cheese soup with chicken The first dishes - this is undoubtedly the basisfull-fledged lunch. When Ukrainian borsch, Russian cabbage soup or nutritious soups with noodles or noodles get bored, it is not a sin to treat yourself and your loved ones with exquisite dishes belonging to the imagination of French chefs. Whichever recipe-representative of the above kitchen you pick up, each of them will prove to be a real masterpiece. Do not believe me? Then let's consider together the procedure of cooking, perhaps, one of the traditional dishes of this country, whose name is cheese soup with chicken. To master the dish, you do not need special culinary skills, and it is not necessary to possess great talents, because everything is simple and very clear. And a weighty argument in favor of a delicate chicken broth with cheese and pieces of fillet is the fact that the necessary ingredients included in a given soup recipe can be easily purchased in any supermarket. In addition, note that it takes no more than half an hour to cook it, and that, you will agree, is on hand to the housewives, who can not give much free time to cooking. French cheese soups are considered universal dishes - they are served not only for lunch, but also treat their guests at solemn events. The food is nutritious and at the same time in a measure high-calorie, so it perfectly replaces meat with a side dish for dinner. recipe for cheese soup with chicken

Soup with chicken broth with tender meat and mushrooms

We offer to master the first recipe of the exquisite and,undoubtedly, fast in preparation of the dish, combining all the most important qualities: incredibly tender taste, economy and simplicity. Given all of the above, cheese soup with chicken can be safely attributed to the category of original dishes, worthy aristocrats. Thanks to fresh mushrooms and fused product, the dish has a truly perfect juicy creamy flavor and amazing aroma. At the same time, unlike traditional soups with cereals or noodles, the dish described below turns out to be sufficiently satisfying to become a basis for a festive dinner or dinner. In this case, you can complement the meal only with a vegetable salad with lots of greenery, and none of the guests will leave the table hungry. By the way, the recipe of the last dish with tomatoes, cucumbers and other ingredients can also be found on our website. We hope that we were able to interest you, if so, then let's start the culinary procedure. In addition to tender chicken soup, we suggest baking bread and making fragrant crunches. Ingredients: For soup (for four people):

  • 1000 ml of purified water
  • 100 g of processed cheese (you need a normal product without additives)
  • two medium potatoes (soup-puree will be more homogeneous and tender if you use vegetables of "pink" varieties, which are perfectly boiled)
  • carrot
  • bulb - one piece
  • salt
  • 190 g of fresh champignons
  • one average chicken fillet (weighing approximately 200 g)
  • butter - for frying

For crackers:

  • four large slices of a white loaf
  • a tablespoon of dried Provencal herbs
  • vegetable oil - a large spoon

Cooking method: To begin with, you should make crunches, of course, you can always use "commercial", bought at the nearest store, but the product of your own preparation, you will agree, is much more appetizing and, undoubtedly, more useful. In addition, the recipe for crackers is ridiculously simple - so why not give it a few minutes of your time? Make them recommended in advance, so that they properly cooled down to serve the main dish. So, the first thing to do is cut into small cubes a white loaf, then put a spoonful of Provencal herbs in a deep plate. Let's notice, that traditionally these spices consist of several kinds of the dried greens, namely: mint, oregano, sage, marjoram, basil and rosemary. Now add a few milliliters of vegetable oil to the herbs, preferably olive oil. Thoroughly rub the ingredients with a fork and put the pieces of the previously cut loaf into the resulting mixture. Mix well the products, at the same time do this very quickly, so that the bread has enough time to soak up oil and spices, at the same time it is not completely wet and does not break up into pieces. The recipe for toast came to its logical conclusion: put them on a baking sheet covered with special paper or parchment, then send it to a preheated oven to 180 degrees. After about fifteen minutes they will brown and begin to emanate an insanely delicious aroma. So, it's time to take out the dishes. By the way, there is another option: if you want, you can dry the croutons in a conventional frying pan. Only pre-treat it with a small amount of oil, otherwise you risk burning the bread. At the same time, the procedure for making crunches is reduced almost twice - fry them with constant stirring until a beautiful golden hue appears no longer than five to seven minutes. Ready toast we recommend to lay out on a paper towel, which will absorb excess residues of vegetable oil. The recipe for roasted crackers for soup you mastered, so you can safely go to the main dish. We'll do it while the toast cools down. So, first you need to fry vegetables and mushrooms. To do this, peel the carrots on a grater, and chop the onions into cubes of minimum size. Both products pour into the saucepan with a thick bottom, where the oil is already heated, and simmer with regular stirring until soft. It is important that the vegetables do not turn out to be too fried, otherwise the delicate creamy taste of the soup can kill a rather sharp, unpleasant aroma of overcooked ingredients. Now rinse the fillet well, after removing the excess film from it and cutting, if necessary, the fat. While it is draining, chop the purified champignons into thin slices, then just like the above vegetables, brown them in a frying pan. Mushrooms can be fried separately or together with other products. Back to the chicken fillet: put it in a pan with boiling, slightly salted water, and bring it to readiness. In the meantime, cut off the peel from the potatoes and cut it into large cubes. We advise making soup puree, which turns out to be more delicate and appetizing compared to the classic first dish. As you can see, the recipe is very simple and it is already nearing completion, believe me, there is very little left. Pour into the pan the necessary amount of water, put it on the fire and boil. As soon as the liquid starts to boil, put into it a carrot-onion fry, then mushrooms and at the very end of a potato bar. When the last softens and will be almost ready, salt the food, focusing on your own taste, here also enter the chicken fillet pre-cut into medium cubes. Boil the soup for about five minutes, reducing the flame of the burner. After the specified time, pour the grated cheese into the hot broth. After adding the latter, it will be quite literally three minutes for the product to dissolve completely, and the dish has acquired a delicate creamy taste and aroma. In this case, its color will become milky. As mentioned above, you can make soup-puree: just boiled potatoes and the rest of the ingredients, whisk in a blender, then pour them into boiling broth with cheese. Want to diversify the recipe and give your creation an original look? Then immediately before serving decorate each portion of the fragrant dish with a grated fused product mixed with Provencal spices. Quite often cheese soup with chicken is put on a table with sour cream or fatty cream. It does not matter how you cook it - like a mashed potatoes or, remaining true to tradition, traditionally liquid, - in any case, after trying the French food once, you can not give it up any more. We hope that this dish will be included in the list of your favorite family recipes. We wish you successful culinary experiments and grateful eaters. cheese soup with chicken recipe

Cheese cream soup with smoked chicken

Many mistresses are puzzled, than differSoups-mashed potatoes from the first dishes of creamy consistency. It's very simple: due to some or other ingredients, the latter are more viscous and dense. Usually as a thickener, cream or sour cream of high fat content, often special sauces. Agree, the first dish, cooked in the form of mashed potatoes, is often associated with children's or diet food. However, in the European cuisine there is one thousand and one recipes of dishes with a creamy consistency. Right now, let's consider one of these options - we'll cook a cheese soup with the addition of slices of smoked chicken fillet. The procedure for its preparation is so simple that even a schoolboy or a novice mistress can not make a dish, devoid of practice and culinary experience. The taste of this unusual soup is gentle and unique - you'll see, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Ingredients (based on five adult servings):

  • cooking salt - at the discretion of the hostess
  • purified water - 1200 ml
  • 180-220 g of potatoes
  • one piece of orange carrots (choose a vegetable larger)
  • large shallots
  • 195 g smoked fillet
  • a small piece of cheese of solid varieties (you can add in the soup-puree not more than 100 grams of cheese "Russian" or "Edam")
  • 25 ml of cream of high fat content
  • fresh dill or parsley (the recipe can always be changed a little - if necessary, take dried herbs)
  • 30 g melted butter

Cooking method: Each recipe is a unique combination of ingredients, as a result of which incredibly delicious dishes are born. If we talk about the French cuisine, namely, we are trying to master its secrets today, then here is neither a dish, it is a true masterpiece. What is only worth a hearty and at the same time incredibly tender soup with a smoked flavor of chicken fillet. Agree, it sounds delicious. Believe me, this dish is worth it to be cooked, so we suggest rushing into battle, especially this procedure takes a maximum of 40 minutes. First, clean the carrot, after rubbing it on an average grater. Now we will take on the shallot: cut it into large half rings and begin to extinguish the vegetables in a preheated frying pan with melted butter. Be sure to stir the mass periodically so that it does not burn. Once the onion becomes more transparent, lower the burner by switching it to the minimum flame. The products are browned for three to five minutes. In the meantime, fill the pan with water, without adding it to the top for four fingers. Peel the potatoes with medium slices, and grind the hard cheese on the smallest grater. There is a smoked filet: cut it into thin strips, try to make them come out the same thickness. As soon as the water boils, pour the raw potatoes into it, and after about 20 minutes, when it softens and begins to disintegrate, add the mixture of stewed vegetables. Lightly salt and pepper the soup, after let it boil for one or two minutes. If you want to make it look like mashed potatoes, pound the products with a mortar, then return them back to the broth and continue cooking. If you have a submerged blender, grind them to a creamy condition right in the pan. Wait for a while, then enter the remaining ingredients in the dish: cheese and chicken pieces. The main task at the last stage is not to allow the dairy product to stick to the walls of the dishes. To do this, pour it into boiling broth very gently, in small portions. The recipe suggests the use of hard varieties, but if you do not have such cheese, take a few packs of conventional fused. Periodically stir the soup with a spoon, at the very end sprinkle it with freshly greens and pour the cream. When you can, immediately remove the food from the fire. It should look like a dough for pancakes. If for some reason the soup is too thick (for example, you put too much potatoes or cheese), you can dilute it with hot boiled water or all the same cream - just add a little more than indicated in the ingredients. All soups-mashed potatoes are usually served hot immediately after cooking, since after cooling they lose their excellent creamy consistency. However, be sure that the cheese soup with an incredible creamy flavor will please your entire family. From such a dish, even the most demanding connoisseurs of delicious food do not refuse. cheese soup puree with chicken

Soup with cheese, tomatoes, bell pepper and chicken

Lovers of the first course should definitely write downthe next recipe for a stunning cheese soup with pieces of tender chicken, fresh tomatoes, and Bulgarian pepper. The latter gives the dish a slightly sweet, really spring taste, and butter, on which products are fried, makes it tender and piquant. The culinary instruction, presented to the readers' court, is sure to become one of the brightest in the coin box of your first dishes. The main feature of the latter is that it can be served as a regular soup or, if desired, brought to a creamy state. This is done with a conventional submerged blender. Whatever it was, and in the first and second cases, the taste of cheese-vegetable soup with chicken remains stunningly delicate and refined. Ingredients:

  • fine salt
  • 1.5 liters of water for broth
  • three large potatoes
  • two ripe, fresh, strong tomatoes
  • 100 g carrots
  • 18 ml of melted butter
  • white bulb
  • a large Bulgarian pepper - one piece (we recommend using a red vegetable)
  • medium fillet (fresh or smoked)
  • two packets of cream cheese
  • a few cloves of garlic (two or three will be enough)
  • fifteen grams of fresh parsley

Cooking method: The first thing to do is to boil the chicken fillet, previously washed and peeled off the film. To do this, you need a deep pan and 1200 ml of cold purified water. We think what to do next, and so it is clear: when the liquid boils, salt it and lay the fillet in it. After about 25 minutes, take out the chicken with a noisy, cool and disassemble the hands on the fibers. If you want, you can just cut the fillet into pieces. The remaining broth is not poured out: again put it on a minimal fire, put the bird here and continue to prepare the future soup. Pre-peeled and sliced ​​thin slices of potatoes should be added to the chicken, then cook the dish until the ingredient begins to disintegrate. Do not lose a minute of precious time, chop the onion cubes in small cubes, and grate the carrots with strips on the middle grater. Combine these products in a saucepan with butter and stirring them, stir fry them until half-ready. Now remove the peel from the tomatoes; To do this is quite simple, if you pre-empt the fruits with boiling water. Divide them into small pieces, which add to the carrot-onion mass. Vegetable mixture simmer under the lid for about five minutes, at the very end season with garlic, crushed with a press. Pour the resulting roast in boiling broth with potatoes and chicken, bring it to a boil, and before turning off pour into the dishes cut into thin strips of Bulgarian pepper, cheese and chopped greens. Before serving, let the soup brew for about half an hour. The first dishes of French cuisine, the recipes of which were presented above, are especially good with croutons made of white or rye bread, so, if possible, supplement their freshly prepared foods. Serve them with homemade sour cream or low-fat mayonnaise. It should be noted that chicken fillet can be replaced with lean beef, and vegetarians will appreciate cheese soup with vegetables on lean broth. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and tasty dishes!