Cleansing the face skin Proper care of face and neck skin -the cornerstone of our beauty and youth. Any cosmetologist will tell you that there are three basic postulates of such care: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. Each of these concepts includes a lot of additional options, which can be talked about for a long time. Our topic today is the proper cleansing of the facial skin. Probably, someone this statement will cause an indulgent smile: something, and so the cleansing of the skin of the face is familiar to each of us a little and not from the cradle. And in something will be right: we are taught to wash ourselves from early childhood. But is it possible to consider these two concepts as purification and washing identical? Of course, no. Such categorical statement raises a lot of questions, we will try to answer to that and try in this article. And it's not easy to answer, but to tell as completely as possible about all the subtleties of this procedure, caused by a variety of factors, such as age, skin type, lifestyle, etc. etc.

Long live the soap fragrant ...

The washing, of which we have already mentioned,the most simple and affordable way to clean the face. And, it is worth noting, very effective. But, to my great regret, not very shown to most women, especially if the main cleaner is the "soap fragrant". What is the problem? Soap too dry the skin, and it is definitely contraindicated to the owners of dry skin. But, strangely enough, for a skin with an excess of fat, soap is also not suitable. Drying effect leads to the fact that the sebaceous glands begin to produce fat with increased energy. The circle closes, and the problem that we have tried to solve with washing with soap has worsened. Today, the market offers a wide range of products designed for skin cleansing. These are all kinds of gels, foams, emulsions. Understand the sea of ​​information and make the right choice is not easy. To be guided, first of all, on your skin type, the disadvantages that are inherent in it, the age changes. Sometimes you have to try several cleaners to choose the one that is optimal for you. Not too suitable for washing and the water that flows from our faucets. It is mostly saturated with salts and other not very useful substances that not only dry the skin, but also cause irritation, rashes, provoke flaking and early appearance of age-related changes. Cosmetologists recommend to use for washing with good mineral water, but it is not always at hand. The most accessible option is melt water. Prepare her a pair of trifles: put a jar of water in the freezer, and then let it melt. Such soft water is very useful for our skin, since during its freezing its structure changes. By the way, thawed water is ideal for ingestion, in its qualities they approach natural alpine water. how to cleanse the face skin

Active methods of purification

Washing is a procedure that we do twice.per day: morning and evening. And, as it turns out, this is not enough to make the skin look perfect. From time to time, it needs a deeper and more intensive cleaning. To do this, apply all kinds of scrubs, peelings, masks. Masks Currently, many types of masks are designed for deep cleansing of the skin. This, in particular, a wide range of masks based on various types of clay - white, yellow, blue, green. It should be said that clays have been used for purification from time immemorial. Even ancient healers noticed that clay possesses an amazing ability to absorb fat, impurities, and narrow pores. The skin after these procedures looked not just clean, but also tightened. Earlier, clay masks were used mainly for the cleansing of oily skin, today there are cleansing and toning masks made of clay for all skin types. Scrubs and peelings From time to time it is very useful to carry out so-called exfoliating procedures. For this purpose, scrubs and peels are used. Skin is a substance that is renewable. If the old cells do not exfoliate, they accumulate on the skin, and the face looks gray, tired, covered with a mesh of fine wrinkles. Figuratively speaking, the skin is deprived of oxygen, "does not breathe," which means it grows old fast. Peelings and scrubs contain chemicals that dissolve the stratum corneum of the epidermis, as well as small abrasive particles that mechanically remove the dead skin particles. In this case, a kind of massage is performed, blood circulation improves, the skin after such procedures looks fresh, clean, smooth. It should be understood that scrubs and peelings have a very active effect on the skin, so it is not necessary to resort to their use too often, especially for those who have thin, dry skin - once or twice a month is enough. deep cleansing of the face skin

Folk remedies for face cleansing

Deep cleansing of the skin can be done in the salonbeauty, where experienced cosmetologists with the help of professional cosmetics and special equipment will give your face a truly fresh, radiant look. But to visit the salon you need a lot of money and time. If you are experiencing problems with both, try to thoroughly clean the face at home using folk remedies.

  • For a deep cleansing of pores, for example,recommend the following composition: a teaspoon of soda + the same amount of foam for washing (you can also use a child's soap, whipped into a foam). If before doing this, make a warm compress to open the pores, then in 3 minutes - this is the time of exposure of the mask - you will get a clean, light skin.
  • For exfoliation, you can prepare scrubs fromimprovised means: honey + very small table salt; fine sugar + olive oil; fine salt + hydrogen peroxide; coffee grounds + olive oil (the latter mixture also slightly tones the skin, giving it a hint of light tan).

Abuse of these folk remedies is notcosts, it is enough to conduct such cleansing a couple of times a month, and your skin will be in perfect order. How to cleanse the skin of the face with folk remedies? First of all, you must follow the rules of hygiene. Before the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly, pre-clean the skin and only then apply masks or scrubs. When using scrub, you have to go on massage lines, so as not to stretch the skin. And, of course, in no case do not squeeze out anything. The so-called mechanical cleaning has the right to life in certain cases, but it must be performed only by specialists.

Helpful Tips

  • It is necessary to clean the skin twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, you thus give her the opportunity to cheer up, remove the remains of a night cream. In the evening, deep cleansing of the skin of the face is necessary to release it from make-up and accumulated for a day of dirt.
  • Be sure to use a tonic after washing.Lotion (choose a remedy based on your skin type). It not only fills the skin with energy, but also removes the remnants of cleansing agents, which even after careful washing with water remain on the skin, "closes the pores".
  • After intensive cleaning using a scrub, carefully remove its residues (tonic is mandatory).
  • Makeup from the eyes is best removed with the help of special means, so as not to harm the delicate skin.
  • Carrying out these simple rules, you will save beautiful and young skin for many years. We advise you to read: