recipe for Finnish soup The ears are different: not only Russian, but also Finnish. By the way, such a soup from the Finns will be called Kalakeytto. The main feature is that it is cooked with cream. A delicate aroma of salmon and a thick cream is a pleasant combination. Finnish soup with cream is prepared as follows. Use for cooking soup a 3-liter pan. Take 300 gr. red fish, fillets are the best, but the soup set will also fit. Potatoes will need only 4 pcs., But large. Use the onion or leeks. It will take several pieces, about 100 grams. For frying, take 50-70 gr. butter. The basis of the soup is cream. The required amount of cream is about 1 liter. And also you will need salt and black ground pepper to your taste. With the potatoes remove the peel, crushed with cubes or straws. Then we put it in a saucepan and pour it with water. The water level should be above the potato. Bring to a boil, then cook for 10 minutes. If you took to prepare the flesh with bones, then first of all separate the flesh of the fish from the bones. Cook the broth on the ear with bones, and add the sliced ​​potatoes into it. We will melt the butter in a frying pan. We will cut the onion rings as thin as possible. Fry it for a minute. The leek is immediately put in a pot, where potatoes are brewed, without roasting, it needs only to be washed and cut. According to the prescription, the flesh of the fish should be cut into cubes, separated from the skin. Use salmon or trout. We fry fish after preparation with onions for 1 minute. Add to the pan with potatoes and cook on moderate heat for 10-15 minutes. ingredients for Finnish soup

We prepare the broth base

Then add cream and leave on fire for another5 minutes, so that the fish is soaked. Season with salt and pepper, stir. The soup is ready. Before serving, let it brew for 5 minutes. Use 10-20% fat for the cream soup. In addition, the amount of cream used can be reduced, that is, take not 1 liter, as indicated in the recipe. And you can add a little flour. Before serving, add parsley to the parsley soup, it definitely will not interfere. This soup - the original replacement of the usual ear - exotic, unusual, but guaranteed delicious. During cooking, there may be differences with the recipe. Preparation on low heat will preserve its richness and fish spirit. By the way, you can leave the salmon as a whole piece, as you like. variations on the fish theme

Variations on the fish theme

Recipes can be different. In addition to fish, you can add shrimp. Add the mushrooms to the soup, make some digression from the Finnish recipe. Mushrooms are rare guests in the dishes of the country of Suomi. For frying onions, you can use olive oil. For those who love vegetables in any form, you can include in the composition of a dish of peas, corn, red pepper, carrots and beans. Serve garlic bread with the soup. Whichever recipe you use, in any case the soup will be wonderful. Bon Appetit!