We are sure that every adult person in childhooddreamed of an unusual profession. The boys saw themselves as astronauts plowing space expanses, bold policemen who would keep all the criminals in fear, firefighters not afraid of fire and always ready to come to the rescue, and the girls dreamed of becoming doctors and treating people, cooks, to cook various delicacies, dancers or models to become famous. Thousands of professions, and everyone had their own dream! And imagine, if in childhood you could at least for a couple of hours become a policeman or a fireman, a model or a journalist!A photo: "Chadograd" Modern children have this opportunity! After September 1, in Samara, a stunning "Chadograd" opens! Here everything is real! A real police station, a hospital, a post office, an eco-station, a bakery, a model and dance studio, a radio station, a supermarket and much more! It is difficult to describe words with words - it is necessary to see!A photo: "Chadograd" In Chadograd there is even the editorial office of the journal "Telesem"! Guys can become real correspondents and photographers, take interviews from visitors to the center, write interesting articles, write poems and riddles. Each week there will be a fresh issue created by the guys: "Chadograd" is a model of a real megalopolis, transferred to the children's world. Every child from 3 to 15 years can find a job for themselves, build a career, earn money with their own money and spend it on their own. In Chadograd 40 professions and 30 workshops. In each workshop there is a mentor who trains children in professions and monitors their safety.Photo: "Chadograd" on September 1 and 2 at 12:00 in TRK Gudok (Krasnoarmeiskaya Street 131, 951-11-11) for children will arrange a real holiday with a parade of professions, a concert, contests and prizes. Guys are waiting for amazing shows, master classes, puppets and akvagrimery. A visit to the grand opening of Chadograd and its workshops will be an excellent gift for all schoolchildren! In the neighborhood of Chadograd, Megaland, a state-of-the-art family amusement park and the first in Samara Soft cinema with incredible soft controlled chairs in each room and a pleasant price.Photo: "Chadograd"