Sights of Saint-Petersburg A warm welcome awaits everyone who comes to seeto a beautiful and unusual Petersburg. This city is composed of legends, and it is fully justified. It is woven of myths and songs. To each this city will show something its own, than it will occupy its rightful place in the heart of any traveler. For those who are going to come for the first time, there is a significant question about where to stop. The perfect solution is to look in the direction of small cozy hotels. For example, You will like it if you have a limited budget, but you are comfortable with rest. This charming hotel has two branches, on one and on the other side of the river.

  • Central (business class) - located nearmetro station "Ploshchad Vosstaniya". This is near the main station, which is simply invaluable if you arrive by train after midnight, when not that traffic does not go, bridges are divorced. Guests are welcome here at any time. The rooms are designed in a classical style, and the prices are pleasing with loyalty. On average, the number you will cost about 2 thousand.
  • Petrogradskaya (economy class) - on the famousthe island of St. Petersburg is another hotel, the hospitality is not inferior to his companion. In the middle of the metro Gorkovskaya and Petrogradskaya tired traveler will find a temporary and home hearth. You can find the number here for 1000 rubles. By the way, nearby is the same cruiser, whose name is this lovely hotel.

The staff of both hotels will be only happy to prompt It is necessary, if you do not have a clearcompiled route. Not only museums and exhibitions are significant in this city. Local residents will tell you where to taste our signature northern delicacy. Speech, of course, is about pyshki, which are prepared according to an ancient recipe almost from the time of tsarism. And yet, there are a lot of mysterious places, about which little is written, where the desired wishes necessarily come true. For example, the famous Rotunda. Simply put, it is an interesting in construction parade, which is located in the backyard of the courtyard in Gorokhovaya Street. According to legend, if you write on the wall of desire - it will come true. It's no wonder that almost no live place. But how interesting it is to read them. In general, this is also worth trying the hotel staff. You can talk a lot about this city, but the main thing is that it's worth visiting everyone in life, at least once. You will not forget such a trip.