Lessons for the childPhoto: thinkstock / fotobank1. Something we break. Kids from birth actively learn the world around: they all need to try, tear, break and feel. Therefore, give the child the opportunity to satisfy this craving for knowledge, within reasonable limits, of course. Here everything is useful, with what you can manipulate - build, move, invest, open. After all, an integral part of a child's development is the development of motor skills, intelligence and logic. Sort cubes, designers, pyramids and nested dolls like every kid, and the benefit of the choice of such games in our time is incredibly large. In addition, you can additionally learn the colors and shapes of objects, their properties, learn letters on cubes, count parts of a pyramid or matryoshkas. We shout like a turkey. The computer can be scolded as much as necessary, but without gadgets in our day, existence is unthinkable. And if you know the measure (allow, be allowed to deal with up to 15 minutes a day), then the baby will not be harmed. Watch cartoons, listen to music, dance with your child. There are developing slides on which animals or objects are drawn, accompanied by sound or words. This is very convenient, mom sometimes does not really reproduce, like screaming, for example a turkey or roaring lion.Lessons for the childPhoto: thinkstock / fotobank3. Becomes artists. Drawing in principle creatively develops the child. He has formed imaginative thinking, develops small motor skills, perception of colors - and that's not all good. Prepare paints, markers, pencils, brushes and a large sheet of paper, so you can have plenty of time. The main thing that you need to do is give the child freedom (let him paint what he wants and what his imagination tells him). Do not swear and do not prove that the grass is green, and not pink, just calmly guide, explaining what color and why. And better draw together. We do exercises together. It is important to prove to the child the usefulness of doing sports with diapers. Children are particularly fascinated by fitball. This ball will help to train the muscles of the abdomen and back of the crumbs, to develop the vestibular apparatus. You can still hang a swing or buy a Swedish wall with ropes and horizontal bars. Even the smallest baby will be interesting there to climb.