fashion cascade for medium hair Not all women are ready for globalchanges and various kinds of experiments regarding the choice of a new haircut. But still, the fair sex intuitively seek to try something new for themselves, especially if the hair is medium in length, and your hairdresser has many ideas for hairstyles. If a woman wants to change the image, visually increase the volume of hair, you can try this kind of hairstyle, like cutting a cascade on medium hair. This method has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • simplicity of the laying (for this you need only a hair dryer and a comb, with the help of which it is possible to make both an everyday hairstyle, and a sophisticated evening one);
  • versatility (ideal for both women and girls);
  • the high popularity of this method of haircuts.
  • technique of haircuts cascade

    Technique of execution

    Pre-wash, then dry and comb your hair. After this, it is required to divide the scalp on the head into several areas:

  • temporal;
  • parietal;
  • occipital.
  • After this, the strands should be gathered together andslaughter them using hair clips. Begins cutting the cascade on the middle hair from the parietal region or the line of the cheekbone, and ends in the shoulder area. Having made 2 linear parting in the center of the head, it is necessary to separate the control strand. Then it must be combed and stretched parallel to the floor plane, after pruning to the desired length. It is recommended that all subsequent strands be cut with a straight cut using control as a guide. In the parietal zone, it is required to cut the top of the head - the forehead. The temples need to move in the direction of the frontal region, and then from it again to the crown control strand. The next stage is cutting the middle part of the occipital zone. The hair must be cut perpendicular to the head and parallel to the strand-control. Similarly work with the side strands of the head. The zone of U-shaped parting, framing the parietal area, requires special attention and delicacy. Selecting the strand, you need to comb the hair to it from the parting on the right side (that is, at the level of the temporal-lateral zone) and trim them at this level, and then similarly to the left. Next, you need to perform the edging, comb the hair along their length. As a result, a graduated graded structure is acquired. During the execution of the cascade, a profiling is necessary, ensuring the airiness of the cutting and ease of installation. Among the tools used, preference should be given to round combs of different diameters and fenu, creating various waves and curls. To fix the result, you can use a hair spray or varnish. recommendations when choosing a haircut

    Recommendations when choosing this haircut

    This type of haircut is suitable for almost everyonetypes of appearance. Yet the ideal hairdo cascade for medium hair looks with a little wavy or straight strands. Incredible spectacular strands, falling like a waterfall, perfectly emphasizes the correctness of the face oval, and also hides plump cheeks or massive cheekbones. Grooming cascades brings volume, lightness and a thick hairstyle. Golden-wheat, rich chocolate and light-brown - the most winning colors of hair with this method of cutting. The best variant of a hairdress for a daily routine is considered to be a "volume cap". It is a classical styling, at which the strands are brought down with their tips down. To apply better for this kind of comb, having holes on the body, well letting warm air. In addition, it is possible to use ironing. The heated rectifier is conducted along the strands 1 time. At the same time, the structure of the cascade becomes more noticeable. But it is necessary to emphasize that this haircut is not universal and is applicable absolutely for everyone. Do not use it for women:

  • having an elongated shape of the face - you can further extend it visually;
  • with very thick and heavy, and also with curly and curly hair, since the transitions will not be visible.
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