how to get rid of a cough An excruciating cough - this is what I experienced onown experience almost every one of us. It occurs for various reasons and is often a sign of a disease of the lungs or upper respiratory tract. Cough can be provoked by tobacco smoke, corrosive gases, ingestion of food particles and many other factors. It can be called even by strong excitement or excessive emotional stress. But, regardless of the source of its origin, cough is always unpleasant, and in the event that it becomes protracted, it is completely unbearable. And during pregnancy, coughing is generally unacceptable. How to get rid of a cough in one day? First of all, you need to determine what kind of cough - wet or dry. With a dry cough, sputum is not excreted, whereas a wet cough is necessarily accompanied by its excretion. Treatment of a wet cough completely different in its specificity from the treatment of a dry cough, and its treatment during pregnancy has its own specifics.

Treatment of cough with folk remedies

Treat a wet cough, like a dry cough, whenthe first signs of its appearance can be at home. It is not always expedient to start it with the use of antibiotics or some other medicine. Treatment of cough folk remedies includes fairly simple techniques that allow you to get rid of it in a short time. But not all of them can be used during pregnancy. There are several proven tips on how to get rid of cough at home.

  • One of them is as follows: boil a glass of milk, pour into it two tablespoons of dry figs, bring the mixture to a boil and press for thirty minutes. Then it is ground to a homogeneous mass and take half a cup two to four times a day. Suitable for use during pregnancy.
  • Another tip is how to get rid of a strong cough: mix in equal proportions honey and cranberry juice. Wet cough can be eliminated with the help of such a composition: one glass of lime honey, one glass of lime blossom and half a glass of birch buds, pour half a glass of water and simmer for five minutes. Then mix the mixture and add aloe and honey to it. The solution is taken one tablespoon three to four times a day. During pregnancy, such a drug should be used cautiously.
  • How can I get rid of dry cough by collecting various herbs?

  • Two parts of leaves of mother-and-stepmother, two parts of altheaand one part of oregano, which together form one tablespoon, is poured with half a liter of boiling water and insisted for four hours in a tightly closed container. Then the mixture is filtered, wrung out and in a warm form is taken half a cup, like a drink, all day. When pregnancy drink infusion is undesirable.
  • Wet cough treatment involves this: cooked for a few minutes, the viburnum berries are wiped through a sieve and mixed with honey in equal proportions. The received composition is taken during the day. When pregnancy should reduce the amount of honey.
  • In addition, a wet cough can be treated like this: two tablespoons of collection from one part of the wild rosemary, two parts of the althea root, two parts of the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother are poured into half a liter of boiling water and insisted for four hours in a tightly closed container. Then the mixture is filtered, squeezed and taken half the glass several times a day. During pregnancy, this infusion is best not to drink.
  • Cough can be relieved with the help of badgerfat - it's just a magic tool! Long ago our ancestors used badger fat from a long cough along with bear fat, rubbing their breasts for a few days. The drug is completely harmless in pregnancy. With his help it was possible to get rid of the protracted indisposition for a very short time. Treatment of cough with folk remedies has long been recognized as one of the best ways to eliminate this problem without much difficulty. Treatment of cough with folk remedies in children is as relevant as in adults. how to get rid of cough at home

    Treatment of cough in children

    Coughing is nothing more than a strong exhalationmovements, which, as a rule, occur reflexively, when the body tries to get rid of the stimulus that has got on the mucosa. It can be like bacteria, or food or dust. Both dry cough and cough with phlegm in children is a protective reaction of the body, cleansing the airways. Many diseases of the respiratory tract are accompanied by a cough. With each of these diseases, the cough has a certain character: dry, superficial, barking, paroxysmal, with phlegm. Wet cough in the baby. General recommendations how to help the baby The temperature of the air in the room where the sick child is, should not exceed 22-24 degrees Celsius. Do not wrap the baby, especially the baby. If the room is dry air, then it must be moistened and regularly ventilate the room. For the treatment of wet cough in children, pharmacological drugs are used:

