Photo: / azhmodel The regional tour is held in absentia. Participants need to fill out a questionnaire with their parents and send it by February 20 to the organizers of the competition. 6-10 photos must be attached to the application form (portraits and full-length); a video or a link to a video in which the participant briefly but vividly talks about himself; and also pay a symbolic entry fee. The winner of the regional tour by photo and video will be jointly determined by the organizers of the project - the Production Center "STARS & MODELS" (Moscow) and the Model School of Oleg Azhgikhin "Agiotage" (the city of Izhevsk). All participants of the selection round in Izhevsk will receive : · Diploma of the participant of the TV project “Top Model in Russian. Children. ”· Memorable gift (toy or jewelry, children's cosmetics, sweet prize, etc.) · Possibility of preferential participation in children's contests of the VIII Udmurtia Fashion Week · Placement of a photo in the database on a model website (Izhevsk city). · The right to become a model or actor: data placement in the database of the acting and modeling agency "STARS & MODELS" (Moscow) · Invitation to the TV project "Top Model in Russian. Children "(participation at their own expense). · A chance to win a certificate giving the right to take part in a TV project as a model, participant or host (host) of the show" Top Model in Russian. Children". Photo by: Photo by:


You can familiarize yourself with the full regulations of the competition and download the questionnaire required to participate in the competition on the website.