Best teethers: reviewsThere are many types of teethers on the market forThe appearance of the first teeth is a signal: the baby's body is ready to switch to a new type of nutrition. Each mother, according to different signs, can understand that the baby's gums are itching. He becomes restless, starts pulling everything into his mouth - from his fists to items of clothing. Modern industry has come up with a special tool to help mom in such a situation - a teether. These are special toys that help your child relieve itchy gums. There are different options for helping toys. There are models for the first teeth, for the middle and for the back. With and without filler. Made of silicone and latex. How to know which teethers are best? First of all, pay attention to the country of origin. Of course, it is better to prefer a European toy to a Chinese one. Latex teethers are softer, but silicone ones will last longer. By the way, it is noticed that the harder the object that the child pulls into the mouth, the easier it is for his gums. When choosing a toy with a filler, look at the quality of the material so that when a tooth appears, it is impossible to bite through it, and the filler does not get into the baby's mouth. And, of course, the shape: it should be comfortable for the child to hold it in his hands and bite, and it should be impossible to swallow it. Some people prefer to buy filled toys because they can be chilled in the freezer and the cold relieves itchy gums. In fact, how to use a teether will be up to the baby to decide - despite his age, he already has his own preferences. Nevertheless, many mothers still believe that the best teether is either his own finger, or a carrot and an apple. Dr. Komarovsky tells about this in more detail in our video. ?