harm of smoking Smoking is a big problem of modernman and society as a whole. In ancient times, tobacco was considered a divine gift - tobacco smoke was used in occult rites and healing, in order to avoid wars, the "peace pipe" was lit up. Of course, modern people have often heard about the harm of smoking, its consequences and reflection on health. This is reported everywhere: the media, television and the Internet - information about the dangers of smoking is not a secret for anyone. All this - articles, photographs of patients, dependent on tobacco and cigarettes, depressing statistics and stories about other consequences of smoking - aimed at making people aware of the harm of smoking. So why in the world, every year, the number of people suffering from this terrible habit, is growing rapidly catastrophically? If earlier the bulk of smokers were male half of the population, today these rows are replenished not only by women, but also by teenagers and even by young children .... Modern youth starts to try cigarettes on average in 10 -12 years, of which a large half, addicted to this occupation, continues to smoke, gradually and not noticeably for themselves by increasing the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Starting with one cigarette a day and ending with regular systematic smoking. By the age of 17, one in ten young smokers already have a pronounced dependence on tobacco, despite the fact that even children in general are aware of the damage caused by smoking.

Getting used to nicotine

For every parent who smokes or not, veryIt is important that his child is healthy and full of strength, so that he can enjoy school performance, so that he is an example for young friends. It's only then that we, adults, really become happy! So how do you understand that a child begins to taste the forbidden taste - the taste of a cigarette and the smell of tobacco? After all, all are well aware of the harm that smoking causes a growing body. Even when planning the conception of a child, parents should think about his health. Ideally, both should quit smoking one year before the woman's pregnancy. But few people think about this factor, although pregnancy and smoking are completely incompatible concepts. If only the future father smokes - this is also not good, because the future mother is a passive smoker. With the daily inhalation of tobacco smoke, he also runs the risk of developing lung cancer, like a smoking father. Also, heart problems may start. However, the future child already in the womb of the mother is also in great danger. Miscarriage may occur or if the child is born, may die in infancy (sudden death syndrome). All this must be known to both parents! But even more terrible is when a pregnant woman smokes. After all, nicotine is directly ingested and transferred to the fetus. Here we are talking about a direct threat to the health of the unborn child. Even one cigarette a day is the cause of rapid palpitations of the fetus and worsening of intrauterine respiration. The placenta itself is a barrier to everything harmful that a baby can get from a mother. But not in the case of nicotine - for him there are no barriers. If the pregnant mother smokes, the child receives 16-17% of nicotine through the blood, but is withdrawn - just over half. As a result, nicotine gradually accumulates in the fetus. Since nicotine also receives carbon monoxide into the blood, the child begins to experience oxygen starvation, which also has a strong effect on its development. As a result, most of the children born to smokers are already exposed to frequent colds, heart disease, and other pathologies since early childhood. In addition, smoking in the early stages of pregnancy entails serious violations of the normal functioning of the central nervous system. Female smoking during breastfeeding further exacerbates the situation. In the milk of a smoking mother, the share of nicotine is high, and if the baby was born prematurely, or with a low weight, for it it can be fatal. Often kids give up their breasts, which leads to malnutrition, poor health, frequent changes in mood. Also, numerous observations of pediatricians showed that dependence on smoking in adolescent smokers is much higher. In a family where at least one of the parents smokes, there is already a passive smoking of the child, and as a consequence, there is a high probability that the child himself, sooner or later, will try to smoke. After all, he has a good example to follow from early childhood. Parents from infancy raise and raise children, explain to them what is good, and what is bad - most often by their own example. Naturally, for a baby dad and mom - the authority, if they smoke, the child takes it for granted. Children imitate and adopt the habits and habits of their parents and this is another reason to try to smoke, and the same good reason for parents to quit smoking themselves. Of course, smoking teenagers is often enough. And parents should make every possible effort to help the child cope with this addiction. Before telling the child about the harm and consequences of smoking, you need to stop smoking your parents. This will also be an example and will greatly simplify life, and will also have a positive impact on the health of the whole family as a whole. And the sooner this happens, the better. Statistics show that after trying the cigarettes, the risk increases that the teenager will want to try and drink alcohol. Cases of other narcotic substances are not excluded. As a rule, smokers are people who can not cope with pressing problems and stress. Of all the known dependencies, nicotine cure is easiest. It is for the most part not a physical illness, but a psychological one. After all, nicotine is excreted from the body within three to four hours. And if after this time you do not smoke, then there is no addiction, as such. There are only psychological aspects: such as bad sleep, sluggish mood. A person does not know what to do with himself. He lacks something. Thus, and treatment for smoking should be aimed at eliminating psychological dependence. But if you find an occupation to your liking and get distracted - you can not smoke for five and eight hours in a row. This indicates that a person does not depend on a cigarette. But it depends on nicotine. If, however, after three hours after the first cigarette smoked again to smoke, a new dose of nicotine enters the body, and again it takes three to four hours, in order that nicotine completely removed from the body. If a person smokes more than two hours later, nicotine accumulates in the body. When after the first cigarette heart rate increases, slightly dizzy (the effect of nicotine), then after three cigarettes smoked at intervals of two hours, these symptoms are no longer present. To feel the taste of cigarettes, a smoker needs twice as many cigarettes. So gradually increases the dose of nicotine. It turns out a vicious circle - more cigarettes - more nicotine, more nicotine - more cigarettes. It comes to that an inveterate smoker in a day smokes two or even three packs a day. Therefore, the first step to stop smoking is to reduce the number of cigarettes. Passive smoking of household members is another reason to quit smoking. After all, the constant inhalation of smoke by a non-smoking person is especially dangerous. You do not want your loved ones to have sickness from smoking, even passive? Passively smoking people, along with a smoker get sick, turn to doctors - with the same symptoms. Here, heart disease, and upper respiratory tract diseases and cancer of the disease from smoking relatives are not that rare. No one wants his child to fall ill at an early age with diseases from which adult careless smokers die.

Non-smoking parents

In the event that parents smoke, they know aboutthis problem from within. But what about non-smoking parents who have never encountered nicotine themselves if the child has tried to smoke? In such a family, the question of how to understand that a child smokes can also arise. Even without having an example of smoking parents, the child, one way or another, encountered smoking. Despite the abundance of social advertising calling for quitting, hidden advertising of cigarettes is even more widespread. In films, a favorite hero must smoke, successful people also smoke. The older guys, followed by all the girls, also smoke. The child develops the erroneous idea that a cigarette is an indispensable attribute of a beautiful life. And, of course, the child will also want to try smoking. After all, with a cigarette, he will seem older. Although the reasons why a teenager starts to smoke a great many:

  • someone started to smoke "for the company"
  • someone wanted to impress the opposite sex
  • someone did not want to be a "black sheep"
  • many girls smoke, thinking that cigarettes kill the appetite ... that helps to lose weight

But, nevertheless, for whatever reason, the teenagerdid not start smoking, he became on the way of getting used to tobacco. After starting with a single cigarette in a few days, he will smoke inconspicuously and two cigarettes a day. And this is only the beginning, then there will be more - so parents should know how to wean their children from smoking. pregnancy and smoking

The effect of nicotine on a young organism

Harm of smoking on the human body is difficultexaggerate. Many diseases from smoking do not occur immediately, their symptoms only know about themselves in years. And the teenager, because of his carelessness and youth, does not know what harm he does to his body when he starts smoking. After all, he does not consider himself a smoker, they say, nothing will be from one - two cigarettes, if you want, you can always not smoke. However, this is a delusion. Many, having started to smoke once, continue to do this all their lives. When a teenager starts smoking, the effect of nicotine will not slow down the effect on your child's condition:

  • Memory of the child

The first thing that will affect smoking, will be memory. The speed of memorization drops sharply, the learning process takes more time than the non-smoking child.

  • Increased fatigue

The child becomes sluggish, fatigue increases due to the reduction of muscle mass.

  • Disruption of the central nervous system

Systematic smoking affects the nerve cells,this leads to the fact that the teenager can not cope with the solution of logical problems. The visual part of the cerebral cortex suffers. The child begins to discern the color badly, ripples appear before the eyes.

  • The problem with the hormonal background

The thyroid gland is broken. There is irritability, bad sleep. Affected skin, there are various eruptions.

  • Diseases of the lungs and cardiovascular system

Cardiac activity worsens, blood vessels quicklywear out. Diseases of the lungs among smokers, even young ones, are common. Cough, bronchitis and cancer are all consequences of frequent and systematic smoking. In addition, the teenager has an obsessive desire to smoke, which leads to poor performance in the classroom. After a break at a break, the head begins to ache in the schoolboy, working capacity drops sharply, this leads to the fact that the next lesson will pass in vain.

How to understand that the teenager started smoking?

How not to miss the moment when the child startstry your first cigarettes? This question worries many parents. The answer is. Watch your child, and you will see characteristic signs that the child started smoking.

  • Feeling of fear

If a child smokes, he is always in a state of fear that parents will find out about this and an inevitable punishment awaits him.

  • Stealth

A teenager does not like when his mother starts cleaning in his room, because there can be hidden cigarettes. In the backpack or briefcase there are various chewing gum and caramel.

  • Frequent absence from home

At school, a child smokes at a change, after classeson the way home. And at home he is under the supervision of his parents. Hence the initiative to go to the store, go to a classmate for a textbook and so on.

  • Absent and forgetfulness

Since nicotine acts, primarily onthe central nervous system, the child after the smoked cigarette becomes hindered for a while. Dulling thinking, movement becomes slower, coordination is not accurate.

  • The appearance of a cough

Smoke cigarettes dries the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat,bronchi. As a result of which pershit in the throat, an obsessive cough begins to give more information about yourself. A consequence of this can become frequent colds and bronchitis. If your child often coughs it is worth thinking about.

  • The habit of spit out saliva

Abundant salivation is observed in allsmokers, and if the guys often spit, then girls swallow more often. This causes more harm to the young body. After all, in the saliva of the smoker there is a lot of harmful substances that get into the stomach, as a result of which gastritis appears over time. With regular smoking on an empty stomach, a stomach ulcer can form.

  • With more prolonged smoking, yellowing of the fingers and teeth

Nails become brittle and often break down due to a lack of calcium. Teeth undergo caries, which leads to frequent visits to the dentist.

  • Spitfire and frequent mood swings

In the process of getting used to tobacco, a teenager is increasinglyand wants more to smoke. However, he can not do it right away. It is necessary to search for a place of solitude, or a reason to leave home to smoke. This situation irritates him. Hence the rude behavior. But if you can smoke, then the body relaxes and the teenager arrives in an elevated mood. As a result - a frequent change of mood.

How correctly to react?

If your child has started smoking,urgently to take measures. But what to do? There are many methods - this is a conversation about the dangers of smoking, and the punishment of a child. After all, many parents just rush into panic and begin to punish the teenager as they see fit. Do not scold the child, let alone use violence. A teenager will begin to perceive this as a negative attitude towards himself, and next time will more carefully hide his addiction to tobacco. It is better not to resort to extreme methods - to force a whole pack out at once, or, worse, there are cigarette butts. It is sad, but such examples of the fight against smoking take place in the practice of parents. By the way, such emergency methods can cause poisoning with nicotine. For him, the characters: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sudden pressure jumps, weakness. If these symptoms occur, you should call an ambulance. Prior to the arrival of a doctor, it is necessary to ventilate the room or take the patient to fresh air. Wet your face with cold water. If convulsions begin, it is necessary to control the respiratory process. It is much more reasonable to try to act calmly and approach this issue with knowledge of the matter. Psychologists recommend a whole complex system for eliminating the problem of smoking teenagers: The first step is a conversation. It is a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere - if you are not in the mood, or feel bad, then postpone it. You should be in a good mood, that, the child is not afraid to speak with you sincerely. How to start a conversation? Start with the main thing - bring to him the idea that you love him, and in any situation you will love him. Tell him about how dear you are to his health, and the whole truth about the harm from smoking cigarettes. But this should be done on examples from life, because the scientific statistics of a teenager is unlikely to carry away. Ask the teenager to tell you why and when he started smoking. From his answers you can learn a lot of useful material that will be useful to you in the fight against the smoking of your child, but also the teenager to cope with the problems of modern youth:

  • If he smokes to be slim, tellto him, that the smoker is losing weight from nicotine, which, in time, dries not only the mucous membranes of the body, but all the organs of the body, which leads not only to weight loss, but also the rapid aging of the skin-smoking causes harm to health. For yourself, note that your child wants to look slimmer - therefore, change his diet: let it be more vegetables and protein, which are so necessary for a growing body.
  • If a child starts smoking from the interest of novelty,having looked advertising about beautiful and successful people with a cigarette, tell about how advertising is done and what harm smoking brings. Any product, even the most harmful and useless, requires advancement. That's why advertising is always bright, colorful and positive, even if it is not so in fact.
  • If the teenager has lit up, what to likethe opposite sex, it should be told that the bad breath is not only not to like, but it will repel all the desire to communicate. If you have a son - it's not superfluous to say that girls prefer strong, athletic and rich young people in modern society, and a lot of money goes to the habit of smoking.
  • If a teenage girl smokes, tell her aboutthe happiness of motherhood and that under the present ecology not every perfectly healthy girl manages to give birth to a healthy baby. Worse, many can not conceive at all. But if you add a habit of smoking to a bad environment, then you can completely forget about a full-fledged family in the future, because smoking already from a young age significantly undermines your health.
  • If your child smokes the first time,experienced great excitement or stress - it became, of course, easier, and this he felt the first minute, tightened with cigarette smoke. He relaxed and now practices cigarette smoke when he is nervous or agitated ... Tell him about the fact that nicotine, getting into the body through the blood, primarily affects the cerebral cortex - hence, instant relaxation, clouded consciousness, euphoria. But this is only a temporary phenomenon - with prolonged smoking this feeling is no longer felt by a person, because, nicotine, accumulating in the body, no longer gives the effect of a "first cigarette".
  • If your son or daughter lit up "for a company"that would not be a "black sheep", you should remind him (her) that you know him and educated him as a strong personality. That is why, your child inside himself is very strong-willed and should easily cope with the fact that he (she) is not like everyone else. It's natural for a lot of strong and strong-willed people who achieve everything they want. After all, you see your child like that !!!!
  • Any reason to start smoking at a young ageis explained by the fact that a teenager, in one way or another, expresses his or her individuality. And if his parents correctly understand, hear and listen, it is more likely that the child will also reciprocate. the effects of smoking

    How to help "tie" with smoking?

    Each child has his own psychology, and eachwill analyze the information in its own way. Someone will take it as a protest and will continue to smoke. But this, most often a temporary phenomenon, with the help of which the child manifests his character. Parents in this case should not show reciprocal aggression and panic. The best option in this case is a manifestation of external calm. It is not worth every time, upon arrival of the child from school, "sniffing" and checking the backpack for the presence of compromising material. Show your son or daughter your full confidence, more often tell him or her about your love. Support it in all endeavors, praise for academic performance and try to establish contact. Children in adolescence react to this very sharply. And soon your teenager will stop protesting and will listen to you. But until this happens, try to spend with him as much time as possible, which would take and distract him from the thought of smoking. Go together to various activities, of course, that interest him. Show interest to his or her hobbies, often be interested in problems, not only school, but also personal life. When a teenager is always busy with a useful and interesting business, he thinks least of all about cigarettes. After all, now he feels his importance without them. And how, everyone remembers, the less a person smokes, the less nicotine enters the body. The process of weaning begins, and you want to smoke less and less. At this stage, you can already help in practice. If your child still wants to smoke, ask him to help not with pills, but only with folk medicine. This is painless and effective enough. You can recommend for these purposes an infusion of rhizomes of valerian officinalis. He calms and helps to stop smoking. 1 -2 weeks, take a warm infusion of valerian for half a glass for half an hour before eating. Effective and peculiar three-day diet. Offer your smoking teenager for three days to eat only fresh apples and black bread (necessarily stale). You can drink only herbal tea. Variation can be any, but preferable to grass, calming nature. It can be linden, mint, oregano, thyme. It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee and tea. With a strong desire to smoke, folk treatment uses baking soda. A warm solution is used as a rinse of the throat. As a rinse solution, you can also use a snake-maker. It is recommended to rinse the mouth cavity every time before smoking. You can take an infusion of Leonurus. It is necessary to grind the dry grass into powder. Three grams of pour boiling water (1 cup), insist in a dark place at room temperature for about an hour. Strain so that there is no sediment of grass. The broth is calming. Successfully applied peppermint in the form of tea. One spoonful of powder dried and minted mint, poured a glass of boiling water. Tightly and hermetically sealed infusion puts on half an hour, and even for an hour, that the essential oils have their effect. Strain so that no residue remains. You need to drink immediately after percolation. It is a sedative. An easily accessible and effective remedy in the fight against smoking is linden. Dry powder, in a volume of 1.5 teaspoons pour a glass of boiling water, simmer on a water bath for 30 - 35 minutes. Strain without sediment and drink. This remedy helps reduce cravings for nicotine, and soothes the body as a whole. Another available medicinal herb is thyme (thyme creeping). Dry powder must be ground with glycerin and honey bee. This will require:

    • 1 tablespoon of thyme leaves powder
    • 1 teaspoon of honey
    • 1 tablespoon of glycerin

    Powder of thyme should be poured with boiling water and givesticks in a sealed container, out of sight of the world, about an hour. Then it is necessary to strain without sediment. After the broth has cooled, add all the remaining ingredients. Drink in a warm form. Breathing exercises that help in the fight against smoking. Do it five or seven times a day. Do five quick deep breaths, then as many quick, energetic exhalations. Then ten slow and quiet exhalations. Next: counting to five - breathe in, pause two seconds. Now, counting to five - breathe out. Pause for two seconds. To do this exercise, you need to relax your stomach so that it rises and falls during the inhalation and exhalation. It is not superfluous in this will be active movements. To combat smoking, you can apply the so-called "smoker's diet" in practice. You should add to your diet some foods that help gradually wean from tobacco. Fruits and vegetables are useful in themselves, but they also make the taste of tobacco disgusting. Such products include cow's milk. But the use of these products before they smoke, doctors do not recommend. However, there are also products that increase the desire to smoke. Meat, in any form and meat products, in itself is a serious food for the stomach and the body as a whole. But it also causes the desire to smoke. Of the drinks that are not recommended for smokers, are coffee, coca-cola, tea, and all drinks containing caffeine. Alcohol makes the taste of cigarettes better. Even small-bodied people, after receiving a fair dose of alcohol, are drawn to a cigarette in order to make the company a smoker. This is another reason not to drink alcoholic beverages. In adolescence, alcohol is harmful in twins. He not only makes the taste of cigarettes pleasant, but also leads to rapid intoxication. Even a bottle of beer with a cigarette can lead to intense intoxication. Young, not strengthened, the body is hard at coping with such a combination of alcohol and nicotine, which can contribute to poisoning. The systematic use of alcoholic beverages in a compartment with cigarettes leads to alcohol dependence, which, alas, is not so easy to handle as with nicotine. In a comprehensive fight against smoking, you can resort to traditional medicine, which can offer many drugs against smoking. Chewing gums and plasters, cigarette substitutes. A variety of tablets that help in the fight against smoking.

    Smoking prevention

    Did your child quit smoking, or even not evenI tried a cigarette, it does not matter. In both cases, prevention against smoking is necessary. Watch the behavior of the child, be interested in his hobbies and friends. After all, not for nothing, they say - with whom you are led, that you will be typed. Recently, the problem of smoking has become urgent in the society of developed countries. The stereotype of a modern person is a healthy, prosperous individual who does not have time for smoke breaks. Be proactive and offer your child - to do some kind of sport, to attend useful and interesting for him mugs and electives. Let his life be rich and diverse, then he will not have time to think about smoking. Put a portion of the household chores on him, that he would feel his responsibility and significance. This will help him and in his further adulthood. After all, he himself will in the future be responsible for his life and for his health. If you smoke yourself, it will be superfluous to quit. This, for example, you will prove that smoking is harmful. At the same time, and you will prove yourself that you are a strong and strong-willed person, and coughing from smoking will disappear. Read and tell your child articles about the harmful effects of cigarettes on the human body. Let the teenager be informed earlier than he wants to smoke. He will know what later this little prank will turn out - "one cigarette"

    Protective factors of the child

    In each child, nature has laid such a function, as - protective factors. It is thanks to these factors that the child does not start smoking. They are divided into internal and external.

    • Internal factors

    Are associated with the personal qualities of the child, whoaffect his behavior and attitude to life in general. These include the desire for success, learning, achievement. The desire to help, empathize and support another person. Ability to defend one's convictions, ability to make decisions independently. The ability to choose friends. Positive self-assessment and analysis of their actions.

    • External protection factors

    External protection factors are supportfamily and friends, communication with family and others. Positive situation in the school. Parenting should be done by both parents in equal parts. The rules of one parent should not contradict the rules of the other. Control of the child and organization of time outside the school. Participation of the child in various circles and many others. All these methods and recommendations, if applied in combination, help the family fight with the child's smoking. Of course, it's better not to start smoking, but if the teenager is smoking, then you need to look for ways to help him get rid of this addiction. After all, in no case should you allow the harm of smoking for your child's organism to undermine the fragile health of the adolescent organism. Good luck and remember - let the road go! We advise you to read: