baked stuffed chicken On a day off, when the whole family is waiting for dinner,hoping to see something very tasty on the table, every housewife should pay attention to a new, but very satisfying and useful dish, known as a stuffed chicken. In the favor of meat, whether it's chicken or chicken, there's no need to convince anyone, and if the bird is stuffed and roasted completely in the oven, then your household will often ask this dish for an encore. In addition, the stuffed chicken does not break the diet for those who adhere to the diet and controls their menu.

We acquire all necessary

We tell my husband that we need to sharpen the knives,unanimously we decide to stuff the chicken with buckwheat and go buy the missing ingredients. Young, weighing 1.5-2 kg, chicken, without bruises and bruises, carefully choose in the store or market, paying attention to the integrity of the carcass, and only after fully convinced of its excellent quality, we buy. We take into account that 200 g of buckwheat, not less than 1 onion, 1 medium carrot, 0.5 teaspoon of pepper, 3 cloves of garlic and 200 g of mayonnaise will be used in the stuffing. stuffed chicken in the oven

We start baking in the oven entirely

Next, we have to carefully sort out, wash,boil the buckwheat and mix it with fried onions and carrots, adding salt to taste. The chicken finally waited for our attention and after its adoption of water procedures is ready for further processing. The treatment assumes that the chicken should lose its wings and bones, which after baking in the oven will allow it to be divided easily into portions by ordinary knife. But the chicken will part with the bones and at the same time retain its integrity only in experienced hands, so if the stuffed chicken is not yet your horse, do not take chances. Place the carcass on the cutting board with the breast up, with a sharp knife, cut from the bottom to the neck, remove excess and unhealthy fat and rinse thoroughly again outside and inside. Then, finely chopping garlic, mix it with mayonnaise, and you will get a sauce that you need to coat the carcass from the inside, and after 20 minutes stuff it with cooked buckwheat minced meat. To the stuffed baked chicken does not open in the oven, it can be sewn or fastened with wooden toothpicks, grabbing the edges of the skin together with the meat. The remaining sauce must be smeared the whole chicken from above and leave it alone for half an hour. In the meantime, we heat the oven to 200-220 degrees and trust her to bring our dish to readiness. But the chicken should not remain unattended, watch the baking process and regularly water the carcass with a prominent juice. The time taken for baking depends on the size of the chicken and on the individual characteristics of your oven, so readiness is determined by piercing and transparency of the juice that appears at the same time. Make sure that the stuffed chicken is ready, take it out, put it on a dish, put it in the center of the table and invite the husband and children, who, from the smell coming from the kitchen, played a brutal appetite. All has turned out, dear mistresses, accept congratulations and gratitude for a tasty dinner!