Domino game rules with pictures

Dominoes with pictures look like an adult. But instead of dots on the knuckles are colorful drawings. It is much more interesting for kids to play with such chips, because they still don’t know how to count and they don’t see the difference between the number of points. In addition, the chips are made of wood, so that they can be safely given even to one-year-old dominoThe rules of playing dominoes are similar to adults and are very simple. Photo: Getty The rules of the game for kids are simple and intuitive. The instruction will help to understand them:

  • All knuckles are turned "face" down.
  • Each player takes 6 chips, not showing them to others. The remaining bones are deposited in the reserve.
  • If more than four people participate, you can distribute 5 chips at once.
  • The first move is made by the one that has a chip with identical patterns on both sides. This knuckle is laid out in the center of the field.
  • The next player puts the chip with the same image in any direction from the first double.
  • The move goes to the players in a clockwise direction.
  • If someone does not have a chip with a suitable pattern,then he takes the knuckle in reserve. If she does not fit, then the move goes to the next opponent. And also the move is skipped when the chips end in reserve.
  • The winner of the competition will be the one who first puts all the chips on the playing field.
  • You can add children to this board game.starting at 3 years old. But the younger kids will be happy to build knuckles with different designs. And even this lesson will be useful, because such exercises improve the coordination of baby hands.

    How to play with small children

    Do not expect the child to immediately understand all the subtleties of the game of dominoes. For starters, it is better to simplify the competition a bit:

    • Take for the game not all knuckles, but only those on which there are 3-4 images.
    • Give out 4–5 chips at once.
    • Build chains with the child in one direction.
    • Put open chips on the table and reserve. Then you can tell the kid the next move.
    • The first competition is held without a "bank". But look, so that after several moves a “fish” does not arise.

    Playing dominoes takes a lot of fun for children. In addition, such competitions are great influence on the development of kids. Therefore, it is necessary to attach the child to them as soon as possible.