different recipes of chicken soup with vermicelli Any hostess should be able to feed her entireseven delicious soup. Chicken soup with vermicelli is an ideal option for a nutritious dinner at any time of the year. There are many recipes for cooking chicken soup with vermicelli. In order to prepare this soup, use the following recipe.

Ingredients for cooking a large soup pan

  • a chicken of medium size or 1 kg of chicken legs,
  • 3-4 average potatoes,
  • one big carrot,
  • one onion,
  • greens, dried or fresh,
  • vermicelli.

Ingredients for chicken soup with vermicelli


After you are convinced of the availability of the necessaryingredients, specified in the recipe, we start cooking. The first thing to do is to thoroughly wash the chicken or chicken legs. Remove all that can not be eaten. Often on a peel there are particles of feathers, they should be pulled out. Next, put the chicken or legs in a large saucepan and pour cool water. We put on a big fire. The most important thing is not to miss the moment of broth boiling, as foam will form, and it must be removed in time. If this is not done and the water boils, the foam will become heavier and spread throughout the broth. In this, of course, there is nothing terrible, but the soup will not have a beautiful view. If you still missed the boiling point and at the same time want the broth to look attractive, you can drain the whole broth and pour the chicken with fresh water, but this time necessarily hot. We give the chicken a little to cook. The cooking time depends on how young the chicken was before it hit you in the pan. Usually the time varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. To determine whether you can continue cooking or not, you need to take a knife and pierce the chicken breast. If the knife enters softly, then you can continue. While the broth is being prepared, we prepare potatoes, carrots and onions. All these vegetables must be cleaned. At the moment when you were convinced that the chicken is soft, throw the whole bulb into the pan. When the onion is brewed in chicken broth, it makes it more transparent and gives a delicious aroma. Next, we put cut potatoes and grated carrots. Carrots can be pasted, and you can put it raw. It all depends on your preferences. Tasty in any case. If you decide to put it raw, then do it at the same time with the potatoes, if you want to pass the carrots, then put them in ten minutes until the whole soup is ready. To steak carrots it is necessary on slow fire about half an hour that it strongly was not fried, but thus has had time to be prepared. Now we must decide in what form you want to see the chicken in the ready soup. simple chicken soup

There are two options in the cooking recipe

  • You can leave it in large chunks together withbones. In this case, the legs can not be touched, but if the chicken is used, get it out of the pan, put it on a large plate, divide into pieces and put back into the pan.
  • You can take out the bones and cut the chicken into small pieces. This option is better that it is more convenient to eat. Do not mess with the bones in the plate.
  • If you decide to make soup without bones, then you needpull out the chicken from the pan, allow it to cool slightly, so as not to damage your hands. Then separate the meat from the bones. Since the chicken is ready by this moment, this is very easy. Then chicken cut into small pieces and throw back into the pan. It is very important that all the time, while you are conjuring a chicken, broth with potatoes should boil. Otherwise, if you turn off the gas and the potatoes do not have time to cook, it will just harden and not taste good. Now it remains to put vermicelli and greens. Before you put vermicelli, you need to carefully examine the packaging, how long it should be cooked. Usually vermicelli is cooked for about five minutes. So, it should be covered in a pan five minutes before the gas is turned off, neither before, nor later. Overcooked vermicelli can spoil the look and taste of the whole dish. When you pour vermicelli into a saucepan, the soup should be stirred more often, so that the vermicelli do not stick together. At this time we put bay leaf, salt and black pepper with peas. If you use dried herbs, then add it so that it a little puffed. If you plan to use fresh, then you need to add it after turning off the fire so it does not boil. When boiling, fresh fragrance and vitamins will come out of it. At the same time, you can get a boiled onion from the pan and throw it out. Everything, delicious chicken soup with vermicelli is ready by prescription. Before serving, it is better that he sticks to at least a little, so do not pour it directly into the plate. Chicken soup with vermicelli is desirable to eat with sour cream, but lovers of mayonnaise can use it. As you can see, the recipe for chicken soup is simple. The presented recipe will help you to tasty feed the family.