"I am a hereditary Santa Claus. My father, People's Artist of Russia Leonard Varfolomeyev, died, perhaps, his entire conscious life. And now my son Arseny at seven years is trying on Santa Claus costume. He believes in a fabulous grandfather, but knows that Grandfather does not have time to congratulate all the guys, so I help him. The son himself says that he is "the third Santa Claus".through the mouth of a babyPhoto: personal archive The first time I froze in the army. He served in Siberia, where only wolves and bears were women. Therefore, the army New Year is when the Snow Maiden is one of friends, and Baba-yaga is an army friend. Gifts - cigarettes, sweets, sugar. After that, where I just did not drive a Christmas tree - even in Moscow, before the best students of the capital, who were awarded an annual prize. Modern children ask Grandfather for mostly ayfony and lego. That's my son asked for a gift of lego on the plot of "Star Wars". To Santa Claus brought a gift, you need to listen to your parents all year long - this is the most important thing, because parents will not wish evil to their child. If one of the children does not believe in the holiday, that I am real, I ask: "Who is your dad?" - "Businessman!" - the boy answers. "And who do you want to become?" - "Businessman!" - "So my dad was Santa Claus, and I - also Santa Claus!" After that questions disappear. through the mouth of a babyFather Frost in the third generation dreams of a light. Photo: personal archive Woman's Day asked Chelyabinsk children: "What should I do to make Santa Claus bring a good gift for the New Year? What gift do you want to receive? "