Unique moments of proximityPhoto: Getty Images

1. The proximity of mother and child

The first argument is perhaps the most important. We are gradually moving away from the “dark times”, when children were fed by the clock, did not take them in their arms, and allowed them to cry inconsolably for hours in the crib until exhaustion. Now the idea of ​​natural parenthood is being actively promoted, which has even reached maternity hospitals: the child is spread on the mother’s belly immediately after birth, applied to the breast, and they approve of the baby’s joint residence with the mother from the very beginning. In nature, children have an expectation or even the need for inseparability with their mother: for nine months she was their world, therefore in the new and changed environment it is extremely important for them to hear this familiar heartbeat, to feel breath, to feel the warmth of their body and hands. Only in this way their world becomes a little more familiar, calmer and more harmonious. This is a theory of psychologists. And what in practice? I miss the time when my son was placed in a sling and was tied (in all senses) to me. This feeling of unity does not give a hug! When at any moment you can put your finger in a tiny palm, when you kiss on the unforgettable smell of the crown, nothing else in the world seems so important.

2. The possibility of breastfeeding without extra spectators

Breastfeeding has become a fashion trendespecially if it is long. In fact, this is another postulate of natural parenthood. Today, even doctors recommend breastfeeding, because there is nothing more useful for the baby and his immunity. Among other things, it is still a question of putting the child to the breast on demand, that is, on the first squeak. Then it seems to moms that they will have to sit in four walls all the time: what if he wants to go on a walk on the street? Here the sling comes to the rescue. No one will notice what the kid is doing under the scarf: both the child is happy, and the mother has nothing to be ashamed of.Photo: Getty Images

3. Mobility

Sling is absolutely indispensable when traveling aslong distances, for example, on the streets of Paris, and on close, say, to the store. It is much more convenient to move with the child in the bosom, than with a bulky stroller. The same applies to airplanes and any public transport. In addition, I wore a child in a sling to the clinic, when the vaccination was coming - in his cozy little world he calmed down faster after an unpleasant procedure. It is also useful to know: