1 Often cleaning your own home for manywomen becomes a heavy and burdensome task. Especially it concerns apartments with a large area. However, if you approach cleanliness with intelligence, then the time spent for this event will be halved, and the result will surpass all expectations. There are three types of elimination of dust and dirt. This is a forced, current and urgent cleaning. Forced ordering is carried out after a long and careless attitude toward the home or household items. As an example, you can lead a freezer, which has ceased to be closed due to the huge amount of frozen ice. But there are other accidents, when from this type of cleaning just do not get out. This is a break in the water pipe or a leaking roof during the rain. With the help of current activities, cleanliness in the house is maintained by regular, but not necessarily daily, mud control. To maintain order, it is possible to schedule the implementation of such procedures. For example, to wash curtains and curtains twice a year (in the spring and before New Year's), clean the toilet, bathroom and sink - once in seven days, and wash the floors and conduct wet cleaning of furniture - twice a week. Ideally, of course, cleaning is much more efficient and quicker if specialized household appliances come to help the hostess. , for example, help to keep a woman perfectmanicure and relieve her from crawling on the floor with a wet rag in her hands. Urgent cleaning is a timely elimination of disorder and disposal of dirt. Such a process must be carried out every day to avoid the accumulation of serious "problems". Every day, you should wash the dishes after eating, wipe the stove after cooking, clean the room after playing the children. By the way, it should be noted that it is necessary to teach the child to keep the purity from a small age. Karapuzy usually with great pleasure perform the tasks assigned to them. However, do not be upset if the baby protests against help. Just you need to come up with a game option. For example, ask the child to clean in his room, and what and what to do voice to him with the help of . It will be interesting for the kid to hear, coming fromdynamics, mother's voice and from this - it's more fun to carry out assignments. When faced with dust and dirt - never get discouraged. Motivate yourself that you are the best hostess and only on you depends on what a clean and shining apartment will be after cleaning. Author: