curls on short hair It's no secret that every woman dreams of long,thick hair, but nature did not give them all. To be upset, of course, is not worth it - the haircuts for short locks today are great, and every woman can choose one that will decorate her in the best way. A short haircut visually makes the hair more dense, and the hair - more voluminous. However, often the owners of such hairstyles complain about some monotony. It will help to cope with such a problem by a wave on short hair. It can be carried out in various ways, they can all be applied at home, and there is no need to often visit beauty salons, while spending time and money.

Long-lasting wave

If there is no time, but to have curly hair, allIf you want, the best solution is carving or long-term styling. Carving retains its shape for up to 3 months, so it is so popular with busy women. It should be noted that when carving, hair straightens itself in time, unlike the classical perm. Admittedly, it is carving is one of the best options for curling on short curls. curls with hair curlers

"Grandmother's way" of wave

"Babushkin's way" of curling does not cease to berelevant in our day. This method is distinguished by its simplicity - it will only need hairdressing clips and a styling aid. The hair must first be washed, as it should be dried, then apply the product for styling, divide into strands, screw into clamps and fix. Also, the strands can be twisted in different directions, then the hair will look more chaotic, which is now in vogue. After the curls you just need to dry it. For this, both a natural method and drying with a hair dryer are suitable. Another option of such a process is the use of piercing protectors, this is original and safe. Hair should be washed, lightly crocked, apply foam on them for styling, and then take separate strands, screw on them and protect them. To create a large volume and a natural look of curls, the strands are wound in different directions. This hairstyle must be dried with a hair dryer. The advantages of this method are that it takes no more than 20 minutes to create lush, light and attractive curls.

Tips for using curlers

Another way to wave on short hairis the use of standard curlers. Owners of suitable haircuts are more suitable for thin curlers, around which the strand can turn several times. It is best to use soft curlers made of foam rubber, inside of which there is soft wire. It is not recommended to tighten hair curlers, and strands when curling should not be too tight. So the hair will not feel unnecessary tension. Such curlers do not interfere with sleeping, however, their long use is impossible - the foam is quickly torn. This method is also attractive because it is the least traumatic, so it is ideal for daily curling. curls

The use of irons and curling iron: what to consider

Using the most common ironing, you can dovery beautiful curls even for short hair. But this option is only suitable for those women whose curls are long enough to wrap around the plate ironing. Strands after such a process are somewhat broken, but very attractive. Nevertheless, one should know that such a wave affects negatively the health of the hair, therefore it is not recommended to do it more than once a week. Also, do not wind the same strand a few times, otherwise you can simply burn the hair. If you need a more stable curl, then on the strand you need to apply a special foam for styling. At last it is necessary to tell about the most widespread way of reception of curls - a wave by means of a curling iron. In this case, do not forget that the curling iron come in different diameters. If the curls are relatively long, then it is recommended to choose a thickener, and the shorter they are, the thinner the curl should be. Depending on the shape of the haircut, only the ends of the strands or the hair along the entire length are curled. For such tasks, a soldering fence is just perfect, as it can be used to twist a hairdo and create a volume at the roots. And if the hair is long, you can make real curls that give the hostel a romantic look. However, this method, as well as the method with ironing, is not very useful for the health of the hair, so it is not worth it to get involved either.