traditions of pink wedding Anniversary of the wedding is an important event in the life of eachof a married couple. Undoubtedly, the wedding ceremony, which gives lovers a lot of pleasant emotions, impressions, inspires in their hearts the hope for a happy family life. Sometimes young people feel a sense of nostalgia for the wedding day. However, do not despair, because there are still a lot of dates that lovers can celebrate together. Celebration of these dates is mandatory. Thus, lovers demonstrate each other their loyalty, sincerity, that their love does not fade, but grows stronger every day.

Anniversary of the wedding is one of the important events in the life of lovers

Wedding anniversaries have been celebrated since the 17th century. In those days, such dates were celebrated exclusively in the circle of well-off people, but over the years the tradition spread everywhere. To date, almost every family remembers and gladly celebrates the anniversary of the wedding. There is a huge number of wedding anniversaries: cotton wedding, linen wedding, green wedding, wooden, copper, pink, silver, gold, red. Each date is unique in its own way. In this topic, we will talk about a pink wedding, the anniversary of which is celebrated with the onset of a decade of marriage. It is believed that 10 years of marriage is one of the most significant dates. It is called a pink or tin wedding. The symbols of this anniversary are objects painted in pink. It can be souvenirs, interior items, clothes, gifts. Another symbol of this anniversary is considered to be tin, respectively, and products made of this metal. a symbolic gift for the wedding anniversary

How to celebrate a pink wedding

On a solemn day it is customary to wear a pinkclothes, cover the banquet table with a pink tablecloth, and on the table should be pink food. At the gala dinner, young people invite friends and acquaintances. relatives. During the celebration it is possible to hold various contests, entertaining games. According to the custom, on that day the husband must present his beloved with a bouquet of 11 roses, ten of which should be red, and the eleventh - white. Red flowers symbolize the passionate, unquenchable love for their companion, and the white flower - the hope for a joint future, strong, long relations. The wedding anniversary of 10 years is not necessary to celebrate, adhering to all traditions. The main thing is a sincere desire to please your soul mate, to give her a feeling of warmth, comfort and fun. On this romantic day, you can plan dinner exclusively for two, it all depends on the mood of the couple in love. Dinner can be organized as a surprise, when the second half does not even guess about its conduct. A spouse or spouse can reserve a table in a cozy restaurant, where an inspiring romantic atmosphere reigns, or arrange a dinner in a cozy home atmosphere. As a gift, you can also present a product made of tin, for example, some elegant souvenir. The anniversary of the wedding is a good opportunity to recall the years spent together, analyze the past, and plan a joint future. The ideal gift for this date will be a subject with a picture of the second half, your joint picture with wishes. Lovers often recall the wedding day, especially their first joint trip, the so-called honeymoon. Nostalgia does not leave lovers, I want to repeat this unforgettable vacation. A good idea on the anniversary of the wedding will be the organization of a romantic trip. You can book a cozy room in the hotel of some beautiful city, perhaps the one where young people were resting during the honeymoon. This will bring memories of the wedding day, make the young people survive these moments again. Anniversary is an obligatory date, which must be celebrated beautifully and unforgettably. Young can hold a gala evening in a pleasant friendly company. This will give the celebration more fun and vivid emotions. Guests can be invited for a walk along the coast, or celebrate the anniversary in a cozy restaurant. Pleasant pastime can also be a picnic on the nature in warm weather. You can organize a hike in the mountains. If the weather conditions do not match, the couple can attend an entertaining event, for example, a concert of a favorite performer. A good option is also going to the theater. There are many ways to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding. Holding a romantic evening depends on the preferences and fantasies of lovers. This date should not be forgotten. We need to hold it as brightly as possible, more beautiful, more original, try to make it so that the romantic day will be remembered for a long time.