Handbags-clutches: fashionable, stylish, original Without a clutch bag, it's hard to imagine a modern woman today - this elegant accessory, once made use of by Coco Chanel, has become extremely popular in recent years. Miniature - this is nothing like a modified purse,which the ladies had to wear beforehand. He was replaced by a clutch, which was originally an accessory for celebrations. Handbag without small handles, worn, wrapped around the base, looks very stylish, it is ideal for a party or a theater. Classic clutch allows you to have with a powder box, credit card, mobile phone. But the requirements of today led to the fact that these handbags increased their volumes, and now in the clutch freely wear a cosmetic bag, diary, glossy magazine, etc. It is not surprising that such , which have become much more functional, you canTo see not only at the parties, but also in offices, on the streets. Although there are mini-clutches that can be placed in the palm of your hand. Most often they are used by movie and show business stars for the passage along the red carpet at film festivals and other similar events. As for the shape of these original handbags, the clutch designers offer a variety of models. Many similar products have a handle, in some cases it is unfastened, which gives the clutch a classic look. Modern handbags can be supplied with a handle-loop, such models are worn, hanging on the wrist. Materials for making miniature bags are silk, artificial leather, crocodile leather, etc. Gold and precious stones are used as decorations of elite models, in more democratic versions, rhinestones, feathers, and beads are used. It is clear that the prices for modern clutches can vary quite significantly. Solid can offer potential customersas designer handbags from crocodile leather, and economical models from the usual dense fabric. So, so fashionable accessory can have not only a business lady, but also any student. Clutch bags are selected in the tone of clothes or according to the principle of contrast with the color scheme of the outfit. Curiously, the popularity of this type of handbag has had an impact on the manner of wearing the usual bags. Have you noticed that many women wear them now, ignoring the handles of their bags? We advise you to read: