what to wear with boots Boots, boots, ankle boots and fashionable boots2011: What to choose for the spring season? Long before the arrival of spring, this issue is relevant for many modern women. Of course, boots! Someone reminds them of "marsh boots", someone in them feels like a fairy-tale character from a fairy tale by Charles Perrault or a sort of beauty from the film of the same name. However, however, the jackboots are back in fashion and it is they who in the new spring season will be the main value of the wardrobe of every fashionista. A bit of history: These fashionable boots today were invented to protect the feet of riders. They were worn by cavalrymen of the medieval army and riders of the Russian army of the 18th century. Then one of the French monarchs, namely - Henry VI made them a privilege of the nobles, and they were their obligatory attribute of clothing for a long time. Peter the Great was their admirer. In the women's wardrobe jack boots migrated relatively recently. Only the priestesses of love dared to wear them. And only recently they became available to all women without exception. But today not every modern woman will dare to wear such shoes. To wear them, you need a certain boldness, primarily because the boots are so anti-kicking - the longer the bootleg, the shorter the skirt.

Fashionable colors

Boots with what to wear The main feature of the shoes of this spring seasonis a bright color scheme, in which there are yellow, purple, red and red tones. Treads of 2011 spring is simply impossible not to notice: they look very glamorous and spectacular. Shoes with a calmer color, beige, cream and brown tones look noble and restrained, and perfectly suits a classic women's wardrobe. For extravagant young women, designers offer models of high boots made of silver crocodile leather. Today's shoe fashion allows owners of boots to play with both color and texture.

Fashionable styles, decoration and materials

boots in spring 2011 Ladies not only presented a new lifemen's shoes, but also significantly diversified it. In the current season of spring 2011, classic women's boots can be made from a wide variety of materials: suede, mother-of-pearl, lacquered, stitched or artificially aged leather, as well as velor or a shiny satin. Many models of fashionable jackboots 2011 look very impressive thanks to the combination of smooth and coarse-grained leather. Fashionable Boots 2011 Today you can find the mostincredible and fantastic styles: with a heel and without it, on a platform, with a zip, on a lacing, on rivets and even on buttons. Treads this spring can reach the thigh or barely cover the knee and be decorated with rhinestones, fur edges, embroidery, fringe. At the same time they are perfectly combined with the same hits of the spring season 2011. Each year, modern designers embody in this footwear more and more daring fantasies. For example, the boots from Prada are models that to some extent resemble fishing boots.

What kind of boots to choose this season?

This spring, highboots-boots, completely covering the knee. The tops of the boots of the 2011 spring season are narrow, elastic and tight-fitting legs like a stocking boots. In the assortment of the spring season there are many models of boots from suede. Of course, this material is very elegant. However, when choosing shoes, one should also take into account the fact that it is very whimsical. True, at present, suede shoes in most cases are made with a special dirt-repellent impregnation. A special aerosol can always contain shoes from suede in perfect order and even refresh its color. However, not every woman, choosing a model of such boots, knows what to wear suede boots? The main question is what to combine such shoes to look fashionable and stylish? In fact, everything is very simple. In order not to look vulgar like the heroine of the sensational film "Pretty Woman", it is enough to choose models of suede boots without excessive provocative shine and not to wear too frank and provocative clothes with them. Deep neckline and thin beige pantyhose is better to exclude at once. The best option - complementary dress tight leggings or pantyhose in the color of the boots. As for outerwear, the boots-stockings are best combined with coats and raincoats, long no higher than to the middle of the knee. Whereas with volume jackboots everything is exactly the opposite: they should be worn with jackets and coats that reach the middle of the buttocks. Choosing a pair of fashionable boots, do not forget about the main requirement for boots - they, of course, should be of excellent quality. In such boots you just will not go unnoticed. In the event that you do not know with what it is better to combine them, pay attention to what they wear suede boots of a fashionista and take them safely from them.

With what to wear boots?

How to wear boots? As a rule, with such shoes you should be very careful. Just one out of place applied detail of the style, and a representative of the fair sex risks immediately get a charge of bad taste. Treads 2011: with what to wear? This question is relevant for many women today. In modern fashion, these boots were embodied in combination with a jacket of sports cut, a cap and a short skirt or a classic cut with a long leather cloak. boots with boots to wear In fact, everything is very simple. Knowing the basic rules will allow you to always look fashionable, stylish and elegant:

  • the simpler the boots, the more complex the outfit must be;
  • under evening dresses, models from colored kid's skin are best suited, whereas under strict business clothes it is better to give preference to white leather models;
  • if the bootleg is wide, the silhouette will be balanced by a fluffy skirt;
  • On the contrary, trousers should be tight and tight;
  • heats without heels effectively look with narrow pants and jackets;
  • very effective look boots with lacing, and, the longer it is, the better;
  • However, shoes on the lace oblige their owner to be more restrained in choosing clothes.

fashionable boots Boots: what to wear? Without these high boots, not a single fashion show of past years has come to pass. In this season, the possibilities for this shoe are unlimited. Moreover, designers offer an infinite number of options, with what to wear boots boots in this spring. This trendy thing of the women's wardrobe looks great with short coats and dresses, dresses, sweaters, and also narrow trousers and leggings. Moreover, they are perfectly combined with evening outfits and business suits, jeans, pants, breeches, as well as skirts of different lengths and even shorts. This spring designers offer to wear such shoes as with usual daily dresses, and with extravagant cocktail dresses. A win-win option is a dress-tunic, a knitted dress-sweater or a dress-case. However, do not forget about the cases when the jack boots should not be worn. They should be discarded when they add to your image of vulgarity or if you have a deep neckline. In this case, do not forget about the sense of proportion and relevance. what to wear with boots photo Today, the stars in the jackboots can be seen not onlyon the catwalks of fashion shows and covers of glossy magazines. Many celebrities wear them everywhere. Therefore, if you want to look fashionable and stylish this spring, but have not yet decided what to wear boots, photos of Hollywood stars are a vivid example for imitation. Feel free to wear your boots - this trend can not be hidden in the closet! However, in order not to look defiant, you just need to choose the right wardrobe. And so that you do not have any doubts about how to wear boots, learn by examples how to correctly combine clothes and accessories that suit you. We advise you to read: