how to know the sex of the child at an early age Are arranged so people - wish to know, wish to know,they want to know what will happen. The words of this famous song do not lose their relevance for a very long time, if at all they lose. Especially well they reflect the situation of expectation of the child. Few of the future parents do not want to know who they will be born - a son or daughter. Not so long ago the answer to this question could be obtained only in the maternity hospital, after the first cry of the baby. However, today a pregnancy without ultrasound can not be imagined. And happy mom and dad know exactly what color to buy a dowry. However, ultrasound can determine the sex of the child only on a sufficiently long term of pregnancy. How to be, if you can not wait to find out the sex as quickly as possible, at an early date? In principle, you can find many ways that supposedly allow you to accurately know the sex of the child at an early pregnancy. However, this accuracy can be argued - strictly speaking, they are all like fortune-telling on the coffee grounds. But there is still one way to know the sex of the crumbs early in the day. And it is about him that you now find out.

Genetic research

If you at any price decided to find out the sexchild in the early term, the only reliable way will be genetic research. They let you know the sex of the expected baby already at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy. However, do not expect that the doctor immediately gladly agree to conduct such studies. Cordocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, amniocentesis - all these manipulations are performed to diagnose various genetic abnormalities, and not to determine the fetus of the child. The procedure is not so safe for the child, so do not expose the future baby's life to risk! And, most likely, you have to go to some private clinic, where the most important thing is the patient's wallet. learn the sex of the child at an early age

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure itself is carried out as follows. In the uterine cavity, into the bladder, a long hollow needle is inserted through the anterior abdominal wall. With the help of this needle, the doctor takes a small amount of amniotic fluid, in which there is a lot of genetic material. All this procedure is carried out under the strict control of the ultrasound machine - this is necessary in order for the doctor to control his actions and, in particular, the position of the needle. This helps to prevent accidental damage to the fetus. By the way, this is very, very rare. The doctor will send the obtained genetic material to a laboratory test. And just a few days later, the future parents will know for sure, the heir or heiress will soon make them happy by their appearance in the world. And at the same time they will find out if there are any genetic deviations in the crumbs. Although, strictly speaking, the procedure is usually carried out in order to learn about the health of the child, and the definition of sex is a minor pleasant bonus. how to know the sex of a child in the early stages of pregnancy

Possible risks

As mentioned above, just for the whimparents are unlikely to begin to conduct this study. And not by chance - there is a risk for the normal development of pregnancy. More precisely, there is a risk of termination of pregnancy. Of course, it is not too big - 2-3%, but it is not worth the risk to risk it. In addition, sometimes doctors note cases of weight loss of such newborn babies - about 200-300 grams. But this happens even less often - in about 1% of all cases. But do not forget that these figures are only valid if the pregnancy was perfect and the future mother is perfectly healthy! Otherwise, these figures will be completely different - the risk rises many times. In addition, sometimes there are cases of infection of the uterine cavity. Infection penetrates into the uterus with a needle. And this, in turn, can lead to a number of complications, from infection of the fetus to the termination of pregnancy. As a rule, the first symptoms of infection occur on the third day after the study. A future mother notices weakness, pulling pains in the abdomen and / or lower back, fever, dizziness. For doctors to be able to begin the necessary treatment as soon as possible, seek medical help if any of the above symptoms appear. And preferably to the doctor who conducted the study. But as a last resort it is possible to address in any medical establishment, having put the doctor in a notification on recent intervention. Infection, of course, a very unpleasant phenomenon. But with timely treatment, the danger for the baby and mom is reduced to a minimum. And in conclusion I would like to once again remind future parents - not the essence of your future baby's sex is important! After all, the happiness that the birth of children brings does not depend on the color of the bow on the envelope for newborns! We advise you to read: