agate wedding with family Wedding is the most important stage in the life of anywomen. Remember how happy you were when you stood in front of the altar in a wedding dress. Remember what emotions overwhelmed you, what thoughts circled in your head. And how nice to relive all these moments again. Such a unique opportunity is given by old folk traditions. It's no secret that happy families celebrate the anniversary of weddings. Each of them has its own special name and its unique traditions and rules of celebration. Here we will talk about the agate wedding, which is celebrated fourteen years after the wedding. If, after this time, your feelings are still fresh, and love does not fade, then you can rest assured that your marriage is not just a success - it is truly a happy one. 14 years of marriage - this is a significant date, which must be noted. holiday features

Features of the holiday

Anniversary of the wedding, which is celebrated after 14years of married life, called agate nonsense. As you know, agate is a semi-precious stone. So the term of your family life has not yet become precious, but has almost reached this coveted stage. There are very few left. Agate is a stone that symbolizes longevity and good health. They are the main wishes for an agate wedding. Another wonderful tradition that exists for an agate wedding is divination. Vorozhba is produced all on the same agate. This is done very simply. you and your husband take an agate stone. Be sure to take it together - this is how your energy will be transferred to the stone. Tune in to each other's thoughts and carefully look at the stone. What do you see in his bizarre patterns? The couple should see the same picture. It will symbolize mutual understanding and a close spiritual connection between you. It does not matter what you see in agate during the fight. The main thing is that what you see is the same for each of you. However, let's still consider in more detail what the folk tradition says about what is seen in the stone. If you have noticed a path or a road there, then you will soon be on your way, on a pleasant journey through the overseas countries. If you thought it looked like an animal in an agate fracture: an insect, an animal or a bird, then you will be careless in your relations for a long time. Well, a rose or some other beautiful flower, seen by you in agate, heralds an event in the future, which will surely please you. romantic congratulations wife

Feast and gifts for an agate wedding

This anniversary is celebrated in the home atmosphere. People's tradition for large-scale fun highlights round dates. So in a year you can thoroughly have fun. In the meantime, gather the closest people who are your children and parents and arrange a small family evening, with a story of funny and romantic stories from your life. If you know people you can safely call family friends, then call them. The main thing is for you to be comfortable and cozy with them, and the atmosphere of the celebration was homely and at ease. This anniversary does not tolerate fuss. What other traditions does this anniversary have? The most important of them is presents. Spouses are exchanging presents on this day, which are made of agate. It can be anything: earrings, and pendants, and bracelets, and lovely trinkets. The main thing is that gifts should be presented from a pure loving heart. Similarly, close friends of the family are obliged on this day to make gifts to the perpetrators of the celebration. And also, of course, from agate. Now you know how an agate wedding is celebrated. Do not rush, remember the past years, tell the guests interesting romantic stories from your life. In a relaxed atmosphere, tell your children the story of how you met. It is a holiday of memories and hopes. And these hopes are backed up by 14 years of joint life. Make sure that this anniversary is remembered with warmth and affection.