wedding makeup for redheads Red hair color is a great rarity. If we talk about natural redheads, then they are only 6-7% of all people on earth. But thanks to the hair dye, redheads are often found in our lives. And most of them at least once faced the problem of choosing makeup or make-up. It is believed that the wedding makeup for the red - it's a complicated process, but it's not. Any make-up artist will tell you that there are no difficulties here, just know some rules. Red girls are big lucky ones. Unlike brunettes and blondes, which are suitable for either warm or cold shades, reds can afford both. The main thing is to choose the brightness of your makeup so that you do not look vulgar at your own wedding. Well, if you did not conceive an unusual disco party, of course. There you can give vent to fantasy in full. But the classic wedding make-up is another matter. A natural, natural make-up for girls with red hair is very harmonious. The fact is that these solar creatures themselves are so vivid that there is simply no need to make accents. Such girls and without any cosmetics shine from within. But the wedding is a special occasion, so it's important to emphasize all the most attractive and add brightness. After all, you are likely to be photographed, and the flash absorbs some of the colors. But still, what should it be, wedding makeup for the redheads? Even the color of their eyes can be completely different. Find a step-by-step instruction for performing such a make-up is not difficult, but with a choice of shadow palette, as a rule, everything is much more difficult. So today we will find out which colors are best used for wedding makeup redheaded girls with different eye colors. beautiful bridal makeup for redheads

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Possessors of brown eyes can affordmuch. After all, they have amazingly beautiful eyes. You can emphasize the beauty of color with the help of Natural brown and beige flowers, or you can experiment with brighter shades of brick, burgundy, wine or cherry. The most daring girls can afford pink and gray colors. They will make your eyes even brighter and more expressive. But purple, lilac and blue should be excluded, even if it's your favorite colors. She makes facial features coarse and vulgar. Maybe for a party this will be acceptable, but definitely not for a wedding, where the bride should be gentle and refined. For eye liner, brown, dark blue or dark gray pencils are the ones to choose. Black eyeliner, will be too aggressive for the red beauty, which is naturally tender. And it is better to completely eliminate liquid piping. Her clear lines are too stand out and get out of the whole image of the bride. Lipstick for a wedding make-up is better to choose proof. The color depends on your preferences, but there are some limitations. Caramel shades of lipstick and glitter, as well as peach and coral colors are well suited for brown-eyed redheads. But too dark or bright lipstick can look unnatural and provocative. If smoky makeup is suitable for the evening version, then it is better to give preference to the classical scheme of drawing shadows from the inner corner to the outer corner and from the light shade to the dark one, respectively. Mascara for fire-loving girls is best suited for brown or gray. Black mascara is suitable only if the hair is dark with a red tinge, more often it is colored hair. Natural red with black ink look not naturally and rudely.

Wedding makeup for green eyes

Green eyes are charming in themselves, but ina combination with a fiery shock of hair, it is capable of battling anyone. Wedding makeup for redheads with green eyes also has its own characteristics. Unlike brown-eyed, green-eyed girls have thin, pale skin, which is beautiful. To mask such beauty with a lot of foundation is a crime, especially if the tone is dark. Choose the most light foundation. Suits shades of light beige and ivory. The emphasis in make-up is best done on the eye to emphasize the beauty of color. From shades, the optimal option will be shades of warm green, terracotta and beige flowers. If you do make-up for an evening in a cafe after a celebration, it is appropriate to use purple, gray and even golden shadows. The main thing is that there are not many of them, only for the sake of giving a look to the depth, for example a light touch at the outer corner. The green-eyed beauties are best served by a gray-brown or chocolate shade. Liquid podvodku and pencils of black color is better to send to the trash, because they make the look too heavy and evil. Suitable for such a line, except for makeup for Halloween, but not at all for the wedding. Lipsticks are best to choose matte, because we focus on the eyes. Ideal are caramel and coral shades. Lip gloss is best not to use. He will distract from the wonderful eyes, and will focus attention on himself with highlights. And this will spoil the whole picture. wedding makeup for redheads

Wedding makeup for blue and gray eyes

Makeup for red girls with gray or blueeyes, perhaps, the most simple. It is these red-haired ones that are found most often. Yes, and girls who are painted in red, often have just gray eyes. This makes their facial features soft and attractive, but their eyes can become noticeably duller. Therefore, our goal is to give them a lively shine and brightness. The main condition for these girls, avoid a lot of black fragments in makeup. And in general for a wedding make-up it is better not to use black in cosmetics. That is, it is desirable that the liner and ink are gray, or brown shades. Black mascara, which is universal, is actually only suitable for dark-haired girls. Eyeshadows should be chosen neutral: from white to gray, brown, beige. Brown colors make the gray and blue eyes incredibly bright and saturated. Green is best avoided, unless it is a gray-green tint. The texture of the shadows is better suited to satin or pearl. Then the particles reflecting the light underline the glitter of the eyes. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise on wedding photos it will turn out that the whole face is poured under a flash. Lipsticks are preferable to take the most persistent, close to the natural color of the lips: pink-orange, coral, peach colors. A good option is a simple colorless or colored lip gloss. But red and cold pink lipstick should be avoided. The red color of the lips makes the teeth on the photo more yellow. And the pink shade looks too artificial. These simple memo tips will help you choose the colors that are most suitable for a gentle charming image of a happy bride. The main thing to remember is that the eyes light up only from the feelings that you are experiencing. And makeup is just a little helper, which can make this fire brighter. Dare! We advise you to read: