Can I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy?

First of all, before thinking about thepregnancy, a woman must fully recover after an unsuccessful attempt. It is necessary to drink all the prescribed medications, go through physioprocedures. It is necessary to wait at least six months, the menstrual cycle should be restored. This will talk about normalizing the hormonal become pregnant after an ectopic pregnancyWill I get pregnant after an ectopicpregnancy, the procedure of GGSFoto will tell: Getty A lot depends on whether surgical intervention was applied to the removal of the fetal egg and in what state the fallopian tubes are. If the tube has been removed, the chances of quickly becoming pregnant are somewhat reduced. After all, it is impossible to predict in advance in which ovary ovulation occurs. If the ovule leaves the absent pipe, it will not be possible to get into the uterus. It is not superfluous to check the patency of the fallopian tubes. This can be done with the help of hysterosalpingography - GAS - or diagnostic laparoscopy. As a result of the research, it becomes clear whether there are spikes in the tubes that can interfere with the passage of a fertilized egg. If there are adhesions, you need to discuss with the doctor the possibility of their excision. You also have to pass tests for sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia, myco-and ureaplasmas contribute to the formation of adhesions in the pipes, can cause miscarriage or a dead pregnancy. When you can get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy, ultrasound will show. With the help of ultrasound, you can determine whether ovulation occurs and in what state is the uterine endometrium - it should be thick enough that the fetal egg can successfully fix. It is more difficult to conceive if after a woman's ectopic pregnancy, both tubes were removed. In this case, she can take the child with IVF - in vitro fertilization. To discuss this possibility, you need to seek help from a reproductive health expert. In other respects, the planning of a new pregnancy can proceed in the same way as in any other pair. You need to make sure that both partners are completely healthy, get rid of bad habits in advance and start taking folic acid.