin plates. After fifteen minutes, remove the dishes from the fire and add the vinegar to the marinade, then allow it to cool. After this, lay in a separate bowl layered with beet and onions and pour all the finished fragrant liquid. Do not remove the pan - the mixture should stand for about an hour in the heat, and only then it will need to be put in the refrigerator. Appetizers of beet are very colorful and decorate the table. They are combined with dishes from potatoes, meat, and also with vegetables, so look for the necessary recipes and surprise the guests with their culinary skills.

Eggs with herring and red caviar

Before the festive feast there were a few days left,but you still have not figured out what snacks will be served to the guests? Reconsidered all the recipes, which so carefully collected more than one year, and so nothing was found? Do not despair, we will help you! Remember what your mother put on the table. For sure, one of the dishes was stuffed with eggs. Usually they were filled with pate or simply watered with mayonnaise. We suggest to make a snack on the basis of the traditional food in a modern way - this time the filling will be from salted herring and red caviar. Ingredients:

  • six eggs
  • 250 grams of salted herring
  • 70 grams of delicious mayonnaise
  • 10 grams of fresh dill
  • 30 grams of red caviar

Cooking method: Recipes of such appetizers from eggs are good because their preparation does not take too much time, so many housewives prefer it to them. In addition, it would seem, the usual dish, thanks to the filling of red caviar and herring, immediately becomes an original creation, which disappears from the festive table in a matter of minutes. Put six eggs in a small pan, fill them with water and cook for no longer than ten minutes, counting from the moment when the liquid began to boil. Then cool them under cold water, clean, put on a table and cut into two parts. Now the squirrels are separated from the yolks and the latter grate on the grater, then mix with mayonnaise until smooth. In order not to suffer from the cleaning of the fish, we recommend using herring fillets, which will need to be passed through a meat grinder. When finished with this procedure, proceed to the next one - combine the crushed fish with yolks, add a little mayonnaise and mix several times. The resulting mass of fill the proteins - they must find the shape of the whole egg. Now chop finely dill, pour each product with mayonnaise and sprinkle with herbs, and from above lay salmon eggs. Recipes of snacks are full of variety, but this one is the easiest to prepare and at the same time original. We hope that your holiday table will be remembered for a long time! cold appetizers for a festive table

Cold cutlets with aubergines

Preparing for the holiday and the reception of guests, considerthe fact that the recipes of the dishes that you plan to put on the table must match the format of the event. So, for example, if it is a small buffet, then it is necessary to make meat, cheese and other nourishing snacks that are convenient to use "on the go". Try to cook cold pseudo-patties with eggplant. They are not only very tasty, but also quite economical, since you will need much less meat than for real cutlets. Ingredients:

  • one large eggplant
  • half a loaf
  • egg - one piece
  • 350 grams of pork (use only pulp without fat)
  • 300 milliliters of olive oil
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • black pepper (ground)
  • one large onion

Cooking method: Put on a kitchen table a piece of pork and cut it into medium cubes, just do the same with onions. Now both ingredients are passed through the meat grinder and put in a separate bowl, do not forget to salt and pepper. If you have a blender, then you better use it for making minced meat. Now whip the egg with the whisk and put it into the onion-meat mass and mix until smooth. Cut the eggplant into rings not more than one centimeter in thickness. If you want the product to have perfectly smooth edges, use a special round shape, attaching it to the cut pieces of the vegetable. Cut fourteen rings from the eggplant. If you do not have one or another ingredient, the recipes can be "tailored" to your situation. So, for example, to prepare this snack you need a loaf, but it can be replaced with ordinary white bread. Cut it into thick pieces, and then use the above-mentioned shape to cut out the mugs, which in size should coincide with the eggplant billet. As for the latter, they should be put on a pan, poured with olive oil, and fry, slightly salted, on both sides. Now lay the bread on the table and spread it with minced meat, cover the top with fried eggplants, lightly pressing them down with your hands. Now distribute the remaining meat mass throughout the product (do not touch the bottom), thus forming round cutlets. Fry them over medium heat in large quantities of oil, constantly turning them over so they do not burn. If you have lettuce leaves, put them on a large plate, and from above distribute cutlets and serve the dish on the table. In this form it will look much more spectacular!

Onion in batter

Another appetizer, which is suitable for a small family holiday, is onion rings fried in batter. The dish can be served in any form: hot or cold. Try it! Ingredients:

  • two pieces of large white onions
  • four large spoons of plain flour
  • 40 grams of breadcrumbs
  • corn flour - two tablespoons
  • two tablespoons of sesame
  • a glass of water (it should be warm)
  • salt - to taste
  • two pinches of ground pepper
  • sunflower oil - 400 milliliters

Cooking method: Beforehand peeled onions cut into thick rings and divide them by hands into separate parts. In a bowl, mix two kinds of flour, adding black pepper and salt. The resulting mixture is slowly poured into warm water and mix the dough, similar to what you do for pancakes. Put the batter aside for proofing for ten minutes. Now in a separate bowl, combine the sesame and biscuits. Rinse the onion rings in the batter, and then dip it in a bread pan so that it covers them from all sides. Spread the products in a hot stewpan with vegetable oil, which should be a lot. Fry until the onion gets a light golden crust. Then put it on a plate, which is covered with a paper towel, in order to get rid of excess fat. Recipes that you plan to use for making holiday snacks do not have to be complex. After all, you have to spend a lot of time on other foods, so it's better to choose original, but quick snacks that will not leave anyone indifferent. Good luck! We advise you to read: