pimples during pregnancy Pregnancy, childbirth, new life - all thisNatural processes from the point of view of nature and human physiology. However, in order for the pregnancy to succeed, the future mother sometimes has to show miracles of patience, endurance and solve a lot of problems that arise during pregnancy. Swelling of the legs, constantly aching back, toxicosis, a change in eating habits and taste preferences, which can often be even shocking, are all permanent companions of every pregnant woman. And to learn how to cope with this, unfortunately, is not always easy. However, the above is not all the list of troubles, and each of the fair sex in the process of her pregnancy can supplement it based on their own physiological characteristics. For example, acne during pregnancy is another common problem. Despite the fact that every woman who is under the heart of a child is already very special, this does not exclude the possibility of acne or acne, which, unfortunately, happens quite often with pregnant women. If, however, you suffered such a fate in the already difficult period of bearing new life, try to calm down and soberly assess the situation. Surely changes with your skin can be found logical medical explanation. And now we are talking about the most common causes of acne and acne during pregnancy. pimples during pregnancy

Preconditions for the appearance of acne

Since childhood, I must say, mothers and grandmothers were vaccinatedwe love the beliefs, legends and signs. As a result, in his adult life, someone singled out a place for superstition in his life, and someone irretrievably refused their questionable help. So, if you belong to the first group of people who do not think their existence without superstitions, then you probably heard the opinion that acne during pregnancy can point to the sex of the unborn child. In more detail, rashes on the skin of a future mother say that she will have a girl, because it is believed that she seems to take my mother's beauty. Believe these superstitions or not, the case of each woman separately, but in dealing with such issues, it is better to trust the proven facts of official medicine. Passing from the beliefs to serious sources, I must say that most experts in this issue have a common opinion about the skin rashes that pregnant women face. The main prerequisite for their appearance is the hormonal splash that occurs in the body of a woman during gestation. Experts have long found out that during pregnancy the hormonal background of each woman can literally turn upside down (in other words, it is very actively changing). And the downside of this situation is that the consequences of such uncontrolled behavior of hormones are rather difficult to anticipate and warn if they are negative. That is why acne and other rashes can appear on the body unexpectedly and it will be difficult to cope with them.

How does the hormonal burst mechanism work?

It is known that hormones in the human bodyresponsible for many vital processes, and therefore their sharp and uncontrolled surge can cause both recovery and certain troubles. So, directly during pregnancy in the body, women begin to develop special hormones, designed to ensure a healthy bearing of the fetus. Physiologically this is a fully explainable fact, based on an inveterate sense of self-preservation (in this case, the mother's anxiety about the child). And, probably, no significant changes would occur if at the same time in the organism of the future mother the concentration of the already habitual hormones produced by the endocrine organs did not change. In a word, the appearance of new hormones in sum with the increased activity of the old ones contributes to the so-called hormonal splash. And this phenomenon, in turn, causes the appearance of acne on the body of a pregnant woman. However, such hormonal changes - this is an absolutely natural process that automatically starts in the body of any representative of the fair sex, bearing the heart of the fetus. And behind the allocation of hormones in such a large number are the endocrine glands of the body, including the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenals and sex glands. Each of the endocrine glands changes during pregnancy. Thus, the pituitary gland increases in size approximately 2-3 times, and the thyroid gland also increases in volume (though it is not necessarily that such changes will occur with every pregnant woman, because the human body is individual). In this case, all glands are responsible for the synthesis and isolation of various hormones, which together and provokes their splash, and after that is reflected as acne and other manifestations. acne in pregnancy

Progesterone - the main culprit of acne eruptions

Having dealt with the fact that the problem of rash onthe skin of pregnant women has hormonal character, it is necessary to decide which hormone is more behind these harmful consequences. Most experts agree that blame in this case can only hormone progesterone. As a rule, the higher its level in the body of a woman, the stronger it can "sprinkle" afterwards. What is the mechanism of its action and how does acne appear during pregnancy? Progesterone actively stimulates the accumulation of nutrients required for the normal development of the fetus and the course of labor (this is the main function of this hormone). But the fact is that all these nutrients, as a rule, accumulate in the form of subcutaneous fat, which becomes the main prerequisite for rashes during pregnancy.

Acne, acne and acne - is there a difference?

As mentioned earlier, the hormonal burst inthe organism of a pregnant woman can be very active and can lead to different kinds of consequences. So, the result can be just a few eels somewhere on the chin, and there may be a whole rash or acne, uncontrollable and not lasting. What should a woman do that, besides, one should not be nervous in such a situation? And how do you distinguish between acne and acne and acne? It is important to pay special attention to this. By and large, there should be no grounds for strong excitement in this case. Proceeding from the above, it can be concluded that any kind of rash is the result of the hormonal surge, and more of the hormone progesterone, which transforms the nutrients necessary for bearing the fetus into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. And then, what kind of rashes appear in a pregnant woman, depends on the degree of progesterone activity and the individual characteristics of the female body. Now you can go to the question of the difference between pimples, acne and acne. In fact, pimples and acne represent the same education with the only difference that the first is a common name, and the second is a medical one. There is also no significant difference between acne and acne, but for greater understanding it is believed that acne is a lighter form, acne is more neglected (often characteristic of adolescents). Each of these concepts is directly related to the incorrect operation of the sebaceous glands, which during pregnancy is due to progesterone. So, it is not the difference between the types of rashes that is important, but knowledge that will allow to get rid of the ailment in the postpartum period. acne during pregnancy treatment

Other factors contributing to the appearance of acne in pregnant women

Of course, the surge of hormonal background - the mainthe cause of rashes on the skin during pregnancy in most cases. But since each organism is individual, the appearance of a rash can be facilitated by other factors. One of them is overeating. It is known that eating disorders can contribute to many problems in the body (not only the appearance of acne). Eating harmful foods with additives, dyes, preservatives and thickeners definitely affects the health in general and the skin condition in particular. And as the future mother, as a rule, eats for two and not all in this period of life observe the right diet, allowing themselves to "tear themselves away to the full", it is not surprising that acne on the face, back, shoulders and other vulnerable places may appear acne during pregnancy. Another possible cause of eruptions can become stress. It is known that, getting into a stressful situation, the body uses all its secret reserves, but it can not always cope with the emotional load. In this regard, a person who constantly has to be nervous, sleeps badly, watches himself with problems with the gastrointestinal tract and heart, and can also suffer from acne eruptions. And than pregnancy is not a stressful situation? That's why doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women become less nervous.

Diet for pregnant women who want to get rid of acne

It turns out that fully control the appearanceRashes during pregnancy are almost impossible. After all, it is absolutely impossible to subordinate to your will the production of hormones, just as you can not completely protect yourself from stress. However, something not only can be done, but also necessary. Every pregnant woman is obliged to monitor her diet. And it's not just a ban on overeating (as mentioned earlier), but also a thoughtful approach to choosing food. So, the pregnant woman should exclude from her diet for a time alcohol, citrus fruits, chocolate and coffee. The rejection of these products will already greatly contribute to the prevention of acne. Also it is worth to refrain from sweet confectionery. For the sake of a great goal it is worthwhile to make sacrifices!

A few recommendations for getting rid of pimples

What is still worth doing, so thatget rid of hateful acne during pregnancy? After all, waiting for hormones to calm down, sometimes quite hard, if your own reflection in the mirror has ceased to please the eye.

  • In food should eat foods richpectin and vegetable fiber. It should be natural natural products, and for healthy peristalsis - plums, prunes and kefir. Also in the fight against acne you will be helped by natural cereals without additives.
  • It is recommended to drink about eight glasses of clean water a day. It prevents dehydration, and also has the ability to partially block the hormonal surge.
  • Physical activity is the guarantee of health in general and the solution of the problem with rashes in particular. Choose the right set of exercises for pregnant women and deal with them regularly.
  • Also, do not squeeze pimples. It will only make things worse.

Do not forget about these recommendations during your pregnancy. And do not despair, all rashes will necessarily descend in the postnatal period!