turpentine baths The bath is a medical-hygienicprocedure, during which the body is immersed in water or in another liquid medium. For many centuries, mankind has been practicing the use of medical baths, because such baths are the most effective method of improving the body as a whole. With the help of medicinal baths, it is possible to prevent a lot of diseases, get rid of symptoms, improve overall health. Such baths can not only remove temporary phenomena, but also eliminate the very cause of ailment or disease. Baths provide for immersion not only in the liquid. So, for example, resting on the sea, you get the effect of solar, air and sea baths. But not only on the shores of the seas can you improve your health. An excellent result can be obtained at home, by preparing a bath of sea salt or Dead Sea salt, an aromatic bath with essential oils, turpentine baths or pearls. Turpentine baths

Kinds of baths

All the baths are divided into several types:

  • with a constant water temperature are cold (below 20 degrees), cool (from 20 to 33 degrees), indifferent (34 or 36 degrees), warm (37-39 degrees) and hot (above 40 degrees);
  • Baths with variable temperature - local (local) and general;
  • contrast - cold (the temperature varies from 10 to 24 degrees) and hot (from 38 to 42 degrees);
  • combined - baths, combined with massage, vibration and so on.

Depending on the duration of the bath,be short - up to 5 minutes, usual - up to 15 minutes, long - several hours. To obtain a therapeutic effect, baths with a duration slightly longer than usual, that is, up to half an hour, are often used. how to take turpentine baths

Healing baths

Turpentine baths for healing and rejuvenationThe basis of this type of water healing procedures is the use of resin from coniferous trees, which improve blood circulation in tissues, their nutrition, prevent many diseases. Baths with natural resins are able to open closed capillaries and vessels, as if animating the activity of all skin cells. Water with plant extracts can rejuvenate the body, improve the appearance of the skin. Turpentine baths are one of the best methods of preventing heart attacks and strokes. There is also a special subspecies of turpentine baths - Zalman baths (capillary baths). A person who will take such baths correctly can improve their cardiovascular system, digestive tract, respiratory and nervous system. In addition, such baths help in the treatment of diseases of the blood system, endocrine system, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis, mastitis, throat and nose disease. For women, turpentine baths are very useful in inflammatory processes of the sexual organs - endometritis, salpingitis, adnexitis. Such baths cope with the symptoms of scleroderma, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus. A direct indication for the use of turpentine baths are diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system - with osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout. rickets, muscle atrophy, fractures and other diseases. In order to prepare a turpentine bath, use a white emulsion or a yellow solution that contains a gum extract. Such an extract is obtained from coniferous trees. Sometimes prescribed and the course of baths using a mixed extract. Such turpentine baths can be taken to obtain a thermal effect, which activates the production of biologically active substances (histamine and carbon dioxide). This stimulates the immune system, removes toxic substances from the body. It is necessary to take correct turpentine baths for 15-20 minutes at a water temperature of 36-37 degrees Celsius. Course - 10-12 baths daily or every other day. Sea baths for beauty and health In sea water, there are many useful and valuable minerals and vitamins. They perfectly influence not only the external appearance, but also the inner state of a person. Sea water can compete in efficiency with a session by a massage therapist or several packs of multivitamins. But if you do not have the opportunity to pamper yourself with rest at sea, then a bath with sea salt can be made at home. Sea salt is saturated with a multitude of trace elements, minerals that have medicinal properties. The Dead Sea salt, for example, can be purchased in kind or with various additives. Net salt of the Dead Sea contains more than 25 minerals and trace elements. On 20% it consists of salt (sodium chloride), and 80% is chlorine, calcium, bromine, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Common table salt consists of 90% sodium chloride and only 10% other compounds. Often in the sea bath and add aromatic oils, which makes the skin softer, restore its smoothness and improve its appearance. Taking sea baths is also necessary, then the result will not make you wait. Typically, the rate is 10-15 procedures daily or every other day. In the bathroom you need to dissolve 700-800 grams of sea salt. The residence time in the water is 20 minutes. Sunbaths to improve well-being The sun on the seashore is not only a seductive tan, but also an active development of vitamin D, which is so important for our health, which is very valuable for bone tissue. In a day it's enough to stay in the sun for only ten minutes, and the reserves of this vitamin will be replenished in the body. In the warm season, sun baths have beneficial healing properties, which no other natural factor of healing the body has. If a person is isolated from the sun for a long time, he does not receive vitamin D, that is, he simply does not form in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. This disrupts the activity of all organs and systems, reduces the assimilation of calcium by bone tissue. The effect of sunbathing depends largely on the humidity and purity of the air. A great role is also played by the terrain - the beach by the sea, the rivers or lakes, the highlands, the valley, the city. Scientists have proven that dust or smoke reduces the intensity of ultraviolet radiation by 25%. The best time for sunbathing is the morning - until 11 pm. Although in the spring or autumn sunbathing can be taken in the daytime. Mud baths for detoxification For the preparation of mud baths use natural mud. This method of treatment is also called peloidotherapy. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the use of silt sediments of fresh lakes and sulphide silt mud, which are mined at the bottom of the seas and estuaries. Mud improve the skin, rejuvenate it, increase blood circulation, nourish with useful trace elements and substances, and remove toxins and harmful compounds. Mud baths are prescribed for diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, blood system, circulatory disorders, certain skin and eye diseases. On average, to get a good effect, it's enough to take 10-15 baths every other day. The water temperature should be up to 39 degrees. Aromatic bath with essential oils At home, you can take an aromatherapy session by taking a bath with essential oils. This procedure does not take much time, only it is necessary to select the right oil to get the desired effect - relaxation, toning, improving blood circulation, rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory effect, purification, anti-cellulite effect. A few drops of essential oil are enough for one bath. You can also add broths of herbs or milk, sea salt. The water temperature should not be more than 38 degrees, take an aromatic bath should be 20-30 minutes. After consulting with a doctor, everyone can choose the appropriate and most suitable kind of bath for themselves to improve the body and improve well-being. All baths can be taken at home, the main thing is to do it right. Then you can get the maximum result without using any pharmaceuticals, but only natural remedies that make our planet rich. Never forget that the main value is health. Take care of it and improve! We advise you to read: