birth certificate The birth of a baby, of course, brings a hugejoy for young parents and all relatives. However, after the first storm of emotions is over, it is necessary to take care that the baby becomes a full-fledged citizen, it is necessary to deal with the main issues:

  • What is the birth certificate of the child?
  • Why do you need a birth certificate for a child?
  • What documents other than a birth certificate can a baby need?
  • Where can I get a duplicate of the birth certificate if the main document is lost?

First, let's look at the question - where to get a birth certificate for a child and what is this document?

A birth certificate is issued on the basis ofFederal Law of 15.11.1997 (edited 05.04.2010) "On acts of civil status", adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on October 22, 1997. Earlier birth certificates were made in the form of small books, today it is a regular page in A4 format, equipped with watermarks, having a series and number. Filling out the birth certificate can be carried out, both handwritten and computer (computers, typewriters) way. If the document is filled manually, the text should be written in blue or black paste (ink) and legibly read. If the machine set is used, then the dye should be only black (according to the legislation of the Russian Federation) and ensure color reproduction throughout the life of the document. When you come to get a birth certificate, you need to pay extra attention to the above points. The state birth certificate of the child must be received within the first two months from the birth of the baby, as the law on violation of the registration rules comes into force after the expiry of the term. Issuing certificates and registering newborns is handled by the Civil Status Registry Office (ZAGS). The birth certificate must be signed by the head of the body with the decryption of the signature (name, surname). Registration is carried out at the place of residence of parents. The child's surname is entered by the surname of one of the parents (as agreed by the parents). The name of the baby is also given by mutual agreement between mom and dad. And by the name of the father, the child is given a patronymic. A single mother can choose her own patronymic for her child at her own discretion. The nationality of the child is made at the request of the parents. When registering the nationality of the newborn, the back of the certificate is stamped on belonging to a particular state.

We turn to the question - how to get a birth certificate?

In order to obtain a birth certificate, you must write and file an application with the registry office. This should be done within the first month after the birth of the baby. The application must be attached:

  • a certificate from the medical institution where the child was received, confirming the fact of the appearance of the child;
  • passports of parents (single mother only to attach her passport);
  • documents certifying paternity (not medical): marriage certificate, court decision, etc .;
  • a receipt for tax payment (if paternity was established).

If the parents are legally married, thena statement may be submitted by any of them. In this case, information about the father is written out of the marriage certificate, and the mother is entered from the medical certificate of the birth of the child. If the parents are not in an official marriage, then they need to be in a registry office for the application. In the event that the presence of one of the parents is impossible for a good reason (business trip, illness), the second parent should submit a statement from the absent, certified by a notary seal. If the mother of the child does not have an official marriage with his father, she will be given a birth certificate of the child, in which the child will have her surname, and the patronymic is the one that the mother herself has determined. At the request of the mother, the note about the father may not be made, unless, of course, there was a court decision, according to which the civil registry office is required to enter the data of the second parent. Mom, who is not a Russian citizen and is not married, to obtain a birth certificate, a document describing her marital status should be submitted. In the event that no parent can appear at the registry office, an authorized worker of a medical institution (maternity hospital) or a close relative of one of the parents who must bring an identity document and a notarized power of attorney from the parents newborn.

What other documents are needed for the baby?

After the birth certificate of the childreceived, should register a baby in your city. To do this, parents need to apply with the application to the passport office for the registration of citizens at their place of residence and submit the following documents:

  • a certificate of birth of a child and a photocopy in duplicate;
  • passports of parents and their photocopies;
  • certificate of marriage and also his photocopy.

In the case when parents are registered at different addresses, the newborn is registered at the place of residence of one of them. In this case, additional documents should be submitted:

  • certificate from the place of registration of the second parent;
  • written consent of the father or mother for the registration of the child's registration.

Usually the process of registration at the place of residencetakes two weeks, after which you receive a certificate of registration of the child and can deal with his citizenship. To receive an insert that the child is a citizen of the Russian Federation, parents need to report to the passport and visa office of the Internal Affairs Directorate (ATS) at the place of residence with the following documents:

  • a certificate of birth of a child and a photocopy in duplicate;
  • passports of parents and their photocopies;
  • certificate of marriage and also its photocopy;
  • a certificate of registration of the child.

If the parents are in divorce, instead of the marriage certificate, you should attach:

  • a certificate from the registry office, where it is indicated that the marriage was registered before;
  • certificate of divorce and its photocopy.

If the mother remarried and changed her surname,It is also necessary to attach a certificate of a new marriage. A single mother, if the father of the child is registered in the birth certificate at her direction, a certificate from the registry office should be submitted. In case of death of one of the parents, it is necessary to present a death certificate and a photocopy of it. After receiving the above documents, you should take care of another very important document - an insurance medical insurance policy. The insurance medical policy must be issued within three months from the birth of the baby, after this period the company engaged in insurance can refuse to be issued free of charge. The first step is to contact the district children's polyclinic and specify where to apply for the policy, since not all companies have state accreditation and deal with this issue. For the preparation of an insurance medical policy the following documents will be needed:

  • the birth certificate of the child;
  • certificate of registration of the baby;
  • passport of the parent who is registered with the newborn.

Xerox copies are not required. The policy is issued for about two months, but at the same time a certificate is issued certified by a seal, on which it is possible to apply to a medical institution for receiving free services. How to get a duplicate of the birth certificate? To obtain a duplicate of the birth certificate, you should contact the registrar and write a statement to the department that issued the original. If you are in another city, you can use the services of a notary office, which will make a request to the registry office. We advise you to read: