skin allergy Skin allergies can occur completelysuddenly and practically in any person, even if before he had never encountered her. And there is a kind of allergic reaction in both adults and children. Therefore, every woman should know how skin allergy is manifested and what needs to be done in such a situation. It may well be that one day this knowledge will be very useful to you. Of course, it is unlikely to manage without medical assistance, and to no avail - self-medication has not led anyone to the good. Do not treat allergies as an importunate fly and just brush it off. Any allergic reaction indicates a malfunction in the body and, in the first place, problems with the immune system.

What is an allergy?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what is meant byits essence is allergic, especially since it is not so difficult. The main defense of any organism is the immune system, which reacts to the penetration of viruses and bacteria properly. But sometimes it also fails - in case of ingestion of an allergen, immunity raises a false alarm. And do you know what is most interesting? At the very first contact with the allergen, no external manifestations will be noticed by a person. But in the body will begin a tumultuous process - the immune system perceives matter as an aggressor, which must be destroyed and mobilizes all its forces. The so-called sensitization begins, which lasts about a month - during this period, the body produces a huge amount of immunoglobulin E. But when a person contacts the allergen again, a histamine is formed in the body. And it is histamine that causes typical allergy symptoms - a runny nose, coughing, lacrimation, skin rashes. They can be like all at once, and only some of them. But today we are talking about skin allergy, so you need to tell more about exactly its signs:

  • Rash

In the first place there are rashes. The rash can be very different - any size and any shape. But in most cases, of course, there is an allergic urticaria - rashes, which in appearance look very similar to the most common nettle burn. The rash can be localized as in some specific place, and spread throughout the body. But most often it is the inner side of the forearm, hips, stomach and back.

  • Color of rashes

The color of the rashes may also vary frompale pink to bright red. It depends on several factors - from the time of contact on the allergen, on the type of allergen, on the individual characteristics of each individual person. The most vivid rashes are at the very beginning, after they have just appeared.

  • Discomfortable sensations

It is only natural that rashes are delivereda certain discomfort - they are quite itchy, and sometimes even ache a bit. The intensity of these sensations can vary greatly, depending on the severity of the allergic reaction. unpleasant allergy on the skin

What can provoke an allergy?

It is very difficult to predict which substancescan provoke an allergy - each person is unique, like his immune system. But nevertheless doctors allocate the whole group of allergens which provoke attacks more often. Therefore, the first thing you should do when facing an allergy is to analyze whether you had any contacts with any of the following allergens:

  • Pollen of plants

The strongest spike in allergic reactionsis observed in spring and summer, when different plants bloom - it is their pollen that becomes the provoking factor. Such plants include: birch, alder, linden, elder, apple, apricot, corn, wheat and plantain. It is generally believed that pollen causes exclusively pollinosis, an allergic rhinitis. However, in fact, this is not at all - in some cases, there are allergic skin rashes.

  • Food

Very often, an allergy occurs due to consumptioncertain food products. Citrus, nuts, chicken eggs and meat, cow's milk, red apples, strawberries, pork, crab meat, seafood, all artificial preservatives and colorants - they provoke more than half of all cases of allergic reaction. Especially often the allergy to foods develops in children, but adults from this, of course, also are not insured.

  • Chemical substances

Cosmetics, perfumes, washing-up liquids,washing powders, sprays for windows - modern man surrounds a huge number of a wide variety of chemical compounds. And there is nothing surprising in that, sooner or later, the immune system can fail and the body will respond with an allergic reaction. Most often, allergies on the skin are provoked by hair dyes, deodorants, antiperspirants, dishwashing detergents. Therefore, remember if there were any new types of chemistry - for example, not the remedy for the dishes that you used to use, not the hand cream or something else.

  • A bite of an insect

Summer - it's time not only the tender sun andgreen grass, as well as mosquitoes, bees, bumblebees and other animals. The bite of any insect can lead to the development of a very strong allergic reaction. And in addition to rashes on the skin can develop such a formidable complication, like pulmonary edema.

Diagnosis of allergies

If you notice a rash on the skin, immediatelyseek help from an allergist. It is necessary to do this, if only because the doctor must confirm that you have a really allergic reaction. After all, rashes on the skin can indicate a variety of diseases, and not just about allergies. Imagine what will result in self-medication in this case? But diagnosing an allergy is just half the job. It is equally important to establish an allergen - otherwise, rashes on the skin will occur again and again. And the most unpleasant thing is that every time the allergy is going to be harder. First - skin rashes, then - a runny nose and cough, and there and to bronchial asthma not far away. Very gloomy prospect, do not you think? And to understand what exactly allergens your body reacts to, only a doctor can. And then only after a series of tests - blood tests, special tests. Incidentally, they are very reliable - they can identify the "culprit of the celebration" with a probability of about 95%. And at home, you can only guess what you're allergic to. Well, is not it an occasion to see a doctor? Most often, doctors do the following test. On the inside of the forearm with a special medical needle, shallow scratches are made - certainly, the sensations are not very pleasant, but you can suffer. Then on these scratches droplets of simple water are applied, in which various allergens are dissolved. After about 15 minutes the doctor will assess the condition of the skin around the scratches. If it is swollen or reddened - a person is allergic to this substance. At one time, about 15 different allergens are tested, so in some cases, more than one such testing may be needed. allergy to skin treatment

Treatment of allergies

As already mentioned, the course of treatment for allergiesshould choose a doctor, taking into account the peculiarities of each case. But it is not always possible to consult a doctor immediately, so it is so important to know how to provide first aid. But remember - even if you feel much better and allergy symptoms disappear, you still need to visit a doctor. Of course, if you do not want the allergy to become a common occurrence for you.

  • Elimination of the allergen

The very first thing you have to do is to stopcontact with the allergen. Of course, it will be possible only if you know what exactly triggered the development of allergies. In all other cases, the sick person should be placed in a hypoallergenic environment - for example, in a bedroom where the impact of external factors is minimal. If only you are not big "lucky" and you are not faced with an allergy to house dust.

  • Medications

On TV you can see a huge amountadvertising antiallergic drugs, promising immediate relief. Do not experiment - the maximum that can be taken without agreement with a doctor - this is the usual suprastin or claritin. If the skin itch is very strong, you can buy fenistil gel. Incidentally, it is not superfluous to drink the most common activated charcoal - at the rate of one tablet for every 5 kilograms of weight.

  • Aids

If there were no medications nearby,you can try improvised means. In a cup, place five tablespoons of ordinary oatmeal, pour boiling water and leave for an hour. Then eat an improvised oat porridge - it will replace the activated charcoal. In order to eliminate the severe itching of the rashes, make soda lotions. In one glass of cold water, dissolve three tablespoons of soda, moisten the resulting solution with small gauze napkins and apply to the rashes for 15 minutes. If the napkin dries earlier, moisten it again.

Prevention of allergies

To remove an attack of an allergy in most casesit's not difficult - just a couple of days, or even earlier, the rashes on the skin will disappear. But to relax in any case it is impossible - if the allergy has declared itself once, it will not miss an opportunity to do it again. Therefore, your main task is prevention. Often this is very difficult, because allergens lie in wait for a person at every step. But nevertheless compliance with certain rules will reduce the likelihood of a re-development of an allergic reaction.

  • Limit contacts

The doctor will give you a list of allergens in your hands,which you should beware of - they must be completely eliminated from their lives. In addition, do not be too keen on household chemicals - for example, a cleaner for the stove can be replaced with soda. Minimal contact with chemicals is the minimum risk of a repeated case of cutaneous allergy. And do not forget about business gloves - they can help you out.

  • Medications

If you are allergic to that substance, contact withwhich completely excluded simply unrealistic, you will have to constantly take medications. It goes without saying that the treatment course in this case should be prescribed only by a doctor - you yourself alone will break down the firewood.

  • Strengthening immunity

Measures aimed atstrengthening the immune system. And it's not difficult to do this - a full-fledged diet, sleep is not less than 8 hours a day, multivitamin preparations and physical activity. But it's all effective only if you do not have serious health problems. Otherwise, you will need the advice of an immunologist. In any case, do not despair, if you have allergic rashes - with the right and timely treatment of allergies can be fully controlled. And the quality of your life will not suffer at all.