Successful journey The main criterion for a successful trip isexcellent rest at an optimal price. There are many ways to save on the trip: for example, you can significantly reduce the cost of the road. The experts of the online ticket purchasing service Bilet.Coral, represented by the travel company Coral Travel, disclose their secrets of profitable purchase of seats on the plane, which will be useful for every traveler.

Important Factors

  • Seasonality. It's no secret that in summer most people want to spend a holiday by the sea, and in the New Year many people choose to rest Europe or Asian countries. According to the statistics of Bilet.Coral, in July 2014, Russians most often traveled to Thailand, Spain, Turkey and the Czech Republic, and by September they were bypassed by the popularity of Greece and Italy (except for Thailand, remaining in the leaders). So it is not surprising that at this time and according to directions, airlines are trying to increase the prices for tickets at times. To save on flights, try to travel on trips off-season or after holidays. Want to go to Rome in winter? - To save on tickets for 1/3 will help the trip planned for the end of January, not December. Do you want to know the history of ancient Turkey? - February Istanbul will be 30% cheaper than May's.
  • Buy tickets in advance. There is an opinion that tickets at the best prices can be bought only six months before the proposed trip. However, in practice this approach does not always work: for example, a trip can be canceled altogether. The optimal period for buying tickets at favorable prices comes about 2-3 months before the trip. At this time, it is still possible to purchase seats in all classes, including Economy. In addition, it will not be superfluous to subscribe to the news of various airlines. This newsletter is guaranteed to inform you about promotions, discounts and other air ticket sales.
  • Successful days and happy hours. The most popular and, accordingly, expensive days for flights are Friday, Sunday and Monday, when it is possible to spend the weekend abroad and at the same time not to leave work for a long time. Flights on the night from Saturday to Sunday, on the contrary, will save on tickets from 40 to 60%. It is also believed that the best days for buying seats on the plane are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. On Tuesday, it's worth starting to look at the offers from 15:00, and on Wednesday - around 01:00. Just remember that the clock is calculated according to the local time of the airline you are interested in.
  • Detailed information on prices and airlines. Planning a trip, you can turn to both tour operators, and do everything yourself on the Internet. Consider different options, study information about airlines, postpone your travel dates. So, using the services of a simple and reliable online service to buy Bilet.Coral air tickets, you can easily compose even a difficult route and find the best offer. And if you have any questions, you can always contact support.

I would like to draw your attention to another point. Some air carriers, the so-called low-costers, always or almost always offer tickets at low prices. The low cost is due to the lack of some free services. For example, you can dine on board for an additional fee.

  • Complicated routes. Connecting flights, that is, with a transfer, will often cost an order of magnitude lower than direct flights. Therefore, choosing a flight with a stop, you can buy a ticket for 40% cheaper. Naturally, you will have to spend more time on the road, but it is possible to see other cities and countries or to recover after a long flight.