chicken in the oven on the bottle According to its nutritional properties, chicken isvery satisfying and useful bird. It's not for nothing that experts have long ago written it into the category of dietary products, because its meat is incredibly tender, there is little fat in it, so a small carcass, for example, baked in the oven, is ideal for any stomach: both adults and children. If in America for Thanksgiving Day the hostess traditionally cooks a turkey, then in the vastness of immense Russia, no big holiday, for example, Christmas or New Year, can not do without a chicken. It is added to salads, rolled rolls from it, stuffing them with vegetables or dried fruits, and baking in the oven. If we talk about the last method of cooking, then there are several varieties of it. The most "clean" option - put the carcass in the sleeve, sending it to the oven. Some prefer more traditional recipes, so bake chicken on a spit or on a bottle. Today we offer to study the basics of classical cooking and to consider all the stages of preparation of a crispy ruddy bird in a "grandmother's" way. To slightly "revive" the dish and give it a "zest", we add vegetables. And if you want to cope with the preparation for a meal as quickly as possible, we advise you to take note of the recipe with potatoes. After all, in this form you get tender meat along with a mouth-watering side dish. Let's begin our first lesson. chicken on a bottle in the oven

Poultry: The easiest recipe

To prepare the first dish you needhomemade chicken of medium size - choose a carcass weighing no more than 1.5-2 kg. Of course, if you have to feed a large number of guests, you can buy a large bird, but keep in mind that it will take a very long time to prepare it. To save precious minutes, it is strongly recommended to purchase several kilogram carcasses and bake them on a bottle in advance. For example, in the evening or early in the morning. The first recipe, which will be discussed, is considered the most economical - you will need a minimum of products, however the result will be very appetizing. If you do not believe me, try making the dish yourself. Ingredients:

  • homemade chicken
  • table salt and ground pepper (take black or red - white is better used for cooking other dishes)
  • 8 leaves of dried laurel
  • 30-35 ml of olive oil
  • head of raw garlic (recommend adding a young)
  • fresh greens for filing

Cooking method: As you understand from the title of the section, today we will talk about the traditional method of baking a bird, for which you need a small pot, but it is better to cook a carcass on the bottle. So, the chicken must be gutted and thoroughly washed. When you're done with it, let it drain. Then in a separate bowl, pour olive oil, salt it, and here pour a few pinch of black or red pepper. If desired, you can use both products. Rub the ingredients with a fork and rinse the bay leaf. Homemade chicken must first brew well, only in this case it will turn out tender and juicy. Therefore, treat it with the received mass from the outer and inner sides, the bay leaf should be crushed in advance and add it to the oil. Cover the bird with food foil and put it in a cool place for 1.5-2 hours. Shop chicken, that is, the famous broiler carcasses, do not require so much time, it is enough to stand for about half an hour. Even in this case, the bird cooked on the bottle in the oven will come out quite soft and very tasty. By the way, do not forget about garlic: it can be grated or crushed with a special press, then mixed with the rest of the ingredients for Masleni sauce. However, if you want, cut the vegetable into large pieces and put it into the bird. They will give the meat a special flavor. Now take the middle bottle (in a pinch, a small can), fill it up with water, throw a few laurel leaves and a couple of cloves of garlic inside. The chicken is placed from above and this whole structure is put on a baking sheet, into which 30-40 ml of water is also added. The dish is baked in the oven with the most intense heat, so set the oven temperature to 220-225 degrees. After about twenty minutes, when the carcass is lightly browned, reduce the heat to medium and continue cooking. After half an hour you can take out the food, but before serving, the chicken should cool down well. Do not remove it immediately from the bottle, wait until it has cooled down sufficiently. Then cut it into portions, put them on a large flat plate and sprinkle with finely chopped greens. We presented to readers, probably, the simplest recipe from all the existing ones. However, there are many more options and ways to prepare the birds on the bottle. For example, to make the meat more juicy, some smear the carcass with a special sauce. Lovers of sweet and fragrant notes make it from mustard with melted honey, no less appetizing combination is cream or sour cream with Provence herbs, as well as tomato dressing. In all these cases, the chicken is surprisingly tasty and incredibly piquant. If you have enough time, be sure to try out in practice one of the culinary instructions, which, perhaps, is useful already for the next holiday. Boiled rice, buckwheat or traditional potatoes will serve as a side dish. In order not to spend too much time preparing the second dish, bake a carcass in the oven with vegetables: with fresh tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper or potatoes, you can also use mushrooms. They will take the place of the future garnish. In addition, the chicken, toasty in the oven on the bottle, is perfectly combined with pickles such as pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut. So cook with the mind, eat with pleasure and serve dishes with a share of imagination. Then a festive dinner in your house will surely be remembered by guests for many years. Bird on this recipe can be done not only on the bottle. For example, if you do not have one, replace it with an ordinary tin can from under canned mushrooms or, say, sea kale. Many products are sold in such containers. Usually this way the chicken in the oven is baked with a light beer that gives it an unsurpassed flavor, or water. However, if you want, if you suddenly want to experiment, try to make a dish with wine. Only in this case it is advisable to use an exceptionally dry white drink, since the dark ones sometimes color the meat in black spots. tasty chicken in the oven on the bottle

Chicken with beer in honey-mustard sauce

Want to make an appetizing and satisfying dish inthe oven? Then we offer a universal dish, which is equally excellent for a quiet family dinner, and for a noisy meal in the circle of close friends. Usually the chicken is baked on a baking sheet, in rare cases the hostess uses a special brazier. The traditional recipe, which was in the course of our grandmothers, with time, safely forgotten. We offer to restore justice and remember the ancient way of cooking a bird on a bottle. It is very simple and at the same time effective - the chicken turns rosy, crispy, and if you add a little beer and grease the carcass with a delicious mustard-honey sauce, then it is also insanely aromatic. Be sure, the dish will occupy a central place on the festive table. As a side dish, you can boil rice or mash. Followers of proper nutrition, most likely, will appreciate an easy vegetable salad. Ingredients:

  • home or shop chicken (need 1.5 kg)
  • fine sea salt
  • 500 ml of dark beer
  • cinnamon - if desired
  • 15 g melted honey
  • a tablespoon of tender granular mustard (if there is none, take a regular product)
  • 1/3 of a small spoon of coriander
  • three pinches of ground paprika
  • olive oil - 20 ml
  • five cloves of fresh garlic
  • Freshly ground zira - at your discretion
  • Provencal herbs

Cooking method: For this dish, you need a small bird, because the smaller its size, the faster it will cook. Hardly you want to spend the whole day at the stove, so it's better to buy a homemade chicken in the market, study the recipe and boldly embark on culinary creativity. If you purchased an unutilized carcass, first clean it and remove any excess. Then pluck it and put it in a saucepan with brine. To prepare the latter, stir in two liters of water 25-30 g of salt. Hold the bird in the resulting liquid for about 60 minutes. After the specified time, dry it with a paper napkin and take care of the lubricant sauce. To do this, peel the garlic and chop it into small cubes, another option is to crush the ingredient with a special press or grate it on a grater. When you are ready, pour the product into the bowl with olive oil, add here the amount of mustard, dried Provencal herbs and other condiments, as well as ground paprika, specified in the recipe. In a water bath or in a microwave oven, melt the honey, then sprinkle a few pinch of cinnamon, zira and coriander into it. Carefully pound the products with a fork so that you have a uniform mass. Mix it with olive-mustard mixture and again with zeal work with a spoon. Now chicken the chicken first with salt, and then with a fragrant sauce. The carcass should be processed not only from the outside, but also inside. To ensure that the meat is well soaked, cover the bird with food film and remove it for a while to the side - 20-30 minutes will be enough. Turn on the oven for 190 degrees and wait until it gets warm enough. Then remove from the beer bottle paper labels and pour out about 1/4 of the beverage. Now in the remaining liquid, carefully, so that the foam does not break out, pour a tablespoon of dried Provencal herbs or other favorite spices. The hen will already be soaked by this time, so get it out and put it on the prepared container. Then put on the lowest shelf in the oven baking tray, pour a little water and beer into it. They must completely cover the surface of the metal dishes. Your appetizing creation will take place exactly in the middle of the baking tray. Leave the bird for 50-60 minutes if you see that it burns - the skin is covered with a brown crust, the meat looks dry, - reduce the heat and wrap the carcass with foil or special paper. When the dish is ready, remove it from the oven and cool it down a little. The chicken, baked in the oven on a beer bottle, will be much easier to remove, if you cut her abdomen beforehand. Immediately before serving, chop it into portions, spread on plates with a side dish: rice, stewed or fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes - and sprinkle with fresh, finely chopped greens. If you know that many guests are going to be in your house and do not want to bother with preparing dinner for too long, resort to a little trick. Proceed as follows: put the chicken on the middle shelf in the oven, and under the bottom determine the second pan, pretreated with vegetable oil. With an even layer lay out the small potatoes cut into thin strips and whole vegetables, for example: tomato slices, sweet pepper, onion-stitched onions. During the baking process, chicken fat and juice will flow down to these foods. In the end, you get two full dishes: meat and garnish. So you and time will save, and the guests will not go hungry.

Chicken with garnish of potatoes and vegetables

Slightly above it was mentioned that there aresome culinary tricks that help housewives lead a full life, feel like real women and at the same time remain caring guardians of the family hearth. In the piggy bank of each lady should be at least a couple of quick and delicious recipes that do not take much time and do not take away all the forces. The dish described below is one of those dishes. Especially for a large company, the chicken is baked immediately with a side dish: potatoes, tomatoes, onions. At the same time, the hostess does not need special efforts; the main thing is to cut the food, put it in the dishes and send it to the oven. The latter will do everything himself: the bird will brown and the vegetables will finish until ready. Let's see what happens. Ingredients:

  • whole chicken (naturally, gutted and plucked)
  • 250 g of delicious mayonnaise
  • dried basil, rosemary or other special seasonings for poultry
  • six potatoes
  • three tomatoes
  • 150 g white onion
  • 1/2 head fresh garlic

Cooking method: Remove the gutted bird and dry it well, you can use paper napkins or a kitchen towel. Peel the garlic with a press, then combine it with herbs, seasoning and a few grams of table salt. At the very end, also enter the mayonnaise, after rubbing the ingredients with a fork, the resulting mixture is abundantly grinding the carcass, both from the inside and from the outside. When you do, remove it for 2-3 hours in the fridge for impregnation. In order not to lose time, remove the onions from the onion and chop it with thin rings. Cut potatoes into large cubes of the same size, and cut the tomatoes in the same way. If you want the garnish to leave perfectly delicate, we recommend to clean the tomatoes from the peel beforehand. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Simply cut the vegetable from above, then shave it alternately with hot and then cold water. Due to a sharp temperature drop, the skin will fall behind the pulp and get rid of it no more. Chop the tomatoes in circles and go to the final stage of cooking an appetizing chicken. Take a brown bottle of beer (note, the glass should be thick), fill it with purified water, from above plant a pre-marinated bird. Put the construction on the middle of the baking tray, around lay out the potatoes and other vegetables. The latter must be sprinkled with olive or home-made vegetable oil. If desired, pour them the remaining mayonnaise, for the flavor you can use dried seasonings. Send the food in a preheated oven to 200 degrees. After about 45 minutes, puncture the chicken with a match. If it remains dry, and the meat itself starts to emit the juice, it means that it is time to remove the dish from the oven. Chicken is considered a very dietary product, there are a lot of ways to prepare it. The easiest and most satisfying option is to boil the bird: if you add a little vermicelli and a thin carrot with onions to broth, you will get a tender soup. The traditional festive dish is a carcass baked in the oven. If you want to make it with a side dish, place the chopped potatoes or fresh vegetables on the baking tray (necessarily before oiling it) with a chicken. It can be strong tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplants, cauliflower, potatoes. The bird on the bottle turns out juicy and incredibly appetizing. Feel free to choose interesting recipes and experiment for your own pleasure.