allergy to alcohol Everyone knows that alcohol consumption is dangerous forhealth. Unfortunately, not all products coming to store shelves meet the established standards and requirements. The lion's share of alcoholic beverages is a low-quality counterfeit, which contains so many different poisons and additives that even it is difficult to imagine. Perhaps your body will withstand such an attack, and you will not get poisoned. But next time you may have an allergy to alcohol. And it's not a joke!

How is an allergy to alcoholic beverages manifested?

It is unlikely that you will become ill only after the tenthglasses of vodka or cognac. Usually the body immediately reacts to alcohol (problems with the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach begin). If nausea, vomiting, dizziness and pain occur the next morning after you have drunk four bottles of wine on the eve, then it's a banal hangover. Try next time not to exceed your rate, then everything will be fine. So, if you are allergic to alcohol, after the drunk glass there will be the following symptoms:

  • redness on the face, limbs or completely on the entire body;
  • nausea, pain in the stomach (similar to exacerbation of gastritis);
  • red spots on the skin (as with diathesis), itching, flaking, cracks;
  • extremely fast and strong intoxication even with a small amount of drunk;
  • swelling of the skin of the face, accompanied by bruises under the eyes;
  • coryza;
  • Strong headache;
  • exacerbation of asthma;
  • significant pressure and temperature jumps;
  • tachycardia;
  • in the worst cases - a violation of breathing, suffocation.

In such cases it is necessary to urgently call a brigadeambulance, so that the patient was taken to the clinic and put to him a dropper. After cleansing the patient, the patient remains under the supervision of doctors for a few more days to avoid relapse. In the future, allergies will have to avoid almost all alcoholic beverages. Sometimes it's hard to understand that a person is allergic to alcohol. Chills, pale skin, runny nose, lacrimation, pressure drop, sore throat, dry cough, including at night - such symptoms are usually attributed to poor health, a cold. If, after the celebration, there is fever, nausea, meteorisms, abdominal pain, loose stools, most of us will think that we have poisoned with stale meat, salad, etc. Unfortunately, many of the fair sex, faced with the above symptoms, believe that they are not significant and not dangerous. In addition, external manifestations often quickly pass. As you have already understood, an allergy to alcohol can manifest itself exactly as usual. Only after a complete examination and taking tests for the detection of an allergen you will be able to figure out what you really feel so bad about. Therefore, do not self-medicate, but immediately contact the expert in narcology and immunology. If you do not do anything, then next time everything can end sadly, up to a lethal outcome. In fact, a lot of people die because of allergies to alcohol. allergy to alcohol tips

Alcohol and allergies: everything you did not know about before

What is most interesting, alcohol (that is, ethylalcohol) is not an immediate cause of allergies. Undoubtedly, it is toxic, causing damage to organs, the central nervous system. Having drunk, for example, a bottle of vodka, a person can easily get poisoned. But next time, if you use an order of magnitude less, you will not be bad. If you are allergic to alcohol, seizures will be repeated every time you take a glass with a drink. The causes of allergy to alcoholic beverages As researchers have established, an alcohol allergy may appear in two cases. The first is when various impurities become allergens or haptens. For example, it can be dyes that are added to cheap low-alcohol beverages, flavors, emulsifiers, flavor stabilizers, etc. To avoid relapse, you should buy high-quality alcoholic beverages. Note that the molecule of alcohol is so small that our immune system simply does not respond to it. But after she connects with proteins, a hapten appears. Its distinctive feature is that it does not cause a reaction at once, but can become an allergen the next time. And all because our body on foreign elements immediately begins to produce antibodies. So, you already understood that the allergy to alcohol manifests itself on the second or third time. Therefore, avoid drinks in which there are too many chemical additives. Usually this problem occurs in people who abuse alcohol for a long time and are dependent on them. Remember once and for all: punch, rum, liquor, wine, cognac - all this is under the strictest locked. The same goes for beer. If before it was made only from barley malt, then now a natural drink can not be found. In extreme cases, always read the composition. And if there are unknown components unknown to you, whose names are even difficult to read and remember, do not buy such products. Much more difficult is the case with alcoholic beverages that do not have color. It would seem that you can add there? Really, good expensive vodka does not make sense to spoil, it and so in great demand. Unfortunately, this does not apply to a very cheap product or counterfeit. Sometimes alcoholic beverages are not even purified from fusel oils. As a result, acute food poisoning. In the second case, alcohol, contained in alcoholic beverages, adversely affects the work of our organs, because of which the protective mechanism of the immune system decreases. Inside I start to get various allergens. Sometimes the body produces them. It does not matter what kind of alcohol you drink. The reaction will be the same for both cheap and expensive products. Why did you have an allergy? You just drank one glass of wine, and your face already has red spots that are very itchy. Why such injustice? Because of what can a person suddenly have an allergy to alcohol? In fact, the problem lies either in the genes (which you simply did not know), or in a low quality drink.

  • Heredity

If one of your parents does not toleratealcohol, you could inherit it. In this case, it is not recommended to even take medications that contain alcohol. A very small dose of tincture or cough syrup can cause anaphylactic shock. Doubt that you are ill with alcohol? To verify the presence or absence of allergies, it is recommended to donate blood. Only in this way you can identify the allergen without causing harm to your own health. But to experiment with drinks, hoping that it will not become bad, is highly discouraged!

  • Acquired allergy

As mentioned above, the allergy appearsafter drinking, in which there are harmful chemicals. Such an ailment can develop gradually and without obvious external manifestations. However, serious changes will occur inside you, organs will start to be amazed. Therefore, it is so important to constantly undergo examinations, even if you feel wonderful. If the initial stages of an allergy can manifest as a mild rash and reddening of individual parts of the body, which quickly passes, then the symptoms will begin to increase in the future. The more a representative of the fair sex drinks, the worse it becomes. Quincke's edema and bronchospastic syndrome, anaphylactic shock - such manifestations are life-threatening. Fortunately, this happens rarely. But if suddenly the body reacts in this way, a person can not even be saved. What to do with the appearance of an allergy So, you finally found out that you have intolerance to alcoholic beverages. First of all, for the time should be excluded from their diet completely all alcohol. If the allergy is not congenital, but acquired, you can gradually introduce into your life alcohol, but in very small doses. In doing so, do not forget to monitor the quality of products. Do not buy wine, vodka, cognac, etc., if you doubt their naturalness. Always require that you provide certificates in which all data regarding production and supply should be indicated. The next thing you should do is consult a doctor. Complete a complete examination. Check the kidneys, liver, heart, stomach. Sometimes low-quality alcohol causes cancer, cirrhosis and other dangerous and incurable diseases. It is better to be safe and pay for the inspection of an extra one thousand, than then to spend all the money for treatment. How to get rid of allergies to alcohol Allergy to alcohol is well treated with antihistamines. However, they can not be consumed while drinking alcohol or immediately after a tumultuous feast, otherwise it will only get worse. By the way, if you take medicine (especially antibiotics), even in small doses you can not drink alcohol. Try to find out if you feel bad about the amount of drink, the type of drink or any alcohol. It is on this will depend on your treatment. So, for example, if the allergy to strong alcohol (vodka, absinthe, cognac), then choose lighter drinks. In this case, wine and beer will do. You can make cocktails with juice. If the allergy manifests only occasionally, it does not matter what you drank - vodka or a low-alcohol drink, then you have stomach problems. In this case, doctors prescribe enzymes to their patients. By the way, an important role is played by what you eat. Choose fatty foods. And never under any circumstances drink on an empty stomach.

What if the person is ill?

In no case do not self-medicate, soas it is fraught with serious consequences. Do not buy advertised drugs without consulting your doctor in advance. Try not to take the mixture and the pills that help get rid of the hangover. It is not uncommon for people who have lip, nose, tongue, and hands to swallow after using such drugs. Immediately call an ambulance. While the doctors do not come, provide first aid: unbutton the shirt, clean the mouth of mucus, stick out the tongue. Doing such operations, do not forget to wrap your fingers around with a towel so that the patient does not bite them off during the attack. If there is no pulse, you do not hear heartbeats in the chest, make artificial mouth-to-mouth breathing and direct heart massage. If a person starts vomiting, raise it so that it does not choke. In case of chills, cover the patient and do not step back from him a single step! And in any case, do not let him fall asleep! allergy to alcohol measures

Precautions for the use of alcoholic beverages

First, always observe your norm. To relax and celebrate, you do not need to get drunk before losing your pulse. A glass of wine will help you tune in to the right mood, cheer up. In this case, you do not have to suffer the next day from headaches and hangover syndrome. Secondly, never mix drinks, even on increasing. Do not do the so-called "Ruff", when the vodka is washed down with beer. Of course, in wine, and in cognac, and in champagne, alcohol is contained. But here the way of production and processing is different for them. Having reacted with each other, they can cause allergy or poisoning. By the way, when doing cocktails at home, always observe the norm and mix only checked drinks. Third, do not skimp. Buy only quality alcohol. Think about how many manufacturers spend on harvesting (or buying raw materials), on production itself and payment of work. Plus, they need to get the proceeds from the sale. Therefore, do not take wine, vodka and other alcoholic beverages, the cost of which is below average. Expensive - not always qualitatively, remember this. Therefore, carefully read the composition. And if there is starch, pectin, flavor, identical to natural, refuse to buy. Otherwise, the next day you will have to go to the hospital to get rid of the rash on the body. If you follow the rules listed above, the allergy will never disturb you. Also, do not experiment with a drink prepared independently. What are dangerous domestic alcoholic beverages, surrogate and household chemicals

  • Wine

As mentioned above, an allergy is usuallyis acquired after consuming poor quality alcoholic beverages. Especially dangerous is the product, which contains a huge number of different synthetic additives - flavors, preservatives, dyes. Many naively believe that made at home wine will be useful or safe. And this is a pretty serious mistake. Not everyone knows, but before getting on store shelves, this drink goes through several stages of cleaning. It is unlikely that you have in the apartment are devices that remove fusel oils. In addition, the grapes that you bought on the market may contain chemicals and pesticides. Who knows what fertilized and farmed their farmers gardens. After fermentation, such "additives" will become even more toxic. Therefore, one should not be surprised if you have a rash, irritation, nausea and pain in your stomach after a glass of divine nectar.

  • Medical facilities

No less dangerous are liquids that are notare intended for internal use. Alcohol, antiseptics, solvents - the use of such drinks (even in diluted form) can lead to a fatal outcome. If you do not have enough money for a good drink, do not take risks at hand.

  • Moonshine

Moonshine is a dangerous thing. And it's not just that you can have an allergy to it. Surrogate alcohol, which is made in underground shops or at home, can cause serious poisoning. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in different countries die from counterfeit alcohol. This drink contains fusel oils, which almost corrode the stomach. One glass is enough to make it bad. Clear homemade alcohol from impurities without special tools is impossible. Therefore, do not take risks, do not engage in domestic production, even if you consider yourself a master in this business. Do not buy moonshine from second-hand. Sometimes in a surrogate withdrawn such substances dangerous to the body, such as acetone, formaldehyde, diethyl phthalate, ethyl and methyl alcohols, which are poisons, are found. Most often, all of the above is added to give the desired color, odor and strength.

  • Household chemicals

Eau de cologne, lotion, detergents, tinctures forexternal application - people manage to drink even this. Of course, this is the extreme degree of alcoholism, when a person does not care where alcohol is contained. But if you drink it by accident (having mixed the drug mixture with a bottle of some chemistry), immediately contact the hospital. They wash your stomach. If there is no way to call an ambulance, try emptying the bowels yourself. Then dilute the soda with water or buy an alkaline mineral water in the store, and drink as much liquids as possible. In addition, there are also toxic "drinks" - liquids that do not contain ethyl alcohol, which in any case cause poisoning. These can be windshield wipers, solvents, dyes. In them the main volume is made up of non-alcohol alcohols - methyl, ethylene glycol and others. Only half a glass of such a liquid can become a lethal dose.

  • Medications

In some tinctures and medicinal mixturesalso there is alcohol. In such cases, the dosage should be strictly observed. First, read the annotation. If you develop any signs of an allergy, stop taking this medication. Deterioration of the condition? Then you need to prescribe another drug. The situation is worse when the representatives of the fair sex decide to engage in self-medication. Immunologists believe that the main allergens are polysaccharides and proteins. The last in alcohol is small, but complex carbohydrates (pectin, starch, sugar substitutes) - enough. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures at home, housewives usually use not the highest quality alcohol and a large number of additives of different origin. Consumption of such liquids is much more dangerous for allergy sufferers. Therefore, if your health is important to you, do not risk it.