winter crafts for your kindergarten What do you think the children love most? Of course, make something with your own hands! And no, even the most delicious candy will replace this process. And if your mother joins creativity, the child will be just happy! After all, for all the everyday bustle, we somehow forget that besides communication in the kindergarten, the baby needs our attention. And it is joint creativity that gives us the opportunity to show this attention, to give the child to understand that he is the best, the most skillful and the most beloved. Today we will talk about what crafts can be made on the eve of the winter holidays. And it does not matter, they needed to decorate a kindergarten or to decorate their own home. The important thing is that your child will be able to fully express his imagination. You will be surprised at how smart and clever kids can be, doing things that bring them pleasure.

How to make an original snowflake yourself

It was these winter crafts that were and remain the mainelement of children's creativity. Of course, you can resort to a proven method and cut snowflakes from paper napkins. However, there are ways of much more interesting. Volumetric snowflake For children 5-7 years old, who already have developed a small motor skills and have the skill of working with scissors, an interesting variant will be a snowflake made of twisted paper. To do this, you need:

  • Base is a sheet of white or colored cardboard;
  • Stencil to apply the drawing on the cardboard;
  • Twisted from dense colored paper serpentine;
  • Scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • To decorate the beads, rhinestones, sequins.

On a sheet of cardboard we translate or we put drawingsnowflakes. It would be nice to make it multi-pointed, fluffy. With the help of scissors cut out of thick paper thin and long strips. Since the snowflake usually has pastel shades, choose the paper of the appropriate color. For the standard sheet A-4, the strips are 5-7 millimeters wide. Then tightly twist the stripes into tight skeins. If desired, they can be given the wrong shape: press the corners slightly to create a rhombus, an oval, a polygon. Each hank is glued onto the cardboard with the help of PVA glue. We fill the entire field of the future snowflake with such coils and allow the product to dry out. It will take at least two hours. In order to give the snowflake a more elegant look, you can glue the perimeter and center of each bundle with rhinestones or beads. This technique allows you to make your own hands, not only snowflakes, but also a snowman, a Christmas tree, a star. Application of lace Very small children can be invited to perform an applique. To do this, you will need:

  • Sheet of cardboard (not white).
  • White thin lace.
  • Pieces of foam plastic.
  • PVA glue.

Billets for crafting you have to doyourself. To do this, from the lace, cut out several identical parts, and also make a sketch on the cardboard. Further, involve the child - the rest of the work he will be able to do with his own hands. We paste the workpieces onto the cardboard: with the help of a brush, apply glue and tightly press the lace. To make the original edging, you can dab the brush in the glue, then into the fine foamy crumb and walk around the perimeter of the snowflake. winter handmade crafts for kindergarten tips

What are the Christmas trees

The herringbone, made by own hands, will bring to the childas much joy as the real forest beauty. So, what can you make an artificial Christmas tree from? Yes, from any handy material! Let's consider some variants. Option 1 - classic For this craft, you will need large cedar cones, a sheet of cardboard, thread and glue.

  • From the cardboard we make a cone, which is well bonded with adhesive tape, stapler or glue;
  • We tie the thread to the base of each pin;
  • Thread the grease with glue and attach all bumps to the blank of cardboard so that it is completely closed;
  • We put the Christmas tree in a flower pot, and the base is decorated with tinsel.

All babies love to decorate New Year's beautywith their own hands, then give them this opportunity! To do this, you need a thin brush and a white or bronze paint. We dip the brush in the color you like and easily spend on each bump. Everything - the Christmas tree sparkled with festive splendor. And with the help of beads, buttons, plasticine and foil we make other decorations. Option 2 - soft For crafts you will need: cardboard, sintepon, green felt or velvet, scissors, glue, ornaments.

  • We cut out a thin sintepon according to the dimensions of the cardboard sheet and paste it. You can use a stapler, in this case you have to close the staples with edge;
  • From the green fabric we cut out the triangles. For each triangle, we slightly bend the edges inwards to impart volume along the contour, and glue them in the appropriate order to the soft cardboard;
  • Actually the Christmas tree itself is ready. It is necessary to allow it to dry thoroughly, after which you can start decorating. As it used sequins and rhinestones.

Option 3 - sparkling spruce Perhaps the most simple option. Such crafts the child can make practically without assistance. For a Christmas tree you will need: cardboard, stapler, tinsel.

  • From the cardboard it is necessary to build a cone with a strong base, which will not allow the tree to overturn;
  • Then you need a long and fluffy tinsel. It looks interesting green with a white touch, but any other will do;
  • We wind the tinsel on the cone so that there are no gaps, we fasten it in several places with a stapler. The Christmas tree for the kindergarten is ready.

Bear in the north

Winter crafts are not only snowflakes, spruce andsnowmen. Let's take a look at a master class that will tell you how to make a nice polar bear with your own hands. It will take "soft cardboard", made according to the previous version (blue sintepon plus cardboard), white sintepon, marker or beads.

  • To the cardboard is attached a blue or blue sintepon, imitating snow;
  • A figure from a white sintepon cuts out a bear figure and is pasted onto a cardboard blank;
  • Using a comb with small denticles, we comb out the little animal so that its "fur" is slightly rasstohmatalsya;
  • With the help of a marker, we draw eyes, ears, and nose. Beads can also be used for these purposes.

winter crafts for your kindergarten

Variety of garlands

From candy wrappers Candy wrappers are rubbish,which flies to the basket? And in vain! Of these, you can make a rather original winter crafts, for example, Christmas garlands. Start collecting candy wrappers as early as possible and be sure to involve the child in the process. He will really like this idea, and the day when it will be possible to implement it, he will wait with impatience. If you can not collect enough wrappers, you can replace them with a multi-colored foil. So, we begin. Prepare candy wrappers, foil, thick yarn and gypsy needle. Roll the paper blanks into an accordion. Now take the needle and thread and string the wrappers, trying to push them to each other as tightly as possible. At the same time unfold one wrapper along, the other - across. As a result, you will get a "fluffy" tinsel-garland - a very original hand-made kindergarten craft. From cones To begin with, cut the tips of the knobs with nippers to give them a rounded shape. Each piece is processed with white gouache (or another like paint). We take a strong thick thread, wet it in PVA and glue it to the bases of the cones. As soon as the garland is completely dried, we adorn her herringbone.

Christmas decorations

The most famous New Year decoration isChristmas ball. And you can do it yourself. To create a craft, you will need: a balloon, threads of a mule of different colors, glue PVA. So, what should I do?

  • Inflate the balloon to the required size;
  • Soak the threads in a lot of glue, let them soak;
  • Slightly wring out, wrap the thread on the ball. And the density of the winding depends solely on your assiduity;
  • You can sprinkle the entire product with a shiny hair spray;
  • Let the craft work dry. This will take at least eight hours;
  • Using a thin needle, gently pierce the ball and release the air;
  • If there is an opportunity to untie it - it will be wonderful. The main thing is that the ball does not burst before the time;
  • Remove the rest of the ball through loosely threaded threads.

Christmas tree, decorated with such balls, will look unusual, and children will get a lot of fun, dressing up the forest beauty toys made by themselves. winter crafts for your kindergarten recommendations

New Year card

What can be more beautiful than a gift madechild alone? Both mother and kindergarten teacher will like the New Year's card, in which the child has put all his love. You will need: cardboard, PVA glue, scraps of cloth and a lot of children's (well, of course, yours) fantasy. What to depict on such a postcard? Yes, anything, anything! The kid himself will tell the idea. Usually the children choose any options related to the winter: snowmen, forest animals, fir-trees and Santa Claus. When the image is selected, prepare the pieces of tissue of the desired shapes and sizes, as well as cardboard. To decorate the plain-looking cardboard, you can glue it with foil, colored paper or cloth. Interestingly and unusually "Scotland" looks. Now it's up to the baby. Let him collect the mosaic from the scraps himself. A lot of positive emotions are ensured! In addition, such creativity develops the logic and motor skills of the fingers. As you had time to be convinced, there are a lot of ideas for independent manufacture of winter hand-made articles. And here it is necessary to build on the child's age, from his perseverance and desire. Be sure to do creative work with children! This process will bring pleasure to you, and so the children's joy will not be the limit. But this is real happiness!