    • expectorants: Licorice root, Mucaltin, Leaves of plantain, thyme, coltsfoot, Solutan, Pertusin, Broncholitin, Potassium iodide are prescribed for bronchitis and colds
    • mucolytic drugs: Bromhexine, Carbocysteine, ATSTS, Ambrosol and Mesna are prescribed for pneumonia, bronchitis
    • Combined preparations: Doctor IOM, Kodelak Fito are appointed for colds, ARVI and ARI

    Cough is different

    Usually in children of the first year of life, all coldsthe disease is accompanied by a cough. Wet coughing in a baby becomes when sputum appears in the airways. Sometimes with a cold in children in the morning there is a cough. This cough is due to the fact that mucus enters the respiratory tract, but a cough of this nature should not cause concern to parents. Dry cough in infants Dry cough is usually painful and obtrusive. If the child with a hard cough, at the first time for cough relief, softening and moisturizing agents are prescribed. For children under one year, special preparations are made in the form of drops or syrup. To treat cough in infants up to six months, it is not recommended to use irritants such as, for example, marshmallows. For effective treatment, it is recommended that you combine the use of thinned medication with massage. However, children up to 6 months are contraindicated with breast rasping, antihistamines, and steam inhalations. That the sputum did not accumulate, it is necessary to change position of a body of the kid more often. Such a disease as acute bronchitis and acute respiratory viral infection is accompanied with a dry cough at the very beginning, which then gradually becomes wet with sputum within two to three days. This course of the disease is natural. However, if a wet cough and fever lasts for several days, and the child's condition worsens, the pediatrician should be consulted immediately. Inflammation of the trachea is accompanied by a deaf and coarse cough. A peculiar barking cough is the result of inflammation of the larynx (laryngitis). This disease can give a serious complication - false croup or stenosis of the larynx. As a result of the edema of the mucous membrane of the larynx, there is a sharp narrowing of the airway lumen. With this condition, the child becomes difficult to breathe, because air can hardly enter the respiratory tract. Sometimes even a perfectly healthy child during play or eating may experience a sudden attack of dry cough. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that the foreign body has not got into the respiratory tract. It can be like a piece of food, and any small detail. Wet cough. How to treat folk remedies? Treatment of wet cough in children with folk remedies is the same for all: children from 6 months to 4 years of herbal infusions and infusions are encouraged to take one teaspoon three times a day. From four to ten years - one dessert spoon three times a day. Children from 10 years - one tablespoon three times a day. We offer several popular recipes for cough treatment in children:

    • Good results in the treatment of coughing give a therapeutic drink made from milk and birch juice in a proportion of 1: 2 with the addition of a small amount of starch or flour.
    • Juice of onion, mixed with honey in equal proportions, helps with cough caused by colds, whooping cough and bronchitis.
    • If the cough does not allow the baby to fall asleep in the evening, let him drink a glass of hot boiled water at night with the addition of 2 drops of iodine tincture.
    • If the cough worries in the morning after waking up - will help a broth of garlic mixed with a thick sugar syrup and a small amount of starch. It is recommended to eat immediately after sleep once a day.
    • The medicine, made from radish with honey, softens and soothes cough.

    Treatment of cough in children is different in that the mixtureare prepared only in daily doses, depending on the age of the child. Treatment of cough in children under one year should be quite cautious, since the reaction of a small organism to even seemingly harmless folk remedies can be unpredictable. If the child well tolerates folk remedies, then the cough treatment in children up to one year is limited to the fact that the total amount of the medicinal collection taken by the child should not exceed 0.5-1 teaspoon per day in dry form. It should be remembered that treatment with folk remedies can be combined with taking medications only after such a combination is approved by the doctor. Otherwise there may be incompatibility of means, which can cause negative reactions of the organism. If treatment is chosen, it is carried out regularly and for a long time, and cough still does not pass, then you should consult a pulmonologist and undergo an appropriate examination: do blood tests, bronchoscopy, x-rays and so on. We advise you to read: