18 years of marriage One morning you suddenly woke up with a feelingholiday in the shower, but still can not understand the reason for the good mood? Do not be so tormented, because today it is exactly 18 years since the day you are legally married. Now you can consider your family an adult. The date of the round can not be called, rare couples celebrate this day, and friends even forget to congratulate on the anniversary. The celebration seems to dissolve among everyday problems, worries about already grown up children, and there is no time left for oneself.

Title History

18 years - a wonderful age, your relationship is alreadyhave been tested for years, and a whole new stage is set in their further development, which is celebrated on the anniversary of the wedding. In the people this 18 anniversary has a special name - the Turquoise wedding. A greenish semi-precious stone is considered a symbol of this holiday. Since ancient times, the stone has been adorned on the arms of daggers and swords, and later on on weapons rifle butts. And in the daytime turquoise was used only in the manufacture of men's rings. At first glance it may seem that the mascot of soldiers has nothing to do with the wedding anniversary, but you can not argue with the wise men. In marriage for so many years, the spouses have often argued, which turned into real battles. The name "turquoise" from Arabic translates as "victory". This may mean that after so many years of coexistence your family has successfully overcome all obstacles and trials, and today's anniversary is proof. The hardness of the wedding mascot can be compared to the strength of the relationship. A bright turquoise color is associated with a sparkling passion and a whirlwind of feelings, as if you just got married. turquoise wedding

Gifts for the holiday

The main gifts for the newlyweds, whomark the eighteenth anniversary of life together, are primarily talismans and jewelry from turquoise. The magic energy of the stone will help bring happiness, luck and wealth to the house. If you follow the traditions, the celebration of the turquoise wedding should be a ritual for the couple, during which you need to exchange rings with turquoise - something like an oath of loyalty in love, even after the advent of several years. Guests should not buy rings as a gift to the newlyweds, another's anniversary is not a reason for such personal gifts. If you really want to present an ornament, it is better to choose an earring or necklace. You do not violate the wedding symbol, and you will be able to observe the subordination. Experiment with the number 18, giving a bracelet with the appropriate number of stones. The turquoise wedding anniversary is an occasion for practical presents. Banal figurines, souvenirs and talismans, which are given by the husband for many years, no longer fit into the apartment. It is better to replace them with practical objects for decorating the apartment. You can, for example, give a beautiful big candle in the form of a number 18. It will be useless for such a gift to be useless, and when it gets tired of the owners, they will be able to use it for their intended purpose. Deviation from the symbolism is very much permissible. If in your head a stunning and fresh gift idea was born, then boldly embody it in life. Spouses, who for 18 years did not go beyond the limits of their city, will appreciate your idea to send them to rest in a novel place. Present them your surprise at a time when they will enjoy their turquoise anniversary. And if you want to be sure that your gift will appeal to spouses who have an anniversary, do not forget to bring flowers with them. A chic bouquet will not leave indifferent the jubilee of the turquoise wedding. You can complement the gift with a large box of chocolates. Ideally, if the packaging will be any thematic drawing associated with the anniversary of the holiday. Even if you could not personally attend the celebration, or you simply were not invited, do not forget to congratulate the newlyweds. Especially do not be offended at the people with whom you are associated for several years of friendship. wedding anniversary

How to save a marriage

Over the shoulders you have 18 long years of joint marriage,but this is no reason to forget that ideal relationships are built on small things. Mutual respect, absence of excessive sarcasm and listening skills will help you live together until the anniversary of the golden wedding. Buying flowers without a reason, no one canceled the invitation to a romantic dinner and a secluded rest. Let the wedding anniversary become for you a stage in the development of relations. And the signs of attention must come from both spouses. Agree that you both were pleased to congratulate each other on the anniversary. And it's not even in expensive gifts, but in mutual love. Although small signs of attention are useful not only on the occasion of the anniversary of the wedding. Sometimes a quiet romantic evening can deliver much more pleasure than a party associated with the anniversary of family relations.